Build a musclecontrolled Iron Man repulsor and show up every cosplayer

first_imgWith the release of Iron Man 3 just a couple of weeks away on May 3, now is the time to prepare your illustrious costume that you can take to the film’s midnight release, then subsequently wear for the next week because you put so much hard work into it. Instructables user Gundanium shows you how to build your own muscle-controlled Iron Man repulsor, showing up everyone else’s regular, button-controlled repulsor.Unfortunately, the DIY repulsor doesn’t quite shoot energy blasts from the palm of your hand, but some LEDs do light up and are accompanied by explosion noises, so that’s probably the next best thing. Along with the light and sound show, the rig will play audio of Tony Stark’s computerized butler, J.A.R.V.I.S., walking you through the boot-up sequence.The build process is more complicated than something you can breeze through on a lunch break — or a weekend, depending on your building experience — but Instructables has every (perhaps painfully) detailed step-by-step instruction.By hooking the repulsor up to a muscle sensor from Advancer Technologies, the rig can be controlled with simple forearm maneuvers. A forearm flex will charge the repulsor, while relaxing your forearm will fire.Building the entire rig will require a decent amount of materials, including the aforementioned muscle sensor, an Arduino MCU, batteries, gloves, an LED, speakers, a voltage regulator, and some casing for your hardware. You’ll also need some of the usual DIY tools, such as a soldering iron, hammer, and hot glue gun. After what seems to be a small novel worth of steps — and with a fair amount of ingenuity and skill — you’ll have your very own Iron Man repulsor that makes rad explosion noises and looks pretty sleek.last_img

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