Four Stylish Gentlemen Choose Their Perfect Spring Bag from Anthem Wares

first_img Save Your Eyes from the Scourge of the Screens with the Best Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses for Men If you are unfamiliar with Anthem Wares, our go-to online store for discovering the best new labels, you are missing out on some seriously cool and innovative design. Launched in September 2012, Anthem Wares may be a young gun, but its team has a true eye for style in discovering covetable, hard-to-find pieces from independent luxury brands and artisans. Choosing only the best and brightest products from each designer collection, Anthem Wares also works with brands on exclusive collaborations to offer customers unique access to their craft.With spring on the horizon, we are all itching to stash winter clothing and bust out the shorts and sunglasses. We are once again on the hunt for new pieces to update our current warm-weather wardrobes. But sometimes, all it takes is a great accessory or two to make your current closet situation feel shiny and new. What are we coveting more than anything this season? There is nothing like a sleek bag with timeless appeal to give your outfit instant cohesion. Take a backpack, for example. This simple piece becomes extraordinary when the design details are on point. “Leather, canvas and suede appear to be the backpack fabrics of choice by high-end fashion houses, offering an organic and masculine aesthetic whilst remaining lightweight and durable,” Cristina Salazar, Anthem Wares buyer said.And backpacks aren’t the only grips getting attention. We asked four cool guys with great personal style to peruse Anthem Wares and choose a spring bag they can’t live without. Check out their picks below.Drek Martinez, DJ/ProducerAs a DJ, I travel and spend a lot of my time on a plane. I love to carry my laptop with me everywhere, so the Haerfest Shell Backpack would be perfect for me. Haerfest Shell BackpackMcArthur Joseph, Creative Director of Daily MisterThere’s nothing chicer and more elegant than a man toting a leather portfolio. Versatility, lightness and the ability to carry essentials make the Bonastre Document Holder the perfect option for spring. Bonastre Document HolderJeff Laub, Owner of The Blind BarberRight now, I am looking for a bag that allows me to have all my essentials to go about my day in NYC. It’s tough to go back and forth from work to the apartment and back out again, so the bag really needs to have all the pockets necessary to compartmentalize my life. Plus, it would fit my dog Moose. Sandqvist Ingo Duffel BagCharles Thorp, Senior Entertainment Reporter/Critic at Us WeeklyAs a writer, my Macbook goes with me everywhere. So he must be properly suited up for all occasions, whether it’s at the café or a buttoned-up business meeting. Case Logic is great, but Bonastre is better. Bonastre Large FolderTo learn more about Anthem Wares and to shop for all of the above bags, visit Rum 101: An Introduction to the Different Types of Rum and How They’re Made Editors’ Recommendations Stirred or Shaken? How to Make a Perfect Vodka Martini The Best American Liqueur 5 Classic Whiskey Cocktails You Should Know How to Makelast_img

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