Provincial supreme court rejects Geo TV’s request for lifting of ban

first_imgNews PakistanAsia – Pacific Organisation Receive email alerts Pakistani TV anchor censored after denouncing violence against journalists Pakistani supreme court acquits main suspect in Daniel Pearl murder News Follow the news on Pakistan News to go further April 21, 2021 Find out morecenter_img RSF_en Pakistani journalist critical of the military wounded by gunfire December 6, 2007 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Provincial supreme court rejects Geo TV’s request for lifting of ban PakistanAsia – Pacific Help by sharing this information June 2, 2021 Find out more News Reporters Without Borders is outraged by the Sindh province supreme court’s decision on 4 December to reject two petitions by the Geo TV group challenging a broadcast ban on its channels. The court accepted deputy attorney-general Rizwan Ahmed Siddiqui’s argument that the ban was imposed after the declaration of a state of emergency giving the government the right to take any action to maintain law and order.The Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists said the ruling was a message from the government that the ban, which threatens 1,200 jobs, was not going to be lifted any time soon. Geo TV is part of the Jang media group. Its channels are the only ones still subject to the cable distribution ban imposed when the state of emergency was declared on 3 November.______________________________________30.11.2007Open letter to Musharraf saying it is time to allow Geo TV and independent radios to resume broadcastingReporters Without Borders wrote today to President Pervez Musharraf asking him to quickly rescind his ban on the Geo TV group’s various television stations and two independent radio stations, Power99 FM and Mast Fm 103.Mr. Pervez MusharrafPresidentIslamabadRepublic of PakistanDear Mr. President,The authorities in Dubai have just given the privately-owned TV station Geo News permission to resume broadcasting from the Emirate but its programmes are still banned in Pakistan. Your government is also preventing broadcasting by two privately-owned radio stations, whose equipment was seized when the state of emergency was imposed.We hail the Dubai government’s decision to restore Geo News’s rights. Your government must now quickly follow this example and allow Pakistani cable operators to resume distribution of all of Geo TV’s stations. Similarly, the sanctions that were unfairly imposed on the Pakistani news radio stations, Power99 FM and Mast FM 103, must be lifted immediately.Amina Rustamani of the Dubai Media Centre announced yesterday that the Geo TV’s Geo News is again authorised to broadcast from the Emirate. “Geo News will resume broadcasting at midnight from the Dubai Media Centre following productive discussion between the two parties,” Rustamani said. In Pakistan, the only people with access to Geo TV’s stations are those with satellite dishes, the importation of which is restricted.As well as blocking Geo News, your government has also banned the broadcasts of the group’s sports, entertainment and youth channels. “They are trying to strangle us financially by all possible means,” Geo TV president Imran Aslam told us in a letter. “We are losing half a million dollars a day, a figure the government is well aware of and which must have been factored into its calculations,” he wrote. “We are ready to dialogue with honour, but we will not submit to any humiliating accord and to conditions that undermine our credibility.”On 5 November, Geo TV petitioned the Sindh high court to lift the ban, but the government’s representative is sidestepping any substantive debate and on 27 November, the government again claimed that it did not know why the station was blocked.The Association of Independent Radio (AIR) has condemned the plight of Power99 FM and Mast FM 103 resulting from the seizure of their equipment on 3 November. “It was the editorial line of these two radio stations, above all, the attention they paid to current affairs, that prompted their closure,” AIR chairman Najib Ahmed said. Employees at the two stations told Reporters Without Borders that the government has done nothing to enable them to resume broadcasting. Although they were very popular, both because of their own news programmes and their retransmission of the Urdu-language news programmes of the BBC and Deutsche Welle, they are now on the verge of bankruptcy.We are shocked by the methodical way your government has persecuted Geo TV and the independent radio stations. It seems that the sanctions aimed at bankrupting these independent companies are linked to their refusal to bow to certain dictates, in particular, the code of conduct established after the declaration of the state of emergency.Mr. President, the arbitrary manner in which these popular and respected news media are being treatment is having disastrous consequences for your country’s international image and for the hundreds of Pakistani journalists who risk losing their jobs.As you have announced that the state of emergency is to be lifted soon, we urge you, as a goodwill gesture, to restore all of Geo TV’s stations as well as Power99 FM and Mast FM 103.We trust in your commitment to press freedom.Sincerely,Robert MénardSecretary-General January 28, 2021 Find out morelast_img read more

Four young activists given heavy prison sentences for publishing poetry

first_imgNews June 23, 2006 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Four young activists given heavy prison sentences for publishing poetry MyanmarAsia – Pacific RSF asks Germany to let Myanmar journalist Mratt Kyaw Thu apply for asylum News Reporters Without Borders and the Burma Media Association voiced outrage today at the arrests on 29 March 2006 of seven students from the University of Pegu, north of Rangoon, for writing and publishing a pro-democracy poem. Their arrests came five days after journalists U Thaung Sein and Ko Moe Htun were sentenced to three years in prison for photographing and filming in the new capital of Pyinmana.“The military authorities restrict freedom of expression by force,” the two organisations said. “Not only are journalists unable to work freely but young people are also being stripped of their rights. We call for the release of the students and journalists currently held in Burma.”The names of the seven students are as follows (the first two are women): Hnin Wint Wint Soe, May Su Su Win, Ne Linn Kyaw, Thet Oo, Win Min Htut, Maung Maung Oo and Zeya Aung. The title of the poem they composed and circulated is “Daung Man”, which means the Strength of the Fighting Peacock, the symbol of the Burmese pro-democracy movement.They were found in possession of copies of the poem when arrested. According to the Democratic Voice of Burma, an exile radio station, they were initially held at a Pegu police station. A lawyer said they were subsequently transferred to the city’s prison, but this was not confirmed by the police. The lawyer also said a government prosecutor was visiting them every day and interrogating them. Their families have not been allowed to see them.Prior censorship and the imprisonment of journalists are the most serious problems which the Burmese press has to face. The country’s most famous journalist, U Win Tin, has been imprisoned in Rangoon since July 1989. MyanmarAsia – Pacific ———————–25.04.2006Three face trial today for pro-democracy poem, five others released ——————— Organisation The authorities have freed five of the seven students from Pegu university (north of Rangoon) who were arrested on 29 March for publishing a pro-democracy poem, Reporters Without Borders and the Burma Media Association noted today. They were released on 10 April.But two of the young people, Maung Maung Oo and Zeya, are still being held in Pegu prison, according to their families, while a third person, Aung Than, has now been arrested in connection with the poem. All three were due to be tried today for producing an “illegal publication” and face up to seven years in prison.Reporters Without Borders and the Burma Media Association call for their immediate release. May 26, 2021 Find out more to go further Seven students arrested for publishing a poemcenter_img News 04.04.2006 Receive email alerts News Follow the news on Myanmar May 31, 2021 Find out more Help by sharing this information US journalist held in Yangon prison notorious for torture Thai premier, UN rapporteurs asked to prevent journalists being returned to Myanmar May 12, 2021 Find out more Reporters Without Borders and Burma Media Association today voiced disgust at the sentencing of four young pro-democracy activists to prison terms of between seven and 19 years for publishing poetry and called for their release.Burma’s National League for Democracy (NLD) said it would appeal against the verdicts, which were handed down at a trial behind closed bars in Pegu, north of Rangoon, on 9 June. Reporters Without Borders and Burma Media Association, supporting the NLD decision, said that “with the UN Human Rights Council currently meeting in Geneva, this appalling case, which is a serious violation of freedom of expression, should spur the international community to urgently take up the situation in Burma.”The activists are accused of publishing an “anti-government” book of poems called Daung Man — “The Strength of the Fighting Peacock” (a symbol of the Burmese pro-democracy movement).Two of the four, NLD member Aung Than and Pegu University student Zeya Aung, were also accused of unlawfully crossing the border with Thailand and working with “illegal organisations.” They were each given 19-year prison sentences.Maung Maung Oo, who owns the workshop where the book of poems was printed, was sentenced to 14 years. Sein Hlaing, accused of helping to distribute it, was jailed for seven years and was also convicted of printing t-shirts showing a raised clenched fist, a symbol of struggle, lawyer Mya Hla told the exiled radio station Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB).Aung Than, Zeya Aung and Maung Maung Oo were sent to Rangoon’s Insein prison and Sein Hlaing was in prison in Pegu. RSF_en last_img read more

Wilson & Young Medal of Honor Middle School

first_img WhatsApp Local News Wilson & Young Medal of Honor Middle School Pinterest Eighth-Grade Awards Miss Wilson & Young: Caitlyn Juarez. Mr. Wilson & Young: Bryce Woody. Eighth-Grade Principal’s Award: Anahi Rodriguez and Landon Smith. Wilson & Young Presidential Awards: Jaime Antillon, Abigail Augesen, Rebekka Baeza, Adrian Banuelos, Alessandra Barraza, Mark Barrera, Michael Barry, Adriah Bersoza, Paloma Black Beck, Caleb Boswell, Margaret Bunting, Autumn Carrasco, Briana Castanon, Hailie Cruz, Ezaiah Cisneros, Caysen Clinton, Alexander Collins, Pricila Contreras, Rebecca Dover, Easton Easley, Iyana Ellison, Ryder Ensey, Gabriela Fuentes, Michael Galindo, Iliana Garcia, Hannah Harris, Randie Haynes, Sierra Hernandez, Karleigh Holguin, Bailey House, Cameron Jackson, Caytlen Juarez, Evelinda Kessey, Emily Madrid, Michael Madrid, Jaylen Marta, Raphael Martinez, Taylor McCain, Julian Melgoza, Alexis Mendez, Nevaeh Miles, Ivan Montes, Aubrey Nall, Abdulmatin Olateju, Samantha Ontiveroz, Elloralinda Ortega, Tyler Owensby, Hayley Pardue, Jonathan Pence, Braydon Price, Jadyn Pruitt, Maxine Quinones, Kelsey Richards, Juan Rincon, Isaiah Robles, Isaiah Salinas, Adalynn Sanchez, Aneesa Shearer, Garrett Stacker, Justin Ta, Emily Taylor, Julian Urias, Kelsey Vasquez, Zyah Washington, Bryce Woody.Eighth-Grade Outstanding Awards English: Ely Franco, Jose Garcia, Keyri Alvarez, Ketzia Urquidez. GT/Pre-Ap English: Trenton Jones, Alyssa A. Rodriguez. Math: Austin Sanders, Noah Llanez, Briana Castanon, Gilee Young, Abigail Gonzalez. GT/Pre-Ap Algebra I: Warren Flowers. Science: Hayley Pardue, Colton Wilkerson, Gavin Chapman, Harley Allen. GT/Pre-Ap Science: Cam’Ren Strain, Ja’Mari Carter. Social Studies: Lana Betts, Isabel Jones, Damian Leyva , Bailey Russell, Kayla Carrillo. GT/Pre-Ap Social Studies: Esmeralda Lozano, Giselle Arenivas, Jessie Garcia.Electives AVID: Ja’Mari Carter, Sierra Hernandez. Athletics: Iliana Garcia. Band: Robert Olivas. Choir: Adalynn Sanchez, Colton Wilkerson. Dance: Ketzia Urquidez. Gateway: Randie Haynes, Evelinda Kessey. Orchestra: Giselle Arenivas. Piano: Amya Salazar-Chavira. PE: Eliseo Gonzalez, Keyri Alvarez, Angela Loya. Spanish: Iyana Ellison, Nathan Trull, Zyah Washington. Spanish: Caytlen Juarez, Sierra Hernandez.Seventh-Grade Academic Awards Seventh-Grade Principal’s Award: Dylan Ha, Dee Clay. English: Zachory Sims-Butler, Ronaldo Valdez, Bianca Ojeda, William Cardwell. GT/Pre-Ap English: Madilynn Jamison, Landry Dalrymple, Jackson Saunders, Gabrielle Walker, Mario Gonzalez. Math: Jeremy Rios, Arianna Rodriguez, Daxten Montanez, Dee Clay, Hannah Brady, David Walker, Dylan Ha. GT/Pre-Ap Math: Abigail Jones, Dominick Lopez, Madeline Guebara, Madilynn Jamison. Science: Arianna Rodriguez, Juan Pineda Paredes, Samantha G. Gonzalez, Hailie Mooney. GT/Pre-Ap Science: Elisa Jimenez, Nariah Franco. Social Studies: Juan Pablo Pineda, Aowyn Rubalcaba. GT/Pre-Ap Social Studies: Angela Duran. Reading: Isaiah Montes.Electives AVID: Elisa Jimenez, Jonah Tuck. Art: Bianca Ojeda. Athletics: Amber Carrasco, Brock Madrid. Band: Xavion Gildon. Choir: Brianna Rubio, Kenneth Escober. Dance: Cali Hernandez. Gateway: Cole Mann, Baylee Walker. Orchestra: Amber Carrasco, Valeria Lopez. Piano: Nohely Alfaro, Shonetta Black Beck. PE: Dominic Garcia, Abigail Jones. Spanish: Jackson Mansell, Sienna Bueno, Cristian Luna.Sixth-Grade Academic Awards Sixth-Grade Principal’s Award: Emilee Dameron, Joel Ramos. English: Faith Jacquez, Emilee Dameron, Valeria Delgado, Ariana Juarez, Yurith Aguirre, Colby Maness. Math: Kaden Redfern, Landon Evans, Georgia Comstock, Alexa Hernandez, Jayden Harry, Brett Waller, Diego Ortiz. Science: Hannah Sifford, Frida Contreras, Ethan Martinez. Social Studies: Emilee Dameron, Adrian Rodriguez, Chloe Taylor, Daniel Oyebanji. Reading: Laila Alvarado, Joel Ramos, Kevin Enriquez, Ethan Martinez, David Graham, Soleil Perez.Electives Art: Natalie Smiley. Band: Zavien Cisneros. Choir: Edgar Lujan, Acelin Mayberry. Dance: Addyson Chance. Orchestra: Adrian M. Rodriguez. Piano: Johnathan Riddle. PE: Bethany Salgado, Sarah Jones. Twitter Twitter Pinterestcenter_img TAGS  WhatsApp By Digital AIM Web Support – February 24, 2021 Facebook Facebook Previous articleoat051619 Judge_C20190502.jpgNext articleDAILY OIL PRICE: May 31 Digital AIM Web Supportlast_img read more

Government intervenes to establish Assetco worker’s rights

first_img Twitter Pinterest Google+ Pinterest Twitter Facebook By News Highland – November 14, 2012 Google+ WhatsApp Government intervenes to establish Assetco worker’s rights WhatsApp Facebookcenter_img There are concerns that 30 staff, who lsot their jobs with the closure of the Assetco Managed Services call-centre in Buncrana, will not get a redundancy payment from the companyInitially workers were given until 5.30pm yesterday evening to agree to terms of exit with the administrators; this has now been extended until today.Minister Bruton has formally requested Enterprise Ireland, NERA and the Department of Social Protection to definitively establish the rights of workers and has asked NERA to meet the workers concerned.Assetco has been based on the Lisfannon business park since 2006. News Dail hears questions over design, funding and operation of Mica redress scheme PSNI and Gardai urged to investigate Adams’ claims he sheltered on-the-run suspect in Donegal HSE warns of ‘widespread cancellations’ of appointments next week Man arrested in Derry on suspicion of drugs and criminal property offences released Dail to vote later on extending emergency Covid powers RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Previous articleShock as 30 jobs go at Buncrana call centreNext articleRTC leads to traffic disruption at Newtowncunningham News Highland Man arrested on suspicion of drugs and criminal property offences in Derrylast_img read more

Delhi HC Allows Plea Seeking Termination of 23 Weeks Old Pregnancy Due To Abnormalities In Foetus

first_imgNews UpdatesDelhi HC Allows Plea Seeking Termination of 23 Weeks Old Pregnancy Due To Abnormalities In Foetus Karan Tripathi14 July 2020 9:19 AMShare This – xDelhi High Court has allowed the plea moved by a woman seeking termination of her 23 weeks old pregnancy on the ground of abnormalities and comorbidities in the foetus. In the previous hearing, the court had directed the Dean of All India Institute Of Medical Sciences to constitute a Committee of Experts to examine the impact of termination of pregnancy on the health of…Your free access to Live Law has expiredTo read the article, get a premium account.Your Subscription Supports Independent JournalismSubscription starts from ₹ 599+GST (For 6 Months)View PlansPremium account gives you:Unlimited access to Live Law Archives, Weekly/Monthly Digest, Exclusive Notifications, Comments.Reading experience of Ad Free Version, Petition Copies, Judgement/Order Copies.Subscribe NowAlready a subscriber?LoginDelhi High Court has allowed the plea moved by a woman seeking termination of her 23 weeks old pregnancy on the ground of abnormalities and comorbidities in the foetus. In the previous hearing, the court had directed the Dean of All India Institute Of Medical Sciences to constitute a Committee of Experts to examine the impact of termination of pregnancy on the health of the Petitioner and submit a report. Today, the Division Bench of Chief Justice DN Patel and Justice Prateek Jalan allowed the Petitioner to go ahead with the termination of her pregnancy after relying upon the Expert Committee Report. The Expert Committee in its report has confirmed that the foetus of the Petitioner is facing abnormalities and comorbidities and the termination of pregnancy will not adversely impact the health of the Petitioner Moving an urgent plea for termination of pregnancy under sections 3(2) and 5 of the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971, the Petitioner had submitted that her pregnancy has reached the 23rd gestational week and the foetus suffers from spinal and cardiac defects that makes it improbable for the foetus to survive, causing extreme trauma to the Petitioner. The Petitioner had further submitted that if her plea is not addressed urgently, it will cause severe health complications to her. The Petitioner had also challenged the validity of section 3(2) of the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act which restricts the right to terminate pregnancy to 20 gestational weeks. It was argued that the said restriction is both archaic and arbitrary as most of the abnormalities in a foetus become discoverable only after the 20th week. The Petitioner had also challenged Section 5 of the Act so far as it states ‘the termination of such pregnancy is immediately necessary to save the life of the woman’, as being violative of Articles 14 and 21 of the Constitution. It was argued that the said provision is unconstitutional as it doesn’t recognise the physical and mental health, and well being of the women as being part of the expression ‘life.’ Petitioner in this case is being represented by Ms Sneha Mukherjee Subscribe to LiveLaw, enjoy Ad free version and other unlimited features, just INR 599 Click here to Subscribe. All payment options available.loading….Next Storylast_img read more

Illinois day care workers charged with ‘force-feeding’ infants

first_imgLeft to right: Maura Healy, 38, Stephanie Radke, 24, and Mariah Flemister, 20. (Downers Grove Police Department)(DOWNERS GROVE, Ill.) — Police on Wednesday charged three women seen in a video force-feeding infants at a day care center.Investigators said surveillance footage from Little People Learning Center in Downers Grove, Illinois, showed the employees giving infants solid food, holding their mouths shut and tilting their heads back as they cried. Police in Downers Grove, about 25 miles west of Chicago, said the abuse occurred on multiple occasions between December 2018 and January 2019.The suspects — Maura Healy, 38, Stephanie Radke, 24, and Mariah Flemister, 20 — each were charged with battery and endangering the life or health of a child, according to the Downers Grove Police Department.“During the investigation, video from the daycare center showed each employee, on separate occasions, force-feeding the two infants under their care,” the department said. “The charges were filed following an investigation into the reported mistreatment of two infants.”The facility, which said it fired the women in January when the abuse allegations surfaced, didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment from ABC News.All three suspects were released on bond as of early Thursday and scheduled to appear in court in May. It’s unclear if they’ve retained attorneys.Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

CEO moves bad for business

first_img Comments are closed. The decreasing length of time CEOs are spending in their jobs could resultin long-term harm to organisations, HR consultancy DBM has warned in its annualglobal survey of CEO turnover. The survey, Turnover at the Top: Research Highlights from a Global Study,shows the median tenure for a global CEO is just 2.75 years, with the UKshowing one of the lowest average lengths of service. In all, 62 per cent of CEOs in the UK had less than three years in the job.This compares to an average of 50 per cent of CEOs overall elsewhere. The survey reveals 86 per cent of company heads are still chosen from withinthe organisation – indicating a clear opportunity for companies to focus onsuccession planning. On average a CEO will have spent more than 20 years with a company beforereaching the top. However, only 2 per cent of the 481 large companies surveyed rated theirsuccession planning as excellent, two-thirds described them as fair or worse. John Gilkes, head of DBM’s International Directors Centre, said:”Quarterly reporting, mass industry consolidation and the growing emphasison corporate governance mean CEOs must demonstrate visible short-term bottomline growth, often at the expense of the long-term company strategy.” CEO moves bad for businessOn 16 Jul 2002 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Articlelast_img read more

Trace splitting of whistlers: A signature of fine structure or mode splitting in magnetospheric ducts?

first_imgPreviously, we reported on the discovery of fine structure in whistler data received on the ground at Halley, Antarctica. This structure was not apparent in conventional spectral analysis but was revealed by the technique of digital matched filtering. We have now examined a larger data set, and a commonly observed phenomenon is that single whistler traces become split into two, over various frequency ranges. Examples are presented in the form of time-transformed spectrograms in which reference model whistlers are represented as vertical lines. The splitting is typically 5–15 ms (about 0.5% of the total whistler travel time) and extends over frequency ranges of a few hundred hertz which may occur anywhere between the upper and lower cutoff frequencies of the whistler. The splitting may be either symmetrical or unsymmetrical with respect to the unsplit trace. The effect is unlikely to arise in the spectrum of the lightning source or from propagation under or through the ionosphere. It may, however, be a signature of field-aligned fine spatial structure in plasmaspheric density, and hence refractive index, in the whistler duct. For simple longitudinal propagation, electron density fluctuations of the order of 1% and spatial scale sizes of the order of 50 km in the equatorial plane are implied. It seems possible that the observations could also be interpreted in terms of the mode theory of ducted propagation, assuming the excitation of two modes with group velocities differing by a few tenths of a percent.last_img read more

UK MoD Confirms Order of Cox Powertrain Advanced Engine Concept

first_img View post tag: News by topic View post tag: concept Industry news View post tag: Naval View post tag: Navy View post tag: Order View post tag: Engine February 1, 2013 The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has confirmed its order for the next prototype stage of development of a revolutionary high performance, lightweight diesel engine intended for marine outboard applications on the fast, rigid inflatable boats used by the Royal Navy.The Cox Powertrain engine concept – with many patents pending – is based on a supercharged, two-stroke diesel opposed piston architecture with Scotch Yoke crankshaft and a central injector position. This engine topology promises a power to weight ratio comparable with high performance gasoline engines, whilst delivering diesel fuel consumption and a package volume around half that of a state-of-the-art diesel engine. The engine is being developed towards the demanding operating conditions of a military application in which extreme diesel performance, light weight and small package size are critical to mission performance, and must be delivered alongside robustness and high reliability of operation.Cox Powertrain approached Ricardo at an early stage to provide assistance both in developing the Cox engine concept and in supporting the growth and development of the Cox Powertrain business from a small start-up operation to one capable of taking the fully developed product to market. Cox Powertrain re-located to secure premises at the Ricardo Shoreham Technical Centre site in 2011 and with Ricardo support, has now successfully completed the detailed design phase. This has included an intensive computer aided engineering (CAE) programme using both commercial and proprietary Ricardo software tools, in order to optimize and validate the design to an extremely high level prior to prototype manufacture. Having concluded the design phase the new MoD contract announced on January 28 that they will support Cox Powertrain and Ricardo as they pursue preparation and further development of the engine in prototype form. It is anticipated that the first fire of the engine will be carried out at Ricardo in February of this year, marking the start of the prototype development phase.“We believe that the Cox opposed piston engine has game changing potential for military and civil applications requiring weight and package size as low as 50 percent of current conventional diesel engines, combined with extreme diesel power, whilst also addressing important changes demanded by the single fuel policy,” said Cox Powertrain executive chairman Charles Good. “The order from the Ministry of Defence is a clear vote of confidence in the potential of the Cox engine to meet this requirement for future fast outboards. Beyond this, we are confident of being able to provide versions of this engine concept for other defence roles as well as potentially numerous civilian applications on land, sea and in the air. We’re extremely pleased to have the support of the MoD and to be partnering with Ricardo on this project.”“Ricardo is proud to be assisting with the development of the Cox Powertrain engine and with the development of the company in terms of best practice engineering processes and design and development capabilities,” said Ricardo UK managing director Martin Fausset. “While Ricardo’s reputation in the field of high performance, lightweight engine design is globally renowned, the company also has an extremely strong track record in the successful delivery of advanced defence programmes and in assisting small, high technology start-up partners to achieve their full potential.”The Cox opposed piston engine concept – the original invention of the company’s founder, former F1 designer David Cox – has been the subject of fully subscribed private investment rounds raising development capital of £6.7 million, and has already attracted previous external funding from the MoD to support the accelerated development of its detailed design.The need for lightweight power from heavy fuelThe armed forces of NATO countries are increasingly mandating the use of a single heavy fuel across multiple defence applications, through initiatives such as the US Army’s “One Fuel Forward” policy, and the Royal Navy’s desire to reduce the use of gasoline engines at sea. This strategy is being followed in order to reduce the logistical challenges of supporting multiple fuels in theatre, as well as avoiding the safety risks to personnel associated with use of gasoline in hostile situations. There is a pressing need therefore to develop ultra-reliable, high power-to-weight ratio militarized diesel (a.k.a. heavy fuel) engines for applications ranging from marine outboards to UAVs. Similar market drivers are also expected to increasingly influence the markets for future civilian applications – particularly in the leisure marine sector.The Cox engine concept is specifically designed for its intended purpose as an outboard power unit, but further variants are already under consideration for military inboard power, civilian marine applications and UAVs.[mappress]Naval Today Staff, February 1, 2013; Image: Ricardo Share this article View post tag: Advanced View post tag: MoD View post tag: development View post tag: Powertrain View post tag: Cox View post tag: UK UK MoD Confirms Order of Cox Powertrain Advanced Engine Concept Back to overview,Home naval-today UK MoD Confirms Order of Cox Powertrain Advanced Engine Concept View post tag: confirmslast_img read more

Swiss envoy, Lebanese FM holds talks amid central bank probe

first_imgBEIRUT (AP) — Lebanon’s foreign minister has held talks with the Swiss ambassador to Beirut after Switzerland started a probe into possible money laundering and embezzlement at the Mideast country’s central bank. The minister and the ambassador did not offer comments following their meeting in Beirut on Monday, saying only that the probe is a matter that judicial authorities are dealing with. Switzerland’s attorney general said last week he has asked Lebanon for cooperation into the probe. It’s not clear what prompted the Swiss investigation. Lebanon is facing its worst economic and financial crisis in its modern history.last_img