Is Skype coming to the PS Vita

first_imgDuring a presentation in Brazil, Sony execs trotted out shots of the upcoming PlayStation Vita and all of the features the device will support. In addition to some glamour shots of the device that we’ve all seen already, the slideshow flashed a few logos of products and services that will work with the PS Vita. One of them just happened to be the Skype logo. Sony hasn’t said up to this point whether or not the PS Vita will support Skype for video calls.Some of the other logos on the slide are things we expected. The PS Vita will support DLNA, Wi-Fi, and you’ll be able to play multiplayer games wirelessly or stream music and video to or from other networked devices. The Skype logo is the odd one out because Sony never tipped at E3 that the PS Vita would be capable of Skype calling, although they did say it would have front and rear-facing cameras. Sony also said that the PS Vita would be capable of video calls, but they never specifically said that Skype would handle those calls.AdChoices广告The image with Skype in it landed at GameGeneration, a Brazilian gaming site, and then over at the GameTrailers forums. A number of users wondered whether or not Sony had agreed to use Skype for video calls before or after Microsoft purchased it. It’s a good point: clearly Skype has its own agreements to abide by and wouldn’t have a vested interest in letting their new owners know something confidential about one of their clients. Even so, it does raise the question of whether or not Skype and Sony’s relationship will change now that Skype is in the pocket of one of Sony’s major competitors.At the same time, just because Skype is a subsidiary of Microsoft doesn’t mean that their business model has to change drastically. In fact, it could be that Microsoft was interested in Skype because of the way they do business and their long client list. For now, at least, it doesn’t seem like Microsoft is meddling in Skype’s affairs very much.All of this, of course, assumes that the slide is real, and that the Skype logo wasn’t just added by an admin assistant who didn’t know any better. After all, someone could have thought to themselves that they needed a way to illustrate video calling, and just picked the Skype logo because that’s all they know. We’ll have to see what – if anything – Sony says about video calling on the PS Vita before we know for sure.Read more at GameGeneration (Portuguese) via GameTrailerslast_img

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