Storytelling Winner: ‘NO ONE IS LIKE A BROTHER’

first_imgEditors Note:The following traditional story won the first prize at the 2nd Annual Peter Y. Ballah Traditional Storytelling Competition held Saturday, March 29, 2014 at the David Kuyon Forum for Human Rights and Culture in Gbarnga, Bong County.  Organized by an NGO called Village People Empowerment (ViPE), the competition brought together 15 traditional storytellers from around Liberia in the initial stage of a larger project aimed at preserving Liberia’s rich culture.  ViPE is founded by Rudolf Janke, a German national.  Aptly named after the late Liberian cultural icon Peter Y. Ballah, the first traditional storytelling event was held just months before the icon passed away in 2012.  Ballah was also honored for his expert folkloric renditions at the event that year and it was decided that an annual traditional storytelling competition would be named in his honor.  The 15 contestants were vetted by a panel of 6 jurors based on the message, appeal, appropriateness, delivery and overall coherence of the stories in the Liberian context.  Consideration was given for the use of music and dance, both of which are typically used to add flavor to the stories and solidify the traditional context. The jurors chose three finalists who would later in the afternoon perform their stories before a live audience of over a hundred people of all ages.  The finalists included Mrs. Yomo N. Numa of Bomi County; Mr. Tony T. L. Kerdoe of Nimba County and Mr. Emmanueal F. Tamba of Bong County.  Numa’s story, “What I Will Do?” was about a frustrated young wife who consulted a medicine man in an effort to make her husband love her.  Kerdoe’s story “Leadership”, converges chickens and politics (who would have thunk it?) in a very important lesson about leaders and followers.  Tamba’s story, “No One is Like A Brother”, examines the deep crease between two brothers who find themselves on either side of the poverty line and the wealthy one’s wife’s effort to bring them together.  After all three were presented, the audience was asked to vote and Tamba’s story emerged to claim the first prize. The story was actually composed by Tamba who, in his acceptance remarks, revealed that when he was growing up, he shared with a friend that he wanted to be a storyteller.  “My friend laughed,” narrated Tamba, “but that did not stop me from pursuing my dream.” The Daily Observer is proud to publish Emmanuel F. Tamba’s award-winning masterpiece, “No One Is Like A Brother”.  We shall make an effort to publish the stories of the other 2 finalists in subsequent editions. A video of each will also be posted on our website, Enjoy!No One Is Like A Brother“Many entreat the favor of the nobility, and every man is a friend to one who gives gift. But all the brothers of a poor man hate him; how much more do his friends go far from him? He may pursue them, yet they abandon him.” (Proverb 19:6-7)Once there were two brothers who lived with their parents in one of the villages in central Liberia. These two brothers were called Pokpa and Flomolo. Pokpa was the big brother to Flomolo.  Pokpa was much closer to his father while his brother Flomolo was closer to his mother.  Pokpa’s father trained him how to work like a man, so that when he died, Pokpa would survive on his strength and hard work.  But Flomolo was trained by his mother, and grew up lazy and unable to work for himself.After many years, the parents of the brothers died. By now the both boys were grown up men.  Pokpa worked so hard and was well established and married, but his brother was very lazy and thus, poor.  One day Pokpa decided to desert his brother for his laziness.  “I prefer welcoming my friends on my dinner table than my lazy brother,” he said. He finally drove away his brother who had been staying with him since the death of their parents.One Christmas morning he invited his three wealthy friends, Mulbah, Lepolu and Najuah.  Form that day Pokpa was always in the company of his friends and left his brother starving with hunger. One evening while Pokpa and his wife were eating their new rice with palm oil, she asked, “Can you call your brother to share this dinner with us since he his not too far from us?”“Gormah,” Pokpa said to his wife, “If only you repeat what you just said, you will follow him.”The woman discontinued the conversation and they continued their eating.However, Gormah, Pokpa’s wife loved Flomolo; she decided to secretly send food to him as often as she could.  One afternoon while Pokpa was in the field working, Gormah decided to teach him a lesson to love and appreciate his brother.  That afternoon when Pokpa came home, he met Gormah lying on the ground crying with a great regret.“What happened to you?” He asked.“When I was cooking your food,” she explained in tears, “one crazy man came and took the pot from the fire and ran with it. I managed to pursue him with a big stick unfortunately for him I hit him hard and he dropped dead.”Pokpa was very furious when he heard this. He asked, “Where is the body?”“It is lying in the kitchen wrapped in the old mat,” Gormah said.When he saw the body, he did not care to open it, but how to bury it. Thinking on whom to go for help to bury the crazy man at midnight, his wife suggested that he asked his three friends for their help.  He accepted his wife suggestion and decided to go to his friends so that they would help him with the burial.Pokpa proceeded to the home of his first friend, Mulbah.  After he explained what had happened, his friend told him he couldn’t help because his wife was sick that night. Pokpa moved on to his others friends’ homes and they also gave him excuses.  Pokpa was so frustrated by his three friends who he was so sure he could depend on in such desperation.When he got home, his wife suggested again that he should go ask his brother to help him bury the man.  “My brother?” Pokpa asked. He held his head in his hand wondering whether it would really work since he had mistreated his brother many years ago. “I don’t think my brother will forgive me to come and help me,” he said.“Just try and see,” Gormah urged. Pokpa went to his brother that night.  When Flomolo heard him knocking at the door, he was glad and happy to see his brother coming to his home for the first time after many years.  Coming out to meet his brother, Flomolo asked, “What brought you to my poor home at this time of the night?”“Our people say, if you see the toad in the day, if it is not running behind something, then something is running behind it.”  Pokpa explained everything to his brother who, without any hesitation got prepared to help his brother Pokpa to bury the crazy man. Flomolo told Pokpa that he is always his brother no matter what had happened.After the burial, the next morning, while Pokpa was washing his face, two messengers form the town chief’s court came to him and his wife. “You are under arrest,” one of the messengers said.“For what?” Pokpa asked. “You will know when you get to the Chief’s court,” the men replied.When they got to the court, surprisingly Pokpa saw Mulbah, Lepolu and Najuah, his three wealthy friends, standing adjacent to the chief in the court.“Do you know these men?” the chief asked.“Yes” Pokpa replied.“According to these young men, your wife killed a crazy man and you went to them to help you bury the man, but they refused. Still you managed to bury the man along with your brother under the cotton tree. Therefore, you must go and dig the body out and bring it to my court now!”Pokpa, along with two messengers, went and dug out the body and brought it in the court.In the presence of everyone including Pokpa’s three friends, the chief asked him to untie the mat on the body.  Pokpa untied the body and, to everyone’s surprise, there was a big log lying in the mat.“What is this!?” the chief screamed.To the amazement of everyone, Gormah, Pokpa’s wife stood up and confessed. “Chief, this was a trick planned by me, to prove to my husband that no one is like a brother. My husband trusted and loved his friends more than his own brother.  But when this problem occurred, his very friends refused to help him and even deceived him. “Our Chief, I did not really kill anybody,” Gormah said.The chief ordered Pokpa’s three deceitful friends arrested and put them in jail and he set Pokpa and his wife free. From that day, Pokpa lived with his wife and brother happily in their town.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Police still trying to locate animal’s owner

first_imgPit bull attackThe Police are still trying to make contact with the owner of a Pitt bull dog, which mauled a man to death and injured two others in Leonora, West Coast Demerara, on Thursday.According to Commander of D Division (West Demerara/East Bank Essequibo), Leslie James, investigators have not yet been able to contact the reported owner of the animal Marceline Basdeo-Small but noted that the search continues.Basdeo-Small is the wife of Jarvis Small who was jailed for the murder Nessa Gopaul.James also confirmed that Basdeo-Small’s brother, who was taken into custody the same day of the attack, has been released.The mauled man was said to be in his fifties and residents claimed that he was a “destitute”.Reports reaching Guyana Times indicated that the dog escaped from the yard, thereafter killing the man and injuring two others. Those who suffered were treated at the hospital and sent away.This newspaper understands that the Police found the owner’s yard unsecured at the time of the fatal Pitt bull attack.last_img read more

EPA Releases 5-Yr. Plan to Re-brand Entity

first_imgAuthorities of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) yesterday released a rebranding plan, captioned: Towards a renewed environmental commitment, rebranding of the EPA 2017-2022.  The strategic plan, developed during a two-day strategic planning retreat in Paynesville, describes detailed objectives and activities of the agency that will be used as the overarching framework for operations within the next five years, according to a press release.Accordingly, the plan outlined the EPA’s vision toward the adoption of an integrated approach to sustainable environmental, natural resources management and socioeconomic development. It is also focused on climate resilience as a means to enhance Liberia’s national development agenda and greener future through objective, accurate and timely regulatory analyses and decisions. The EPA’s media section added that the plan was developed after a vigorous two-day inclusive retreat, which incorporated inputs from all stakeholders, including technical and non-technical staff of the agency, as well as local, national and international stakeholders.Anyaa Vohiri, EPA executive director, said the re-branding was necessary because it helps to articulate priorities and focuses on key efforts. Madam Vohiri said the coming years would present many changes for the agency. “Re-branding provides the EPA with a clear and comprehensive plan to meet our mission to ensure transparency and accountability in sustainable environmental and natural resource management,” she said.Five strategic goals, which would increase the Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) funding portfolio to US$17 million under GEF by 2020, will accordingly require increasing the number of Global Environmental Facility (GEF) projects formulation to a higher number, the release said. “The strategic goal will also enhance visibility in the 15 counties; not only establishing offices, but ensuring adequate equipment and logistics supply to the established offices, while it will also secure three GEF projects in addition to the current Monrovia Metropolitan Climate Resilience Project to increase the funding size of the country to US$100 million by 2020,” the release. The release added that the strategic goal would increase the Environmental Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) permits from 250 to 2,000 in all categories by 2020.The increment would require the expansion of the ESIA process to new territories to include garages, makeshift gas stations and others. “It will further require an increase in compliance monitoring activities in the mining and infrastructural sectors leading to increase in revenue generation from the US$400,000 earmarked to over US$4 million,” the release said. The promulgation of additional standards, guidelines, monitoring equipment, human capacity and imposition of sustained penalties for would be violators will be a priority in realizing this goal. The release noted that enabling measures identified to accelerate the implementation of the new vision include the establishment of an environmental trust fund, sustained communication, education and public awareness, revision of the three environmental legal instruments that gave birth to the agency, stakeholders collaboration and coordination network, and an increased capacity development to include systemic, institutional and individual human capacity. “The development of the new strategic plan covering 2017-2022, supersedes the 2012-2016 (plan). The new plan was necessitated by Liberia’s accession to several multilateral plans, agreements and the new national development blueprint, Vision 2030, the SDG, Africa 2063 and the Gaborone Accord,” the release said. The implementation of the re-branding plan will run on government’s fiscal year. This will provide flexibility ensuring that the plan is adaptable to key development priorities in the national development agenda as well as the policy and the legislative environment.The EPA was established by an Act of the Legislature in November 2003 as the principal agency responsible for the management of the environment. It is further to build the capacity of line ministries and agencies and organizations through exchange of data and information, advice, technical support and training to enable stakeholders carry out their responsibilities in an environmentally friendly manner. The first five-year strategic plan that was developed in 2012 ended in 2016 at a cost of US$16 million. The implementation of said plan, according to authorities of the agency, was marked by lots of challenges, the principal one being limited availability of funding to fully implement the plan. The July 27-28 revision and subsequent adoption of the new plan is intended to tap into several funding opportunities including those of the Green Climate Fund, Global Environmental Facility, the European Union’s environmental funding mechanism, the national budget among many other structures. This, many commentators maintain, provides a better opportunity for success.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Anyaa Vohiri, EPA Exec. Dir. – Advertisement –last_img read more

13th Chinese Medical Brigade commended for their service

first_imgThe Public Health Ministry and the Chinese Embassy have hosted a dinner to bid farewell to the 13th Chinese Medical Brigade and welcome the 14th batch of Chinese doctors to Guyana.Delivering remarks at the occasion, Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo congratulated the outgoing medical team for successfully completing their one-year voluntary stint in the country.Public Health Minister Volda Lawrence receives a token of appreciation from members of the 13th Chinese Medical Brigade“During this period, I have met with members of the team and have appreciated their commitment, not only to the duty, but to reach out to our people in the rural communities. I recall warmly the team’s visits with us to Berbice and elsewhere,” he said.According to a report published by the Department of Public Information (DPI), the Prime Minister wished the outgoing team members success as they reunite with their families in China, and expressed optimism that one day they would return to Guyana, where they now have many friends.“…we will remember them, and should we visit China in the future, we would certainly request Jiangsu Province and, more especially, the City of Lianyungang,” he declared.In her remarks, Public Health Minister Volda Lawrence said Government recognises the wide range of knowledge and expertise the Chinese Government has, over the years, extended to the people of Guyana through the annual mission of the Chinese Medical Teams.She noted that Guyana has witnessed the deepening and strengthening of the relationship between the two countries, engendered by the interaction of the Medical Teams — the health care providers — and the beneficiaries.“As the Minister of Public Health, I wish to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the solidarity, support and invaluable service to the Health Sector,” she said.Minister Lawrence also extended gratitude to the members of the outgoing team for their expertise and assistance in the recently concluded four-day Health Expo held at the Sophia Exhibition Centre.The 13th Chinese Medical Team comprised a total of 16 specialists, 11 of whom were stationed at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC), while five members were assigned to the Linden Hospital (LHC). The doctors shared their knowledge and experience with their colleagues at the two hospitals in the areas of Pathology, Radiology and Genealogy, among other things.The leader of the outgoing 13th Medical team, Dr. Lui Yi, highlighted that the group would have treated some 30,000 patients and conducted some 3000 operations at the GPHC and the LHC; and held some 11 outreaches in rural and remote areas.Dr. Li said the team has developed a deep friendship with the Guyanese people and their colleagues at the respective hospitals.Leader of the incoming 14th Medical Team, Dr. Shen Jian, assured the outgoing team that his batch of doctors would continue in their footsteps.Counsellor and Deputy Chief of Missions, Chinese Embassy in Guyana, Chen Xilai, congratulated members of the outgoing team for their success over their one-year period.He also noted that the relationship between Guyana and China would continue to grow, since it has been 25 consecutive years since the Chinese Medical Team has been coming to Guyana.The most recent 14-member team will see 10 doctors stationed at the GPHC and four at the LHC.last_img read more

Woman brutally stabbed by children’s father

first_imgPolice in A Division (Georgetown-East Bank Demerara) are on the hunt for a man who wounded the mother of his three children on Tuesday morning, leaving the woman with several stab wounds and a gash at the back of her head.Unika Stewart, 22, of Bagotstown, EBD, was reportedly stabbed with a pair of scissors before being hit with a piece of wood by the suspect who is known as “Trini” Smith of Bare Root, Enterprise Road, East Coast Demerara.The incident occurred sometime around 08:00h at Cowpen Street, Eccles, EBD.It was reported that the 24-year-old victim had severed the relationship, which boreInjured: Unika Stewartthree children, with the suspect a few months ago due to domestic issues. However, the suspect kept on pursuing her.Guyana Times understands that Stewart had gone to one of the suspect’s relatives to complain about his constant harassment on Tuesday morning when the incident occurred.A cousin of the suspect, Mark Rhode, told this publication that Stewart went to speak with his mother at her Eccles home and his cousin arrived sometime after.The young man said that “Trini” was troubled by the breakup especially since Welfare had given sole custody of their three kids to the mother.“He de threaten she that he going to the obeah man for she so they come by mother to settle things but from the time he come and meet she there, they start fight,” the cousin related. He claimed that Stewart snatched “Trini” and a struggle ensued between the two.According to the cousin, Stewart began pulling the father of the children to go to her mother’s home in neighbouring Bagotstown but they continued fighting on the road.“They fighting down the road and ended up in the gutter and then Trini pull out a scissors and he jook she up couple times all over,” the young man related. He recalled that he then saw his cousin walking up the road.He said they rushed to the woman’s aid and threw water to revive her. The injured woman’s sister, Ashanna Spelling, said that after receiving a phone call that her sister was injured, they rushed to the neighbouring village where they saw a crowd gathered.She noted that upon arriving at the scene, someone told her mother that it is her daughter lying on the road injured. Spelling said she immediately dropped everything and rushed towards her sister.Spelling confirmed that her sister was stabbed several times and has a “small fracture” at the back of her head but noted that the doctors said she is recovering.She also confirmed that the suspect was having a hard time accepting that Stewart ended their 10-year relationship seven months ago.Spelling noted that she began pressing on the woman’s wounds to stop the bleeding as residents tried to get help.Eventually, the police arrived at the scene and took the injured woman to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre, where she was treated and transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital. She was admitted to the city hospital in a critical condition.Up to press time on Tuesday, Police were yet to apprehend the suspect.last_img read more

Denny Morrison finishes in 13th place in the 1000m

first_imgBy Adam ReaburnIt was a disappointing run for Denny Morrison at the Vancouver 2010 1,000 metre race.Morrison finished in 13th place with a time of 1:10.35.  Shani Davis from the U.S. finished with the gold and a time of 1:08.94.  Tae-Bum Mo of South Korea was second and Chad Hedrick from the US finished in third.- Advertisement -Over 300 people attending the viewing party for Denny Morrison at the Lido Theatre.  Below are some photos from that eventlast_img

Rwanda, Libya stare elimination after draw

first_imgLibya next faces group leaders Zanzibar next Monday while Rwanda will take on Tanzania mainland on Saturday.Clearly learning lessons from their 3-1 hiding at the hands of Zanzibar on Tuesday, Rwanda boss Antoine Hey fielded a strong team, the same that played in the opening tie against Kenya’s Harambee Stars last Sunday.The two sides coming into their third games of the tournament were winless and with a semi-final slot at stake, three points was a must for either of them if they were to keep their last four hopes alive.In a hugely balanced opening half, Libya had the first chance of the tie in the sixth minute when a lobbed ball was planted behind the Rwandese defense, falling kindly on Taktak Muftah. However, the winger’s shot unmarked from the left was saved by Rwanda keeper Eric Ndayishimiye.Rwanda’s first chance of the game came in the 14th minute, Eric Rutanga finding space at the edge of the box but his curling effort went over.Mico Justin had three brilliant back to back chances in the 25th minute when a freekick started shot from the right was swung his way by Djihad Bizimana, but his effort was saved by the keeper.The rebound fell kindly on his path again and he blasted it against the upright. He was lucky enough to have a third bite of the cherry but this time his shot flew over the bar.Libya’s Taktak Muftah attempts to block a cross from Eric IradukundaSwifly on the opposite end, Muftah’s first time volley after Faustin Usengimana’s defensive header fell on his path went wide.The Libyans were the more attacking side and whenever they had the ball, their first instinct was to go ahead. They won a corner on the half hour mark and in an all familiar move, Muftah swung it in at the near post but Saeid Taher’s glancing effort went over.Three minutes on the turn, Rwanda’s Mico had another chance after a one-two change of passes with Yannick Mukunzi but he blasted the ball over inside the box.At the stroke of halftime, Libya had the best chance to break the deadlock when Mohamed Amhimid swung a cross from the right picking out Taher, but the forward, completely with no pressure on his shoulders took a low shot that was saved by the keeper one on one.The chances were few and far in between in the second half, the two sides visibly jaded from a tough run of matches.Libya had a chance in the 48th minute when Tubal Mohammed broke away on the right but his shot hit the side netting under pressure from Soter Kayumba.Rwanda had three good chances, first Mico’s attempt with an acrobatic shot from a Djabel Manishimwe cross going straight to the keeper before Bizimana’s header from a Mico cross went wide.Twelve minutes from time, Bizimana had a glorious opportunity when Manishimwe’s cross from the right fell well on his path but with the goalmouth at his mercy placed the ball wide.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Libya captain Albadri Faisal clears the ball under pressure from Rwanda’s Yannick Mukunzi during a CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup in Machakos on December 7, 2017. PHOTO/Timothy OlobuluMACHAKOS, Kenya, Dec 7- Rwanda and invitational side Libya stare at the prospect of elimination from the CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup after the two sides played to a 0-0 draw on Thursday evening in their third Group ‘A’ matches in Machakos.The result leaves Rwanda bottom of the pile with a single point while the Libyans are third after picking up three consecutive 0-0 draws in the tournament. The two teams were playing in a dress rehearsal as they meet again next month in the group stages of the African Nations Championship (CHAN).last_img read more


first_imgAltan singer and fiddle player Maireád Ní Mhaonaigh is set to lead the celebration’s at Letterkenny’s Irish-speaking primary school, Gaelscoil Adhamnáin, when the school marks its twentieth anniversary later this month.From it’s humble beginnings at the VEC car park in Ard O Donnell to the modern building at Glencar, there are now almost 400 pupils and 19 teachers at the school.RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta is set to broadcast from the school on September 28th and a special prayer service and blessing will start the anniversary celebrations. Special guest Maireád Ní Mhaonaigh will launch a CD of songs recorded by pupils for the occasion.Current and former pupils and their parents and all those part of the school community are also invited to attend a mass in St Eunan’s Cathedral at 5.30pm on October 1st.Later that evening on October 1st at 7pm a buffet, live music and disco have been organised at the Clanree Hotel to end the celebrations. Tickets are 20 euro and available from the school. Tel: 0749126117.ALTAN STAR TO LAUNCH CD TO MARK 20 YEARS OF GAELSCOIL ADHAMNÁIN was last modified: September 16th, 2011 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:20th birthdayAltangaelscoil ADHAMNÁINMaireád Ní Mhaonaighlast_img read more

Andy Goldstein Sports Bar daily podcast – Tuesday, June 6

first_imgJoin Andy Goldstein and Jason Cundy for the best bits of Monday’s Sports Bar show.Highlights include calls and discussion on player power in light of Romelu Lukaku’s impending exit from Everton.PLUS, there’s our new ‘Love, Love, Love, Love’ feature, and much, much more!Listen above or click here to subscribe and download from iTunes.last_img

Parents of student threatened with jail after girl misses school

first_imgA Judge threatened to jail one of the parents of a Donegal teenager who is constantly missing days from school.The girl’s parents appeared at Letterkenny District Court yesterday for failing to ensure their daughter went to school. The case has been ongoing between the secondary school pupil’s parents and TUSLA, the child and family agency.The solicitor for TUSLA said the case has been ongoing for a long time and does’t appear to be improving.The number of days being missed by the girl from school was outlined to the court.The court was told that the child is suffering from asthma.However Judge Paul Kelly said he did not accept that such an ailment was an excuse for the girl missing so many days as there was medication including inhalers which could control her condition.He instructed solicitor Gordon Curley, who was representing the girl’s parents, to consult with members of TUSLA who were present in court.Mr Curley said he agreed that the girl had missed days in the past but the situation was improving.But Judge Kelly asked Mr Curley “How does she feel about the prospect of one of her parents going to jail? It’s not a thing that the District Court likes doing in any part of this country but some people seem to think that we’ll just ramble on.“This child is missing out on her prospects and her education. These parents have a duty to their child. There is no serious commitment being made that this child goes to school.”After a meeting with Tulsa, Mr Curley told the court that an agreement had been reached with the parents that they would ensure their daughter went to and stayed in school.Judge Kelly thanked the parents of their co-operation and added “I appreciate you may be feeling you are being dealt with harshly. This thing can become a habit for the child and we have to try and break that cycle. She won’t get these years back or her education back. The onus is on the parents – it’s an unpleasant duty but it goes with the territory.”He adjourned the case until December 6th to monitor if the girl is attending school regularly.Parents of student threatened with jail after girl misses school was last modified: November 2nd, 2016 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:donegaljailparentSCHOOLlast_img read more