Guntoting dad given second chance after being spared jail

first_imgA weapons enthusiast has avoided jail for keeping lethal explosives in his fridge. Adam Moutsopoulos, who had posted a photo of his baby daughter holding a gun, was charged with possessing wide range of dangerous goods and weapons.The explosives were found in February last year after the bomb squad and Special Operations Group stormed the accused’s home.The County Court heard that the 65.12g of Powergel explosives in Adam Moutsopoulos’s fridge could have killed anyone in a 5m radius. The explosives could also have created more damage and injury if combined with a metal pipe also found at his St Albans home.Moutsopoulos, 29, pleaded guilty to possessing the explosives, two detonators, illegal fireworks, cannabis and amphetamines, an antique air rifle, longarms, an imitation Python handgun that was hidden in a planter box, a re-bored pistol, a sword, and a butterfly knife.Judge David Parsons said he had no option but to impose a 12-month jail term. However, the jail sentence had been suspended for two years, which proved to the judge that Moutsopoulos can change his life and had good rehabilitation prospects. Moutsopoulos had complied with a curfew, lacked prior convictions, had employment and a changed lifestyle. He was also ordered to do 100 hours of community work and fined $950. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img

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