Crysis 2 full game leaked with DRM activation master key

first_imgThe staff at Crytek will have their heads in their hands today as someone has leaked a near-complete copy of Crysis 2.The version of the game leaked is a late developer build which includes the full single-player campaign and multiplayer. The really bad news for Crytek is the build also includes the master key files used for online activation meaning it will be very hard to block players who downloaded the game illegally.Apparently the game started appearing on file sharing networks and with very little effort we found a 9.22GB torrent that had already seen a lot of activity. The description reads:This is the full version, but an early build, leaked to the network. You can run any level, there are rollers, etc. But it is visible that the beta – some of the inscriptions are not final, etc. The official release date of the game is March 22, but this leak means gamers could be playing it right now and deciding to forego a purchase.We hope Crytek manage to track down who did this and take the appropriate action. Unfortunately there is very little they can do about the game being shared other than request sites remove the files.Read more at FacePunch, via Rock, Paper Shotgunlast_img

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