2026 World Cup Bid Morocco will not Exploit Trump Factor

Rabat – According to a recent report by the Associated Press, Morocco will refrain from using Trump’s unfavorable global reputation as leverage during the kingdom’s ongoing campaign to host the 2026 World Cup.The report cites an interview with Hicham El Amrani, Morocco’s 2026 bid chief executive, who, commenting on the potential asset that Trump could be to Morocco’s bid, allegedly told the Associated Press that Morocco would focus on its bid and “leave it up to voters to decide what they think,” adding “I won’t make comments about the leadership here and there.”“We don’t want to win the right to host because of someone else, but because of our clear advantages… we will stay away from [Trump] because it is not proper to comment”, the outlet further quoted Mr. El Amrani. While the Associated Press pointed to the financial benefit that could double for FIFA if North America were to host the 2026 World Cup edition, El Amrani reportedly pointed to the numerous advantages of hosting the cup in Morocco, such as the “sweet spot in Time zones” and the “more comfortable and shorter travelling time” to match venues which, El Amrani added, “will allow for better quality of play.”“Contrary to what we can hear about potential revenue,” El Mani also said, commenting on the supposed financial asset of the North American contenders, “Morocco has a fantastic offer from that perspective.”Until the final deliberations (this time, all 211 football nations will vote), it is clear that Morocco’s bid, as it comes with pan-African support, is a serious challenge to the North-American triumvirate.In an article published in August of last year, The New York Times was already describing Morocco’s bid as “a last minute Challenger,” and “a potential complication to the United States-led campaign that appeared to be coasting to victory unopposed.”Just a bit of patience for football fans, and time will tell.

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