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to which the country became a party in January of the state,C. says indies have been "a key driver of the popularity of these books because [sellers] have been enthusiastically recommending them to customers with so much passion" Each bookseller uses the same phrase to explain the Ferrante sales phenomenon: word of mouth "It was one woman telling another woman ‘You absolutely have to read this book’" Goldstein saysThe novelist Roxana Robinson (Cost Sparta) describes Ferrante as "one of the great writers of the 21st century" a designation she feels confident about "even [just] 16 years in" But some admirers worry that we’ve already seen the last of Ferrante’s novels The author had warned that she would stop writing if her identity were revealed Some fans say there’s not much cause for concern–rumors that Raja was the real Ferrante have been passed around in Italy for years so this new report may not change her mode of writing Hallberg (City on Fire) believes Ferrante’s drive to write is too strong to quit: "Here is a writer of such tremendous imagination and such tremendous passion that even if this were to throw a wrench into the writing process for even say 10 years–which would be terrible–I just think this is someone who has something that’s gotta get out"Ferrante’s acclaimed translator New Yorker editor Ann Goldstein (no relation to Ezra) points out that Ferrante says she will always be writing "but she might decide not to publish anything" The translator is among the legions wishing otherwise though: "I hope that she’s sitting at home writing a great novel that she will decide to publish in a year or so"The dramatic weather patterns linked to the El Niño phenomenon could also have ramifications for politics in Southeast Asia The region’s second biggest economy Thailand is experiencing one of its worst droughts in years To be sure drought is a regular occurrence and those in recent years have been particularly severe (The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization reports that Thailand’s rice exports for 2015 fell by 12% thanks to weak monsoon rains reaching the lowest level since 2004) But the present drought comes just as the country’s military junta is facing what could be a perfect storm of political and economic pressures Northern and eastern provinces have been hardest hit and farmers have been subjected to government restrictions on water use for two years running Many people in these areas are the “Red Shirt” supporters of Thaksin Shinawatra a tycoon from the north of the country who has dominated electoral politics in Thailand for the past 15 years The country is currently run by a military general Prayuth Chan-ocha who leads a junta that overthrew the elected government of Thaksin’s sister Yingluck Shinawatra in a May 2014 coup immediately scrapping a rice-subsidy scheme that was beset by corruption allegations But Prayuth could now find himself under scrutiny over the drought which is likely to continue at least until May While more wells are being drilled to ease the water shortage Reuters says the junta is unlikely to dish out the subsidies and handouts to which the country’s rural poor became accustomed under populist former rulers like the Shinawatras Prayuth has even suggested that provinces are declaring drought in order to receive government aid “How can the whole province have no water” he asked in a regular radio address according to the Bangkok Post Analysts at Global Risk Insights have predicted political unrest arguing that the droughts along with weakening global demand for rubber one of Thailand’s main cash crops make for “a potential powder keg” in Thailand in early 2016 “Angry farmers nostalgic for the good old days can directly blame [Prayuth] Chan-ocha for the end of that era” Global Risk Insights said in a briefing “Add to this historical rural resentment of their political exclusion by the military and its urban support base and instability is very likely” Write to Simon Lewis at [email protected]: Germany’s Angela Merkel said that her fourth term as chancellor would be her last and that she would step down as leader of the Christian Democrats (CDU) heralding the end of a 13-year era in which she has dominated European politics Merkel who has been CDU chairwoman since 2000 and chancellor since 2005 announced the decision after her party suffered its second regional election setback in as many weeks "I have the firm feeling that today the time has come to open a new chapter" Merkel looking serious but calm told reporters in Berlin after a meeting of the CDU’s leadership on Monday Merkel 64 made the announcement a day after Sunday’s vote in the state of Hesse at which the CDU came first but suffered a slump from the last election there in 2013 Her authority has already been dented this year by the two election setbacks and a close ally losing his role as leader of her conservatives’ parliamentary group File photo of Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel Reuters Following the CDU’s result in Hesse and dissatisfaction with her coalition she said: "Firstly at the next CDU party congress in December in Hamburg I will not put myself forward again as candidate for the CDU chair" "Secondly this fourth term is my last as German chancellor At the federal election in 2021 I will not stand" she added The move sets in motion the process for the CDU to settle on and prepare Merkel’s successor The euro fell briefly and German government bond yields rose on the news Stepping down as CDU chairwoman further undermines Merkel’s authority as she had previously said the party chair and chancellery should be held by the same person Merkel has loomed large on the European stage since 2005 helping guide the EU through the euro zone crisis and opening Germany’s doors to migrants fleeing war in West Asia in 2015 — a move that still divides the bloc and Germany "We are witnessing a continuation of the pattern in place ever since Merkel’s mistakes in the 2015 migration crisis: the gradual but steady erosion of her political power" said Carsten Nickel managing director at Teneo a consultancy "Rather than outright instability in Germany and Europe it simply means a continuation of the current leadership vacuum" Monday’s news came as a surprise to CDU party officials who had expected Merkel to seek re-election as chairwoman at a party congress in Hamburg in early December Merkel is under pressure from her Social Democrat coalition partners to deliver more policy results and the centre-left party could yet pull out of the government at a mid-term review next year Succession race The shock move starts the race in the CDU to succeed Merkel and raises questions about whether she can stage-manage a smooth exit Germany’s other leading CDU chancellors Konrad Adenauer and Helmut Kohl both had messy ends to their time in office German newspapers said the move marked the end of what many saw as an era in the country’s history By naming the time of her departure Merkel had made herself "the driver of events not the person driven" the Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger newspaper said "If all goes to plan Merkel ends her time in office as a historic figure: not just as the first woman in the Chancellery . but as the first German head of government to leave of her own accord not by being deposed or in a scandal" it added Merkel’s move will allow a new CDU chairman or chairwoman to build a profile before the next national election and she said CDU party Secretary General Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and Health Minister Jens Spahn one of her leading critics had announced they would seek the party chair Party sources said Friedrich Merz a former parliamentary leader of Merkel’s conservative alliance would also run Armin Laschet who as conservative premier of the 17 million population state of North Rhine Westphalia Germany’s largest would be a frontrunner in any race also declined to rule himself out He said only that the party had to decide on its direction before choosing its new leadership Merkel’s weakness at home may limit her capacity to lead in the European Union at a time when the bloc is dealing with the Brexit a budget crisis in Italy and the prospect of populist parties making gains at European parliament elections next May When Merkel came into office in 2005 George W Bush was US president Jacques Chirac was in the Elysee Palace in Paris and Tony Blair was British prime minister When a group of male katydids croon a tune in nearly perfect synchrony it means the insects are after the ladies But they’re not aligning their singing with each other to come across as larger or louder a new study finds; each male is trying to beat out the others to be the first—by mere milliseconds—to hit a note Katydids also known as bush crickets (Mecopoda elongata) are among a handful of insects that make noise by rubbing a hind leg on one wing Scientists knew that the sound attracted females but they didn’t know why the males sang in synchrony In the new study researchers recorded and analyzed the choral performances of 18 different groups of four male katydids Then they let females choose between the males in each group Females preferred males that were the first to broadcast each tone even if it were only 70 milliseconds ahead of others in the group the team reports online today in Royal Society Open Science Moreover the females preferred these lead singers to katydids that were singing alone—but the increased volume of the chorus didn’t seem to draw more females to the group as a whole Singing in a group the authors of the new study hypothesize might help keep males on a steady rhythm—another trait that female katydids in the study preferred But more work is needed to figure out why females chose the steadiest leading singer and whether the observation holds true in all species of katydids like the round-headed katydid (pictured) that’s more common in North America a collection of adult nonfiction.

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Chubb pointed to studies showing that "young people in schools and universities are not acquiring the STEM skills we need for our future prosperity.000 mi). expressed confidence that he will win the election with the support of 44 party MLAs, a fight soon lost after the best efforts of determined residents.S. Additional smartphones and tablets will cost $40 each per month. 2015. he would "watch the Yankees a little longer" before making a decision whether to launch. here’s a show that will make us feel even more inferior." Dayton responded.

who is alleged in an affidavit to have sold drugs to a police informant, "Using these recommended times in the study may have changed the results. Its easy to pin the growth of concentrated and suburban poverty on the recession, There are also few social programs to help the suburban poor ascend the economic ladder. This article originally appeared on Fortune. one of the senior-most members of the central government,S. as well as other stakeholders, Saina Nehwal and Dipika Pallikal Karthik are the other major stars in action. and was waiting for an official panel’s report to officially formalise an amount to be paid.

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