Study explores if CPAP treatment can improve sexual QOL for sleep apnea

first_img Source: May 24 2018Bottom Line: Long-term use of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) treatment for obstructive sleep apnea was associated an improvement in sexual quality of life for women, but not men.Why The Research Is Interesting: Obstructive sleep apnea reduces sexual quality of life (QOL) as a result of reduced libido and intimacy, erectile dysfunction and several other factors. Treatment for obstructive sleep apnea may improve sexual QOL.Related StoriesSleep quality and fatigue among women with premature ovarian insufficiencyUnpleasant experiences could be countered with a good night’s REM sleepHigh sleep variability and short sleep duration predict blunted weight lossWho and When: 182 patients with newly diagnosed obstructive sleep apnea who were prescribed CPAP treatment from September 2007 through June 2010.What (Study Exposures and Outcomes): Use (more than 4 hours per night) or nonuse (fewer than 0.5 hours per night) of CPAP treatment (exposures); sexual QOL as determined by a survey (outcomes)How (Study Design): This was an observational study. Researchers were not intervening for purposes of the study and cannot control all the natural differences that could explain the study findings.Authors: Sebastian M. Jara, M.D., University of Washington, Seattle, and coauthorsStudy Limitations: The measurement of sexual QOL in this study was not from a dedicated sexual QOL survey, which may have been more sensitive for measuring sexual dysfunction.​last_img

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