Fascinating GymnastLike Spiders Discovered in Moroccan Desert

Casablanca- A fascinating new species of spider, the Cebrennus rechenbergi, which move by performing flic-flac jumps (2m/sec), was recently discovered in the Moroccan desert.Recently discovered in Morocco’s southeastern desert, this spider is as agile as a gymnast.  “Like a gymnast,” writes the New York Times, “it runs for a short time, then stretches out its front legs, spinning into the air and returning to touch the ground with its hind legs.”According to the website Sci-News, the newly discovered spider has been named after the German botanical expert Dr. Ingo Rechenberg from the Technical University in Berlin. Rechenberg collected live specimens of Cebrennus rechenbergi during an expedition in Morocco. However, the “Moroccan flic-flac spider” has been chosen as a common name for the unique species.“Like a gymnast, it propels itself off the ground, followed by a series of rapid flic-flac movements of its legs,” Sci-News quotes Dr. Peter Jäger from the Senckenberg Research Institute.More fascinating is the Cebrennus rechenbergi’s tube-like, sandydwelling—surely one of the wonders of insect architecture.“I picked it up by hand — I wasn’t scared,” Dr. Rechenberg told the NY Times.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed

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