UN agency appeals for 241 million more to feed rising numbers of

Before a ceasefire agreement signed on 4 April dramatically improved security and access, hundreds of thousands of people were completely isolated and inaccessible to humanitarian agencies because of years of conflict.Since then, there has been a sharp increase in demand, putting even more pressure on the need for food aid, and current WFP food stocks will run out by September for the more than one million people being fed. That number will rise rapidly to 1.5 million people before the end of the year, which also includes the hundreds of thousands of Angolan refugees expected to return home from neighbouring countries.Many people, especially women and children, are in extremely poor condition, according to WFP. They will face starvation unless food supplies are urgently increased.Over recent weeks, WFP has also started feeding an extra 120,000 desperately hungry people who were until recently completely cut off from aid due to the war, including families of former rebel soldiers being demobilized across the country in some 34 quartering areas. While WFP feeds the children, women, elderly and physically disabled, the Government took the responsibility of giving aid to the former soldiers themselves.WFP food aid distributions were also being quickly expanded as a result of assessment missions carried out in 28 locations between April and May to identify the immediate needs of the population.

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