PICS Cars stranded after icy conditions on the Sally Gap vandalised

first_imgA NUMBER OF vehicles that had to be abandoned on the the Sally Gap due to snow and ice over the weekend have been vandalised.Two cars were found on Monday with their windows smashed, seats ripped and batteries removed.Over 100 people were rescued from the mountainous areas in Wicklow, especially around the Sally Gap, over the weekend and 20 cars had to be abandoned as the road conditions were too dangerous to drive.Brendan Beirne from the Glen of Imaal of Mountain Rescue Team initially found the cars vandalised on Monday and said there could have been more cars damaged further up the mountain, but conditions were still too dangerous at that point to venture that far up. He says cars being vandalised on the Sally Gap is “a regular occurrence”.Here are what the stranded cars looked like:last_img

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