Heat wave is coming: How to stay safe and prepare an emergency supply kit

first_imgwinstonwolf89/iStock(NEW YORK) — With a massive heat wave forecast to hit huge swaths of the U.S. from New York City all the way to Nebraska and temperatures expected to swell into the triple digits this weekend, here are some expert tips on how to stay cool and safe from heat-related illness.New York City’s Office of Emergency Management announced Wednesday that air-conditioned cooling centers will be open to the public throughout the city through the weekend and advised in a statement that most heat-related deaths occur after exposure to heat in homes without air conditioning.Staying inside in an air-conditioned room is the best way to to stay safe amidst extreme heat waves, the Emergency Management office warned.“Hot weather is dangerous and can kill. People with chronic physical and mental health conditions should use air conditioning if they have it, and get to a cool, air conditioned place if they don’t,” Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot said in a statement“During times like these, we all need to look out for each other. Be a buddy and check on your family, friends and neighbors who are at risk and help them get to a cooling center or another cool place – even if for a few hours,” she added.Other tips for protection against the heat include staying out of the sun, avoiding strenuous activity during the sun’s peak hours, drink a lot of water, cool down with a bath or shower and wear lightweight clothing when outside.How to prepare an emergency supply kitIn new guidelines for how to deal with heat waves, the American Red Cross warns to prepare an emergency supply kit ahead of a heat wave in case of a power outage.The emergency disaster kit should include one gallon of water per person per day, non-perishable food items, a flashlight, batteries, a first aid kit, medications, cash and more basic necessities.Red Cross guidelines for before a heat wave– Prior to an anticipated heat wave, listen to local weather forecasts and make a plan with family members and friends about where to spend time during a major heat wave.– Prepare an emergency disaster kit in case a power outage occurs.– If you don’t have air conditioning in your home, find places you could go during the hottest parts of the days such as libraries or malls.Red Cross guidelines for during a heat wave– When the heat wave hits — it’s important to never leave pets or children alone in vehicles where temperatures can soar rapidly. – Stay hydrated, wear loose-fitting and lightweight clothing, eat small meals, stay indoors and take frequent breaks if you must work outdoors, the Red Cross recommends.– Check on family members, friends and neighbors who don’t have air conditioning.Check out the Red Cross’s full guidelines for dealing with a heat wave here.Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

German fleet tender intercepts Libyan weapons in the Med

first_imgBack to overview,Home naval-today German fleet tender intercepts Libyan weapons in the Med Share this article Authorities View post tag: EUNAVFOR May 3, 2017 View post tag: Op Sophiacenter_img View post tag: FGS Rhein A German Navy fleet tender with an embarked team of Lithuanian boarding specialists intercepted a Libyan weapon-smuggling vessel on May 1.Tender ‘Rhein’ intercepted the Libyan-flagged vessel ‘El Mukthar’ in international waters of the Mediterranean Sea. ‘Rhein’ is currently part of a EUNAVFOR counter-piracy and counter-smuggling task force called operation Sophia.According to EUNAVFOR, several types of weapons including machine guns, AK47 rifles, RPG bullets, RPG launchers, mortar grenades and ammunition were found during the inspection.“All weapons were seized and then transferred on board the German ship to be checked, counted and then disposed of by military personnel, in accordance with paragraph 3 of the UNSCR 2292,” EUNAVFOR said.Operation Sophia was launched on June 22, 2015 with the core task to contribute to wider EU efforts to disrupt the business model of human smuggling and trafficking networks in the Southern Central Mediterranean.Additionally, from October 2016 EUNAVFOR Med Operation Sophia has been carrying out two additional tasks: the training of the Libyan Navy and Libyan Navy Coast Guard and the implementation of the arms embargo off the coast of Libya. View post tag: German Navy German fleet tender intercepts Libyan weapons in the Medlast_img read more

Petition asks The Sun to apologise for “transphobic” remark

first_imgA petition has been set up by Wadham undergraduate Rowan Davis, which demands that The Sun publically apologises for a purportedly “dehumanising” and “transphobic” comment made in an article published by the newspaper last week. It has so far reached over 25,000 signatories.The Sun columnist Rod Liddle wrote of Emily Brothers, a blind, transgender Labour MP candidate, “Thing is though… being blind, how did she know she was the wrong sex?”In response to this, Davis, a Trans Rep for the Oxford University LGBTQ Society, started a petition calling for The Sun’s Editor, David Dinsmore, to issue a public apology. Davis told Cherwell, “I have been overwhelmed at the hugely positive response to the despicable comment posted in The Sun by Rod Liddle concerning Emily Brothers. His article demonstrated completely the hatred that comes at the intersections of transphobia and ableism, ridiculing experiences of oppression for a quick laugh. I hope that this petition to ask for a direct and full apology from The Sun‘s editorial team will continue to grow, and that from it we can start to see changes in the way that trans people and those with disabilities are treated in the media.”The petition argues that, “By reducing [Emily Brothers] down to her blindness and transness, Liddle has contributed to the dehumanisation and oppression of trans people and those with disabilities, and has helped uphold ableist and transphobic norms in politics.“We deserve better, and as such The Sun should publically apologise.”Brothers is standing to be MP for the constituency of Sutton & Cheam in the next General Election, and is the first openly transgender Labour candidate to run for parliament.Liddle released a statement on Friday apologising for what he described as a “poor joke”, saying, “I wish Emily the very best and I’d definitely vote for her if I lived in Sutton and Cheam.”Responding to this apology, Brothers wrote that she had “wondered aloud how he [Rod Liddell] knows he’s a man when he turns the light out. I believe strongly in press freedom. But it should hold the rich and powerful to account, not mock and undermine the vulnerable and disadvantaged.”In reaction to Brothers’ response to Liddell’s apology, and due to the attention the petition received, Davis added an update on December 16th, which stated that “It is vital that we keep pressure up on the editors of The Sun to issue a full apology without reservations.” Having reached 25,000 signatures in just five days, the goal for the petition has been shifted to 35,000 signatures.Davis launched the petition after Wadham student Tim Cannon posted a link to the original article in The Sun on the Facebook group NoHeterOx**.The Sun has not responded to Cherwell’s request for comment.last_img read more

Opening reception next week for new Hoboken museum exhibit

first_img× HOBOKEN–On Sunday Jan. 22 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. the Hoboken Historical Museum will host an opening reception for their latest exhibit “Hoboken People & Places, 1976-1994: Photographs by Michael Flanagan.”The exhibit will feature dozens of black and white photographs of Hoboken in the 1970s and 1980s. With his large-format Linhof camera set on a tripod, Flanagan documented his neighborhood nom-and-pop shops, the longtime Hobokenites and newcomers he grew to know during his two decades here, and the crumbling waterfront piers and streetscapes.last_img

‘Vasenin’ screened at Harvard Extension International Relations Club

first_img Read Full Story Nikolai Vasenin, a Russian soldier who fought with the French Resistance, was born in December 1919 and died in December 2014. His story — courage, sacrifice, and love — is well worth remembering but has not been well publicized until recently. Two Russian filmmakers, Andrey Grigoriev and Pavel Sablin, discovered the story. Inspired, they filmed a documentary to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Russia’s Victory Day. The movie officially premieres in May. With support of Russian Copper Company, Nikolai Naumov presented the movie on April 18 for the Harvard Extension International Relations Club, garnering acclaim not just domestically but also abroad.The documentary “Vasenin” captures only a small part of the veteran’s life, recording his 2014 return to France as he visited Paris and interacted with the inhabitants of a city where he fought, Saint-Sorlin. The mayor of Saint-Sorlin designated him an honorary citizen, pledging to name a street after him. Details about Vasenin’s life that could be verified were the only ones that could be included: the documentary shrouds Vasenin with mystery.The film, by uncovering a lesser-known part of Russian history, honors an individual and a nation.last_img read more

Norbert Leo Butz on His ‘Messed Up’ Bloodline Role & Petting Dolphins with Aaron Tveit

first_imgTony winner Norbert Leo Butz is unleashing his inner party animal in Bloodline, a gripping new Netflix drama premiering March 20 for your binge-watching convenience. But he’s also got a dark side—the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Catch Me If You Can favorite plays Kevin Rayburn, a hotheaded Florida boatyard owner whose deep family secrets are revealed when his older brother Danny unexpectedly comes home. Broadway.com caught up with Butz to find out if he’ll be doing any singing (fingers crossed!) in the new series, his unexpected co-star Katie Finneran and beating Aaron Tveit on the tennis court. Who’s the better tennis player? Even if I beat him it doesn’t really matter because he looks so much better than I do on the tennis court [laughs]. What was shooting in the Florida Keys like? Did your family come and visit? It was an extremely strange experience—one that I loved, though. My family was with me most of the time and the schedule worked out really well. We were down there for seven months but we had weeks off here and there. You and Aaron Tveit were filming in Florida at the same time—did you guys get to meet up? We did! We were only about an hour and a half away and it was awesome because every other week, he would come down to the Keys or I would go up. We’d have epic tennis matches, that became our thing. Do you get to show off any of your swimming skills on Bloodline? I wouldn’t call them skills, more compulsions [laughs]. I don’t think I do any swimming, but I’m on a lot of boats, which I love. I did a lot of snorkeling there, and I’m getting certified for scuba as well. Something about being surrounded by water has a really calming effect on me. There’s no doubt people will be binge-watching this—have you ever watched a season of a TV show straight through? Only a couple of times, and one was Friday Night Lights with Kyle Chandler! I was such a fan of that show, and I came to it really late. This is such a catchword, isn’t it? Binge-watching. I hear it all the time. There’s something a little scary about it! [Laughs.] It sounds more like addiction terminology than anything. So you aren’t much of a TV watcher? I seem to have missed whole decades of it. Unbelievably I’ve never seen The Sopranos or Breaking Bad. I’ve always been drawn more to film. But Bloodline, to me, feels like a 13-hour piece of cinema. And the great thing about Netflix is you get to be almost like an editor. You choose how much of the narrative you want to watch at a time, which makes you complicit in the story. View Commentscenter_img What kind of fun stuff did you guys do? I’m definitely a water person, so I was really in my element down there. I’ve been swimming recreationally about five times a week for years just at the Y. I’m sort of addicted to swimming so that was a dream job. I could just get up every morning and jump into the bay. You’re playing the life of the party in Bloodline. How fun is it to let loose and be crazy? It was a lot of fun. The whole cast got to be really close, so there was a great freedom and comfort on the set. But in some ways, the class clown identity that Kevin takes on is a front. They all have fronts. That’s what’s interesting about the show. What people are presenting and what’s going on with them are very different things. Did you guys get into any other trouble down there? When I first got to Florida, Aaron came and met me, and we got on some jet skis and were hotdogging around the Gulf of Mexico. It was amazing—we idled our skis and we were just talking, and a school of baby dolphins came right up. We could reach out and touch their dorsal fin. I had only been in the Keys a couple of days, and it was the most magical thing I’ve ever seen. I thought, “I think I’m gonna like it here.” Do you tend to pick characters who are—for lack of a better word—messed up? That’s a good description! I want a character that has dimension and layers, and writing that allows me to really use my imagination, and that’s exactly what these guys have created. Bloodline looks dark and mysterious, but is there any chance you’ll be singing in a future episode? We joked about it on set, especially when they cast Steven Pasquale. Come on, that guy is a stunning singer! I don’t know how they would work it in. Maybe I’ll get drunk at a karaoke bar and belt out something, who knows. Katie Finneran plays your wife, Sam Shepard’s your dad, Steven Pasquale’s on it—was it a fun bonding time for you theater guys? It was amazing. I was so thrilled when Katie got hired, and I didn’t know that until the day before we shot our first scene. We’ve been friends a long time and she’s the smartest, funniest, coolest girl. We all laughed a lot—it’s pretty dark material, but Linda Cardellini, Kyle Chandler, Ben Mendelsohn, they’re all hilarious people. So I know it seems like it should have been a heavy fête, but it was extremely lighthearted and a lot of fun, which was a great antidote, because we go to pretty radically unpleasant places by the end of the season.last_img read more

Carwiz as a Croatian tourist export product

first_imgAlso, as pointed out by Carwiz, negotiations are currently underway on the positioning of CARWIZ rent a car in the surrounding Caribbean islands, which, after Croatia, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Latvia, Cyprus, Morocco, Turkey, Serbia, Albania, has successfully finalized additional global brand positioning.  To date, Carwiz International has successfully placed its franchise network on the markets of Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Latvia, Cyprus, Morocco, Turkey, Serbia and Albania. Carwiza management is currently negotiating franchise cooperation with about 20 car rental companies from around the world – including the markets of Vietnam, Brazil, Russia, Malaysia, Malta, Portugal, Spain… After the car rental company Carwiz recently presented to the public the placement of franchise business on international markets, Carwiz successfully placed the franchise business of its brand on the Caribbean market, more precisely the island of St. Maarten Photo: Carwiz Carwiz u Hrvatskoj danas broji gotovo 100 zaposlenika i posluje putem online kanala prodaje te putem 13 poslovnica u svim većim gradovima i turistički značajnijim središtima u Hrvatskoj. Putem B2B kanala posluju s gotovo svim značajnijim međunarodnim turističkim emitivnim tržištima. U svega dvije godine poslovanja ostvareni su značajni rezultati, dok je u protekloj godini ostvareno preko 50 milijuna kuna prometa. Ukupan promet je u odnosu na 2017. godinu rastao za više od 100%, isto kao i broj zaposlenih. Over the past years, the Caribbean has recorded record achievements of over 30 million visitors a year. If we take into account that guests visiting the Caribbean have higher purchasing power, from the US, Canada and Europe, and that consumption in destinations grows by an average of 3% per year, then the success of Carwiz’s placement in that market is more significant. RELATED NEWS: According to Krešimir Dobrilović, director and owner of Carwiz, the company’s placement on the market of this Caribbean country was a great success. ” It is known that the Caribbean, or St. Maarten is an extremely potent tourist destination. It is a destination that has gained respect for its tourist achievements in the international arena. Our partners with whom we have completed the franchise placement process are a guarantee that the business results we expect in the coming years will be truly achieved. In addition, by strengthening the brand and promoting the available channels, we expect some more Caribbean destinations to join the Carwiz family soon . ” Više o modelu Carwiz franšize saznajte ovdje / CARWIZ BECAME A CROATIAN TOURIST EXPORT PRODUCT! THROUGH THE FRANCHISE MODEL IT IS EXPANDING TO THE GLOBAL MARKET   ili u intervjuu s vlasnikom Carwiz rent a car-a, Krešimirom Dobrilovićem dolje u prilogu.last_img read more

PREMIUMIndonesia undertakes monetary, fiscal measures to fight effects of virus

first_imgLog in with your social account Indonesia is planning to roll out monetary easing and fiscal stimulus to cushion the economy from the impact of the Wuhan coronavirus.Bank Indonesia (BI) cut its benchmark interest rate, the seven-day reverse repo rate, by 25 basis points (bps) to 4.75 percent on Thursday after holding the rate in the last three months. BI Governor Perry Warjiyo said given the economic risks posed by the spread of COVID-19, there was a need to maintain economic growth.Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said Wednesday the government was planning fiscal stimulus through state budget disbursement into productive spending and early incentives to strengthen the domestic economy amid slowdown risks.“The COVID-19 spread’s impact on the economy will be V-shaped and we forecast global economic growth to reach 3 percent in 2020 from our earlier projection of 3.1 percent,” Perry sa… Google bank-indonesia Sri-Mulyani-Indrawati Wuhan-coronavirus-in-Indonesia China GDP-growth economic-growth monetary-easing fiscal-stimulus state-budget Forgot Password ? Linkedin Facebook LOG INDon’t have an account? Register here Topics :last_img read more

S. Korea stops short of toughest coronavirus measures despite case rise

first_imgThe Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) reported 371 new coronavirus cases as of midnight Thursday, bringing the country’s total to 19,077, including 316 deaths.After using aggressive tracing and testing to contain a large outbreak earlier this year, South Korea suffered a setback this month after a church cluster spread to a political rally.Health authorities had reimposed Phase 2 social distancing rules on Aug. 16 in the Seoul metropolitan area, expanding the measures nationwide last week.Earlier this week, Seoul officials ordered the closure of most schools in the capital and surrounding areas. Seoul has also mandated that masks to be worn in both indoor and outdoor public places, and has ordered places like churches, nightclubs, karaoke bars and other high-risk venues closed. Topics : South Korean authorities stopped short of shifting the country up to the highest level of social distancing measures on Friday, despite recording another triple-digit increase in daily new coronavirus cases.Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun instead said the government would extend the current Phase 2 social distancing, which was due to expire this weekend, for at least another week.”Phase 3 social distancing is the choice of last resort given the economic and social ripple effect,” Chung said at a government meeting.last_img read more

Romantic restoration in popular Shorncliffe

first_imgThe home has a rear deck off the open plan living space.“It’ll suit a young family, someone with an elderly relation living with them, or a professional couple running a business from home,” he said.Yundah St is in a beautiful location lined with Moreton Bay fig trees, just down the road from St Patrick’s College and a block away from Shorncliffe train station.Mr Elliott said he’d be happy to keep the home if he hadn’t also renovated another Queenslander in the same suburb on the waterfront, in which he now lives.The property is being marketed by Tamara and Mark Wecker from Remax Property Shop Sandgate for offers in the mid $800,000s. The home at 119 Yundah St, Shorncliffe.A century-old slice of Bayside history is on the market and she’s something special.Oozing character and charm, “Cullean” is akin to something straight out of the pages of Vogue Living magazine.Spotted gum verandas, gourmet kitchen, romantic bay-windowed bedrooms, ornate fretwork, VJ walls and polished timber floors — 119 Yundah St has it all.If walls could talk, this grand old Shorncliffe dame would have plenty of stories to tell.Owner Colin Elliott only bought the property four years ago, but has invested a lot of time and effort into restoring it to its former glory. More from newsFor under $10m you can buy a luxurious home with a two-lane bowling alley5 Apr 2017Military and railway history come together on bush block24 Apr 2019The home has been completely renovated.The two-level, four-bedroom character home on a 506sq m block has been renovated, raised and presented in immaculate condition.“The kitchen was terrible, the oven didn’t work, so we totally ripped it out and brought in granite benchtops and new appliances,” Mr Elliott said.The top level has been transformed into an open-plan design, allowing the bay breezes to flow through the home.Mr Elliott said the bottom level of the home could be used as a dual-living area.last_img read more