Teens rise early for robotics challenge giving disc golf a fling

first_imgFor about 700 robot enthusiasts, Saturday’s 7:30 a.m. unveiling was a little bit like Christmas morning … with a dose of dread.The session at Evergreen High School was part of unwrapping an annual robotics challenge. It started when this year’s competition was revealed in an international simulcast.“I’ve been waiting for this since last season ended,” said Josh Pigman, a member of the Evergreen school district’s “Green Wrenches” team.“I love building stuff,” Pigman said as more than 20 teammates brainstormed after the kickoff.The robotics program is a way to put what he’s been learning toward a hands-on project, he said.But an hour or so earlier, as details of the challenge were being revealed, the Mountain View junior started to think: “This will be insane.”A three-word phrase started going through Pigman’s mind: “Don’t throw Frisbees! Don’t throw Frisbees! Don’t throw Frisbees!”And this year’s challenge, of course, is a ‘bot-based version of disc golf. The teams will have six weeks to design and build their robots before the March 8-9 regional competition in Portland’s Memorial Coliseum.“This is a lot more difficult than last year,” when the challenge was a version of robot basketball, said Austin Lutz, a junior at Union High.last_img

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