Nokia shows off the Lumia 928 with its killer camera and audio

first_imgNokia’s having another one of its Conversations, and this time it’s about the upcoming Lumia 928 that’s due to launch on Verizon next week. What’s got Nokia so excited that it can’t wait to show this baby off? Everything.For starters, it’s the latest Nokia to include PureView camera technology. It’s still not that beastly sensor found in the 808, but it’s an astoundingly good low-light shooter. Carl Zeiss optics have been paired up with an actual Xenon flash — none of that LED tat for the Lumia 928. That should give the camera flash results that are on par with point-and-shooters. Optical image stabilization ensures that photo and video shot with the Lumia 928 will be jitter-free.Flipping the phone over reveals a display that’s similar (if not identical) to the Lumia 920. It’s a 4.5-inch AMOLED panel covered in Gorilla Glass of an as-yet-unspecified resolution. Nokia drops the same “PureMotion HD+” buzzwords it did with the 920, though, so it’s probably a 1280 x 768 affair.Nokia’s also jazzed about the Lumia 928’s cord-free features. NFC comes standard and allows you to pair and share with numerous other phones, tablets, and gadgets. The Lumia 928 can also handle inductive charging — so you can plunk it down on a FatBoy pillow or any other device that utilizes Qi wireless power tech.And remember those fancy high-amplification microphones that Nokia wanted banned from the HTC One? They’re part of the Lumia 928’s top-shelf audio gear, and Nokia’s Ifi Majid says they can capture distortion-free sound up to 140 decibels. That’s roughly equivalent to the noise level on the deck of an aircraft carrier — good to know if you’re ever on one and recording maneuvers.One other audio feature gets a mention: the external speaker. Nokia claims it’s one to two decibels louder than any other phone’s. That might not seem like much, but it should equate to tunes that are 25-50% louder than the competition.Like most other devices in its class, the Lumia 928 will sell for $99 on contract — but at least you’ll also snag a $25 credit for Windows Phone Store and those cool Nokia exclusive apps.last_img

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