Bethel Man Shot by Officer Arrested in Anchorage

first_imgScreenshot of a witness video of the incident that led to police shooting Aaron Moses.A man shot in Bethel last month during an altercation with police was arrested Wednesday by Alaska State Troopers after being released from the hospital in Anchorage.“Aaron Moses was arrested by Alaska State Troopers in Anchorage at about 2:50,” Megan Peters, a spokesperson for the Alaska State Troopers, said. “He was arrested after he was released from a medical facility. Moses has been charged with Assault II, Assault III and Criminal Mischief III. A Grand Jury did indict Moses for the charges on Thursday which is August 28th.”On August 15th, Troopers were contacted by the Bethel Police Department, requesting investigative support for an officer involved shooting that happened in a neighborhood.An affidavit from an investigator details a struggle in which officers say Moses swung a baseball bat at the two police officers, hitting one twice. Police were not able to disarm Moses verbally or with tasers and one officer ultimately shot Moses in the chest. He was medevaced to Anchorage and hospitalized until Wednesday.Peters says the Bethel Police Department requested help from The Alaska Bureau of Investigation.“Nothing will come of it until a point to where it’s reviewed by OSPA, which is the Office of Special Prosecutions and Appeals. We would take our investigation and we would give it to OSPA to review and OSPA would then review it to see if the officers acted within the scope of the law. And if they didn’t then they would potentially be charged.”Peters says the investigation is ongoing. Moses is being held at the Anchorage jail and is scheduled for an arraignment in Anchorage Superior court Thursday.last_img

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