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first_imgStay on target You don’t have enough useful or funny feeds clogging your social media. We’re here to change that. Welcome to’s Follow This, a weekly highlight of feeds and channels you should be following.Let’s be real. Most fast food can be various levels of disgusting, but there’s something great about Arby’s curly fries. Why don’t more chains do seasoned curly fries? And their roast beef, while not coming close to a proper roast beef from any deli (especially in our fair New York City), has a really appealing White Castle kind of taste. You know it’s bad, but you still want to eat it.More importantly, Arby’s Twitter and Instagram accounts are managed by a giant weeb who deserves our respect. If you follow Arby’s on social media, you’ll see some incredible papercraft (fast food cardboard carton craft?) art of the most Japanese of anime and video games. Sure, there’s plenty of Dragonball and Naruto, but these feeds have included shout-outs and works of art about JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Little Witch Academia, and even freaking Uma Musume Pretty Derby.They also built a life-size papercraft Nightmare from Soul Calibur for EVO. Arby’s openly collaborates with Bandai Namco on promotions, to be fair, but that doesn’t make some of the weeb deep cuts they make any less a labor of love.So that’s the straight-up, marketing-minded, positive anime side of Arby’s. What about the dark side? The depressing side? The not official but still hilarious if you’re in a very morbid mood side? For that, you want Nihilist Arby’s. Follow This: King of the Hill Screens (Twitter)Follow This: Sega CD Games (Twitter) Nihilist Arby’s is exactly what you think it is. Imagine if Arby’s Twitter feed wasn’t run by a huge weeb but instead a bitter nihilist. Like, someone between Nein Quarterly and Black Metal Cats. Everything dies. Nothing matters. Eat Arby’s.It’s an acquired taste. Like Arby’s!If you want to go deeper down the Arby’s hole straight into the Internet gutter, there’s Arbyscastingcall. The only reason I know about this is because I also follow our own K. Thor Jensen on Twitter. And he finds really horrifying, weird crap. And a few nights ago, he retweeted this:I clicked. It’s exactly what the tweet says it is. This is a forgotten YouTube archive of amateur Arby’s commercials, seemingly made for the Arby’s Casting Call contest in 2011. The site for the contest no longer exists, but I found a press release announcing the winner (Andy Johnson).It says amateur Arby’s commercials. I think it’s more either an Eric Andre/Tim and Eric processing of low-tech nomedy, or a slowly building YouTube horror story in the vein of Marble Hornets. I’m afraid to keep watching them. It’s amazing.If you want more interesting things to follow on social media, check out improved Wheel of Fortune Answers, or the power of the video game dialog bot, or learn the history of speedrunning. Let us know what like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img

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