LulzSec hacks Brink servers steals 200000 user account details

first_imgYesterday the hacker group LulzSec were hinting that a new hack had been successful involving game publisher Bethesda and specifically the game Brink which has active multiplayer servers.Today, LulzSec made the hack official by releasing a file on The Pirate Bay containing the source code and database passwords for the official Brink website. However, that’s not the most important part of this hack.LulzSec is also claiming to have taken 200,000 Brink user account details, but will not be releasing them publicly. Their reason for deciding to do that is because, “we actually like this company.” They also look forward to playing Skyrim so don’t want to slow down development with a user data leak headache.Hopefully Bethesda will take note of the hack and leak, and look into how the breach occurred. Brink players can relax a little knowing their logins won’t become public, but they should definitely change their password as soon as possible seeing as LulzSec do now claim to have their original login details.As an added bonus, LulzSec also decided to post news of a hack taking the form of a text file link at the end of the Brink/Bethesda release. It is described as a small release to remind everyone that US government sites aren’t very secure.via PasteBinMatthew’s OpinionI’m sure Brink players will appreciate the account data not being leaked, but they should also be looking toward Bethesda for an explanation as to why this was allowed to happen. LulzSec have a habit of finding very unsecure sites and making an example of them. Bethesda seems to be one of them and needs to respond at the very least by doing a thorough network review internally.last_img

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