Government didnt care about reducing emissions Inside Quebecs green fund

first_imgMONTREAL — When Ljiljana Latkovic was named to the council governing Quebec’s multibillion-dollar green fund in 2017, she thought she was going to use her science background to help choose projects aimed at fighting climate change.Instead, Latkovic said she and the eight other council members were asked to sign off on proposals whose financing had already been approved by various government departments.Moreover, she said, in the case of many projects they were approving, councillors had no idea how the projects were actually going to reduce emissions of the greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, that trap heat in the atmosphere, causing global temperatures to rise.“My opinion is that the (environment) ministry didn’t care about the reductions,” Latkovic said in a recent interview.Quebec’s green fund was created in 2006 as a way of collecting billions in revenues — in large part from the province’s version of a carbon tax — and redistributing the money towards initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.But the so-called green fund has been widely criticized as a boondoggle.Quebec’s new environment minister, Benoit Charette, is promising reform, but he has a colossal task ahead of him. The province’s past mistakes highlight the difficulties of managing a multibillion-dollar fund to which various government departments have access.Instead of promoting projects with strict greenhouse gas emission targets, the fund became a buffet for the pet projects of various ministers, Charette said.“Unfortunately, yes,” Charette said in an interview when asked whether the fund was being misused. “Certain departments helped themselves to the fund, so to speak, without a guarantee of results on investments. And the previous government let this phenomenon go on like that, which made things even more deplorable.”Charette said despite the billions of dollars collected since 2006, the reduction in greenhouse gases “was very small across the projects that were financed.”Quebec collects hundreds of millions of dollars every year from a carbon credit cap-and-trade system. Companies that emit high amounts of greenhouse gases are legally forced to purchase the right to release those gases into the atmosphere. Quebec sells emissions credits four times a year at auction.Since its inception, almost $5.5 billion has been poured into the fund. And from the beginning, the program has been mismanaged, according to several reports from the province’s auditor general.Various government departments used money in the fund to finance projects without calls for proposals or without specific criteria to evaluate greenhouse gas emissions reductions, the auditor general concluded.In its 2019 report, the auditor general’s office said “nearly five years after the publication of our initial audit report on the green fund, we can only be disappointed with this situation.”News reports over the years have indicated millions have been given to major oil companies and airlines for projects with dubious greenhouse gas reduction targets. Maple syrup producers received hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace evaporation equipment. Millions more dollars were given to taxi companies to help them adapt their vehicles for disabled people.A spokesperson for the Liberals, the party that created the fund and managed it until they lost power last year, did not make anyone available to respond to the criticism.Following harshly worded reports on the fund’s governance by the auditor general, then-premier Philippe Couillard in 2016 created the council to oversee the distribution of money. But Latkovic said that most of the time, her job consisted of rubber-stamping projects chosen by other departments.The council chose about 10 to 15 per cent of the projects that received financing, she said, while the rest were pre-approved elsewhere in the government. “We wanted to know what we were signing for,” Latkovic said. “And some of the members wanted to resign because they didn’t know what was going on.”Charette backed up Latkovic’s comments.“It’s unfortunately true,” he said. “It’s really what was happening. We had a situation where the fund wasn’t being used to its potential. There was confusion regarding responsibilities. It’s what we want to correct.”In June, Charette announced reforms he said would ensure the fund fulfills its mandate. First, the green fund is getting a new name. It will now be called the “electrification and climate change fund.”Instead of the governing council on which Latkovic sits, Charette says the new fund will have a “committee of experts” who will oversee how money is distributed. Their reports will be public, he promised.The fund will now be fully under the Environment Department, Charette said, and its minister will be accountable. “In the future if there is a management problem we won’t need multiple searches to find out who is responsible,” he said.Finally, Charette said, the auditor general’s office will be tasked with producing an annual report on the fund’s governance. “We consider this public money so it’s important that it’s properly managed,” he said.But Latkovic, who has a master’s degree in geological and earth sciences, said the fund has been a lost opportunity.“It’s sad (the council) didn’t work as it should have,” Latkovic said. “Because it was a good thing, and I thought they were really going to care and do something about climate change.”Giuseppe Valiante, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Harkatul Mujahideen militant killed in encounter in JK

first_imgSrinagar: A militant belonging to the Harkatul Mujahideen (HuM) was killed Friday in an encounter with security forces in Jammu and Kashmir’s Shopian district, police said.Acting on a credible input about the presence of militants, security forces had launched a cordon and search operation at Ramnagri in Herpora area of the district, a police spokesman said. “During the operation, the hiding terrorists fired on the search party. It was retaliated leading to a brief exchange of fire,” the spokesman said. Also Read – 2019 most peaceful festive season for J&K: Jitendra SinghHe said one militant was killed who was identified as Ishfaq Ahmad Sofi alias Umar, a resident of Model Town-B in Sopore area of Baramulla district. “According to police records, Ishfaq had a long history of terror crime records and was initially affiliated with proscribed terror outfit HuM. He and other terrorist associates were involved in a series of terror crimes, including grenade attacks on CRPF bunker at Safa Kadal, Soura and Police Station Khanyar,” the spokesman said. Ishfaq, who was arrested earlier and released on bail, had joined the terror ranks again in 2018, he said, adding that incriminating material, including arms and ammunition, was seized from the scene of encounter.last_img read more

Abandoned gas wells a looming threat

SILVER HILL – A research team has concluded that Silver Hill’s problem with toxic gas began four years ago when the province capped an artesian well that was spewing contaminated water into Big Creek.Dr. Richard Jackson of the University of Waterloo likened the repair on North Walsingham Road 10 to plugging the downspout of an eavestrough. The water behind the stoppage has since backed up. This has raised the surrounding water table and created a number of unintended consequences.On Tuesday, Jackson said the higher water table in Silver Hill has allowed naturally-occurring methane gas to combine with sulphur deposits to create hydrogen sulphide fumes in dangerous concentrations.“This is not an abandoned gas well problem,” Jackson told Norfolk council. “It’s a water problem.”The diagnosis points toward a solution – albeit an expensive one – for the abandoned gas well on Forestry Farm Road north of McDowell Road East. The well in question is spewing dangerous amounts of hydrogen sulphide gas in a wetland area.Jackson and his team have concluded that drilling a relief well will lower the water table beneath the layer of sulphur in the ground that is producing the poisonous fumes.County staff estimates the solution could cost $1.5 million. Norfolk council believes the province should bear the expense.Jackson has shared his findings with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests – the agency that capped the Big Creek well in 2015 – but says the province is reluctant to acknowledge his conclusions.“As you have heard, MNRF doesn’t share that conviction,” Jackson said. “Why exactly we don’t know. We don’t believe this is anecdotal. It is much worse than that.”MNRF plugged the artesian discharge because it contained elements that are toxic to aquatic plants, fish and other wildlife in high concentrations. Examples include chloride, sulphite and iron.Jackson said capping the discharge had an immediate impact on several abandoned gas wells, some as far away as three kilometres.Emissions from a nearby gas well on North Walsingham Road 10 were so high that the Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit ordered homes in the neighbourhood evacuated in the summer of 2017. MNRF capped that well at a cost of about $500,000.In recent months, Norfolk County has monitored emissions at homes in the area of the problem well on Forestry Farm Road.With game plan in hand, Norfolk has directed staff to prepare the groundwork for de-watering the wetland. If successful, this will stop the emissions that make the surrounding neighbourhood smell like rotten eggs.“Because of the overwhelming public health concerns caused by this leaking well, council has supported moving forward with this plan immediately,” Mayor Kristal Chopp said Thursday in a news release.“However, we demand the province make things right and fully fund these remediation efforts, which are only necessary because of their previous plugging of abandoned wells.”The work will begin in earnest once Norfolk secures a funding commitment from the Ford government.Jackson is a hydrogeologist. He warned that Norfolk’s problem with toxic emissions promises to get worse. Jackson suspects the problem will become general across North America in the years to come.Norfolk County has opened a long-term file on the issue because the county is home to 1,600 abandoned gas wells.Haldimand’s position is even more precarious. The number of potentially problematic wells there is in the range of 6,000 arising from the thriving natural gas industry the county had more than 100 years ago.Trouble is looming, Jackson said, because of the ad-hoc methods used to cap exhausted wells in the 1950s and 1960s. Jackson said contractors would jam rubble, tree trunks and other scrap items into shafts before capping them with concrete.Problem is, hydrogen sulphide gas is corrosive and is slowly breaking down these materials. The gas is also eating away at metal liners left behind in the bore holes.Before long, Jackson says the capping efforts of the past will be undone and hydrogen sulphide will rise to the surface unimpeded in areas where it is currently not a problem.“It’s happening all across southwestern Ontario,” Jackson said. “Those were the standards of the day. There is nothing illegal about it. It’s just totally wrong as a method for capping these wells.”Among its other qualities, hydrogen sulphide gas is also flammable. It is a frequent byproduct of natural gas production and is produced in the presence of rotting organic material.In low concentrations, fumes will irritate eyes and breathing passages and can induce headaches. Reliable, systematic studies on the long-term effects of hydrogen sulphide exposure have not been performed. read more

Sedgman extends Red Mountain Joint Venture operating contract

first_imgSedgman has secured an extension of its operating contract at the Red Mountain Joint Venture (RMJV) in the Bowen Basin, Queensland. Sedgman has operated the coal handling and preparation plant (CHPP) there since 2007. Under the three year contract Sedgman will continue to operate and maintain the CHPP, which is designed to process 1,000 t/h. The contract value is approximately A$90 million over the life of the agreement. The Red Mountain JV is an operation between Peabody’s Millennium coal mine and BHP Mitsui’s Poitrel coal mine to share coal infrastructure.Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Nick Jukes said the renewal recognised the strength of Sedgman’s operations capability and its long standing relationship with RMJV. “Our operations division focuses on optimising plant throughput while maintaining high standards of safety and reliability for our clients. The Red Mountain site is an excellent example of an efficiently run operation. We’ve developed a strong, mutually rewarding relationship.”last_img read more

MIT researchers are printing solar cells on sheets of paper

first_imgSolar power is a great alternative energy source, but it’s unfortunately a rather expensive one. However, researchers at MIT are working on a new and less-expensive way to make solar cells which involves printing them directly on to fabric or paper.We’re not talking about any fancy paper or fabrics. The MIT researchers discovered the printing process works on just about any paper, from regular printer paper, to tissue paper, and even to already-printed newspaper. However, printing the cells is not as simple. It must be done in a vacuum-tight room where the special “ink” is deposited on the paper. According to an article by MIT’s David L. Chandler, the process is almost as cheap and as easy as printing a photo on your inkjet.It’s a much easier method than the current one, which needs super high-temperature liquids at several hundred degrees Celsius to create the cells. The new method uses vapors and lower temperatures at less than 120 degrees Celsius. According to Chandler, these “gentle conditions” are what makes it possible to use untreated paper as the substrate.The substrate of the current method is usually glass and requires a number of other components that are expensive and result in a heavy, rigid object – and that’s not even taking into account the installation costs. With paper or fabric being used as the new substrate, creating the solar cells is much less expensive. To create the cells, five layers of material have to be deposited on the paper in consecutive passes. Though it might sound complicated, Chandler said the basic process is pretty much the same as the one used to make the shiny silver lining in a bag of potato chips. So, if potato chips bag producers can do it on a large commercial scale for cheap, so can solar-cell printing.The paper can be folded up, slipped into your pocket, unfolded, and will work as well as it did in the first place. The MIT researchers tested this by folding the printed material into a paper airplane. Professor of Electrical Engineering Vladimir Bulovic said the team has thoroughly tested the robustness of the technology. He said that the low weight of the paper substrate will let them create “scalable solar cells that can reach record-high watts-per-kilogram performance.” This could open up a number of applications. For example, they could be used in remote developing countries where weight is a large factor in how many cells can be delivered. The paper can also easily be applied to a wall or to window shades to make it super easy to install your own solar panels.The team tested it under the extreme heat of a laser printer and the cells still worked. Also, they tested cells they created last year, which means they have a long shelf life. There’s no word on how long of a shelf life they actually have, since the experiment has only been going for so long. Even so, a year is fine if replacing them just involves printing some more sheets out. The paper can also be coated with lamination materials, so you can place them outside and not worry about water damaging the cells.The one drawback is that, currently, the paper-printed solar cells have about a 1 percent efficiency. However, the team feels it can drastically increase that with more fine-tuning. Bulovic said that the cells are currently good enough to power a “small electric gizmo.”Could this be a new way to give our battery-hungry smartphones a little boost as they start to fade when we’re on the go? Or eventually will we all be rolling out laminated paper sheets on our roofs for years of free energy?Read more at MIT, via BostInnovationlast_img read more

County library system touts more than 55000 EBooks and Audiobooks

first_img Posted: December 27, 2018 December 27, 2018 SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The San Diego County Communications Office reminded residents Thursday that they have access to nearly 55,000 e-books and audiobooks for free via the county library system.County residents can download digital titles to their tablet or e- reader by downloading the Libby app and linking it with their library account. Residents can also use the library’s Overdrive program to download digital titles and collections.E-books and audiobooks can be checked out for seven, 14 or 21 days. At the end of the check-out period, the title will return to the library’s collection, eliminating late fees and the possibility of physical damage to the title.According to the county library, digital checkouts in 2018 have increased by roughly 50 percent to more than 1.5 million compared to 2017. The county library system is one of 30 in the world to surpass 1.5 million digital checkouts.“The Library encourages reading in every way — to develop skills, create opportunities and motivate a love of reading,” said Migell Acosta, the county’s library director. “To meet the community’s steadily increasing interest in audiobooks and e-books, we have made significant investments into our digital collections, and we look forward to adding many new titles in 2019.”The library’s digital collection also includes more than 150 magazines along with its collection of e-books, according to the county. Residents can access the library’s magazine catalogue by downloading the RBdigital app.Libby and RBdigital are both available on the Google Play and iOS app stores. Residents can visit the library’s website,, for more information about its digital collection and how to access it. KUSI Newsroom, KUSI Newsroom County library system touts more than 55,000 E-Books and Audiobooks Categories: Entertainment, Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

49 believe their employer makes provision for their health and wellbeing

first_imgUnder half (49%) of respondents believe their employer makes provision to look after their health and wellbeing, according to research by Willis Towers Watson.Its survey of 1,123 full and part-time employees in Great Britain aged between 18 and 64, also found that 58% of respondents aged between 18 and 34 feel that organisations are being asked to shoulder more of the health cost burden, compared to 42% of respondents over the age of 35 who think this.The research also found:48% of respondents believe their employers are increasingly expected to provide for the health of their staff in order to top up NHS services.57% of respondents aged between 18 and 24 think that their employer offers sufficient health provision, compared to 59% of respondents aged between 25 and 34.39% of respondents who are between 45 and 54 years old think that their employer provides sufficient healthcare options, compared to 31% of respondents aged between 55 and 64.Mike Blake (pictured), director at Willis Towers Watson Health and Benefits, said: “These results suggest a large number of [employees] are increasingly turning to their employer to fund health services that they feel may not be available to them within the public health system.“Employers may view this as an opportunity to boost employee satisfaction and retention by attempting to plug any gaps in the provision of treatment. Official figures recently showed waiting lists for routine operations such as hip and knee surgery are at their highest for a decade, so businesses can position themselves as responsible employers by offering benefits that can accelerate access to care and support healthier lifestyles.“An effective strategy may see healthcare benefits and wellbeing initiatives working alongside one another to improve overall health, helping to ease any uncertainty around public health services. Healthcare benefits top up provision to help ensure any current health issues are covered, while wellness schemes help forge a more proactive approach that could reduce the need for treatment altogether in the future.”last_img read more

7 bodies found inside Mirpur militant den

first_imgThe suspected militant hideout is seen at Mirpur’s Mazar Road in the capital, Dhaka. Photo: Prothom AloMembers of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) on Wednesday recovered the seven charred bodies, including two women and two children, from the suspected militant hideout at Mirpur’s Mazar Road in the city on Wednesday, reports UNB.“We found the corpses of militant Abdullah, his two wives, two children and two associates,” RAB director general Benazir Ahmed said while talking to reporters at the spot. Mentioning that the RAB men also recovered several bones from the spot, he said the identities of the deceased can be confirmed after DNA test. The RAB chief also said the explosives, which went off on Tuesday night, had been made of acid, petrol and chemicals and these completely destroyed the third and fourth floors of the building. The law enforcers left the spot quickly as the temperature there was still 55-60 degree Celsius, he said.“We tried to rescue the innocent women and children alive but failed as Abdullah himself detonated the explosives killing his family members and accomplices.” Benazir said Abdullah joined Jama’atul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) in 2005 and later joined Neo JMB’s Sarwar-Tamim group in 2012. He provided shelter and financial help to the top leaders of Neo JMB, Benazir added. Read more: 3 charred bodies found at Mirpur ‘militant hideout’Earlier in the morning, the law enforcers resumed their operation around 9:30am at the militant den after overnight massive explosions and exchange of gunfire, said Mufti Mahmud Khan, RAB director (legal and media). A fire broke out in the hideout after the militants commenced a daring counterattack of bomb explosions and gunfire against the law enforcers on Tuesday night.The militants carried out three massive explosions inside the building around 9:45pm followed by three more blasts which led to a fire, leaving four RAB men injured with splinters. Earlier, law enforcers claimed that the suspected militant, Abdullah, son of late Mir Yusuf Ali of Chuadanga district, agreed to surrender along with his two wives, two children and two associates. His mentally challenged sister Meherunnesa came out of the house. Inspector general of police AKM Shahidul Hoque visited the spot in the morning. Tipped off, a RAB team cordoned off the six-storey building on the south side of Martyred Intellectuals’ Graveyard at 12:00am on Tuesday.last_img read more

Amazon Prime Day 2018 Deals on Monitors 27inch FreeSync Panel for 11499

first_imgSome great monitors are up for grabs on Prime Day 2018 over at Amazon. Here are the best ones which you should check out.Get a Great Looking Display for Your Work or Gaming Setup at an Extremely Low Price TodayMonitors tend to see discounts on a very regular basis. But when days like Prime Day show up, things tend to get even more exciting all of a sudden.Today, Amazon is hosting a sale on some of the best monitors around. Though they might not come head to head with what you’d find on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but it’s something that is definitely worth your time and it won’t break your wallet in any way.Acer 27-inch G276HL Full HD 1080p Zero Frame Monitor – Regular price $169.99, Now just $114.99ViewSonic VX4380-4K 43-inch 4K UHD IPSW 2160p Frameless LED IPS Monitor – Price $749.99LG 34U79G-B 34-inch 21:9 Curved UltraWide IPSW Gaming Monitor with 144Hz Refresh Rate – Regular price $526, Now just $384.99LG 27UD68-W 27-inch 4K UHD IPS Monitor with FreeSync – Regular price $499.99, Now just $342.99Samsung U28E590D 28-Inch UHD LED-Lit Monitor – Price $249.99If I was a building a gaming rig right now, I’d go straight from the ultra-wide option without giving it a second thought. Sure, the 4K ViewSonic has all the pixels and whatnot, but it lacks the depth thanks to that flat panel. LG really has a lot going in this deal if you’re asking us.You might also want to check out the following Amazon Prime Day 2018 deals:Check Out These PC Component Deals on Amazon Prime Day Sale – AMD Ryzen Threadripper for Just $299, Plus More DealsPrime Day 2018 Deal: $60 Spotify Gift Card for Just $47.40Get Savings of $429.97 and $330+ in Freebies When You Buy the Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 PlusPrime Day 2018 Deals on Apple MacBook Lineup – Starting at Just $989.99Get Chromebooks at Ultimate Low Prices on Prime Day 2018 – Here’s the Complete ListHot Prime Day Deal: Sonos One Smart Speaker + $50 Amazon Gift Card for $199Hot Deal for DJI Mavic Pro Owners: 2-Pack of LiPo Intelligent Flight Batteries for Just $116.99Prime Day 2018 Deal: Save Big on Star Trek Movies and TV Series [Deals Starting from $10.99]Best Prime Day Deals on Networking: Google Wifi for $99, Orbi Mesh System for $219 & MoreAmazon Prime Day 2018 Deals on Monitors: 27-inch FreeSync Panel for $114.99, Gaming Displays & MoreJibo Home Robot is 40% Off Today for Prime Day 2018 – That’s a $400 Discount!Prime Day 2018 LIGHTNING DEAL: $50 iTunes Gift Card for $40!iOttie Car Mounts with Built-in Qi Wireless Charger 30% Off [Prime Day 2018 Deal]Amazon Prime Day 2018 Early Access Deals: Echo Dot Just $29.99, Echo Show $100 Off & More!Hot Prime Day 2018 Deals: Moto X4 Unlocked 50% Off, Bose SoundLink Micro 30% OffDJI Prime Day 2018 Deals: Mavic Pro for $799, Spark Fly More Combo for $499Amazon Prime Day 2018 Deals on Unlocked Phones: Honor 7X, Mate 10 Pro, Galaxy Note 8 & MoreHOT Prime Day Deal: Essential Phone 128GB, Fully Unlocked for $249Hot Prime Day Deals: GoPro Hero for $179, Beats Studio3 for $212, Bose QC25 for $125, 1TB Samsung T5 SSD for $269Here Are the Best 4K TV Deals You Can Get on the Amazon Prime Day Sale 2018Amazon Prime Day Sale 2018 Brings You the Best Nintendo Switch Offer That You Can Ever FindGame of Thrones Box Set Seasons 1 – 7 Blu-ray / Digital for $74.99 [Original Price $229.99]ESR Prime Day Deals are Now Live with Lowest Ever Prices on Screen Protectors, Cases, Wireless Chargers & MorePrime Day Yi Technology Deals: 40% Off Action, Home, Dash Cameras & AccessoriesAmazon Prime Day 2018 Early Access Deals: Echo Dot Just $29.99, Echo Show $100 Off & More!Prime Day 2018 Deals from RAVPower: $71.99 Sound Bar, Qi Wireless Power Bank for $45.99 & MoreAnker Prime Day 2018 Deals: Massive Discount on Batteries, Cables, Appliances & MoreAmazon Prime Day Gaming Deals: Xbox One, SNES Edition 3DS, Graphics Cards, More Share Tweet Submitlast_img read more

UN official pushes compensation for Haiti victims

first_img New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Sponsored Stories Asked about Pillay’s comments, U.N. associate spokesman Farhan Haq, said it is not the “United Nations’ practice to discuss in public claims filed against the organization.”Nicole Phillips, lawyer for the Boston-based IJDH, said that Pillay’s “public support for the cholera victims’ claims could be a game changer in their claims against the U.N.”___Associated Press writer Edith Lederer in New York contributed to this report.(Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Top Stories Comments   Share   Check your body, save your life Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) – A United Nations official on Tuesday made a rare case for compensation for the thousands of Haitians who have died of a cholera outbreak in the Caribbean nation.U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay didn’t say who she thought should pay, but activists have demanded the world body provide compensation to the victims of a disease believed brought in by U.N. peacekeepers. “I have used my voice both inside the United Nations and outside to call for the right _ for an investigation by the United Nations, by the country concerned, and I still stand by the call that victims of _ of those who suffered as a result of that cholera be provided with compensation,” Pillay said at an awards ceremony for human rights activists in Geneva.The U.N. maintains it has legal immunity from such compensation claims.Pillay’s remarks, streamed live on the Internet, were a rare admission by a U.N. official about the need to provide compensation following a complaint filed by the Boston-based Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti and the Haiti-based law firm run by Haitian attorney Mario Joseph, one of the finalists at the Geneva ceremony.The complaint came in the aftermath of a cholera outbreak in Haiti that surfaced in 2010 and health officials say has killed more than 8,000 people. Scientific studies have shown that cholera was likely introduced to the country by U.N. troops from Nepal, where the disease is endemic.Pillay said she raised the compensation issue almost a year ago when she was asked a question at a lecture at Oxford University Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober New Year’s resolution: don’t spend another year in a kitchen you don’t like The difference between men and women when it comes to painlast_img read more

Hensarling Shelby to HUD and FHFA Dont Change a Thing

first_img Two prominent lawmakers are urging housing regulators to reject any proposed changes to their non-performing loan (NPL) sales programs that could potentially be harmful to taxpayers.Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas), chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, and Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Alabama), chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, have written a letter to HUD Secretary Julián Castro and FHFA Director Mel Watt to voice concerns over potential changes that would “negatively impact the purpose of those programs and taxpayers alike.” The lawmakers said they believe such changes should be “swiftly and categorically rejected.”The Agency NPL sales programs have come under fire in recent months for selling the majority of the loans to private investors and equity firms. Critics believe that these buyers are more concerned with turning a profit than producing the best outcomes for the deeply delinquent mortgage loans. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) and Rep. Mike Capuano (D-Massachusetts) led a protest in Washington, D.C., in September, at which time they met with Acting FHA Chief Ed Golding and other federal housing regulators. In early February, the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) and the Center for Popular Democracy organized a nationwide protest over the sales of Agency NPLs to investors and speculators.Richard ShelbyJeb HensarlingProtestors believe that the loans should be sold to non-profits and Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) which they believe will focus more on preventing foreclosure, stabilizing neighborhoods, and developing the communities.“Such calls are particularly inappropriate at a time when our country faces enormous fiscal challenges,” Hensarling and Shelby wrote, citing an annual budget deficit expected to exceed $500 billion for the sixth time in eight years and a total public debt of more than $19.5 trillion. “Advocates of amending your NPL sales programs to establish beneficial classes of bidders—based on subjective special interests and not those of U.S. taxpayers—would violate the solemn responsibility that HUD and FHFA have as public stewards to minimize taxpayer losses on government-backed mortgages by maximizing their recoveries.”“Such calls are particularly inappropriate at a time when our country faces enormous fiscal challenges.”Rep. Jeb Hensarling and Sen. Richard ShelbyHensarling and Shelby said campaigns that criticize the open and competitive NPL sales process are “based on a false notion that doing so is somehow contrary to the goal of ‘neighborhood stabilization.’” The lawmakers contend that maintaining private market participation is essential to that goal because “the best outcome for taxpayers is always the best outcome for communities.”The lawmakers cited a study released by the Urban Institute in January which stated that “The borrower outcomes are far better under the nonperforming loan sales than they would be without these programs.” They further pointed out a New York Times report from September 2015 which stated that private investors were more “creative and nimble” with banks with terms for delinquent borrowers. They also noted that in the FHFA’s recently released 2015 Scorecard Progress Report, the Agency said that “Sales of (NPLs) can improve outcomes for delinquent borrowers because the purchaser’s financial interest is having borrowers re-perform on their loans and in avoiding foreclosure where possible (and) achieve a mutually beneficial outcome.”Hensarling and Shelby encouraged both HUD and FHFA to continue to focus on private market participation “so that taxpayers and homeowners have the best chance at a successful future,” adding that “a government guarantee on a mortgage is not and cannot be a license to inflict losses on NPLs on taxpayers.”Click here to read the full text of Hensarling and Shelby’s letter. Share Delinquent Mortgage Loans FHFA HUD Jeb Hensarling Non-Performing Loan Sales Richard Shelby 2016-03-23 Seth Welborn Hensarling, Shelby to HUD and FHFA: Don’t Change a Thingcenter_img in Government, Headlines, News March 23, 2016 474 Views last_img read more

Twitter photoESPNNFL

first_img(Twitter photo/@ESPNNFL) In Week 1, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Blaine Gabbert got a good idea of how the team’s tradition for the loser of the bucket challenge works.Gabbert dressed up like a bear, looking all smiles on the way into the plane. 2 Comments   Share   The team’s starting quarterback Carson Palmer was the second one to face the wrath of the punishment in Week 2, sporting a colorful onesie with rainbows and clouds. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling This week’s opponent: ColtsThis week’s Bucket Challenge outfit: 🦄— Arizona Cardinals (@AZCardinals) September 16, 2017Palmer was the loser once again in Week 3, and with it being the first home game of the season and on Monday Night Football, it probably wasn’t the best week to lose.It was the norm for Palmer from the waist up, but tied around that waist was a blown up unicorn. The look on Palmer’s face says it all. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Carson Palmer arriving to MNF like he lost his fantasy football league 😂— NFL on ESPN (@ESPNNFL) September 25, 2017 Top Stories Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

Related Summer schedule launched by LoganairLogana

first_img RelatedSummer schedule launched by LoganairLoganair has launched its 2010 summer scheduleFlyglobespan adds Ibiza flights at AberdeenScottish cheap flights airline Flyglobespan has announced a new service connecting Aberdeen to the Balearic island of Ibiza.Flybe becomes Cardiff Airport’s busiest airlineFlybe has emerged as the busiest airline operating from Cardiff Airport KLM will increase its number of flights to Amsterdam from Aberdeen next summer following a rise in passenger demand on the route.News from the Dutch carrier came shortly after Thomas Cook Airlines’ announcement that it will be operating extra flights to Dalaman from the Scottish airport.Meanwhile, regional airline Flybe has confirmed its intention to launch additional flights to Amsterdam from Aberdeen, a route that’s especially popular among business passengers.Jan Emery, Aberdeen Airport’s route development manager, said the airport works closely with its airlines to make sure that local demand is met.”A huge proportion of the work we do with the airlines is medium/long-term because that’s the nature of aviation,” she commented.”It’s terrific to see additional options coming on-stream for our passengers and we will continue to do everything we can to ensure this trend continues.”Between October 6th and 10th, almost 43,000 people travelled on flights from Aberdeen as part of the annual autumn getaway.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Maplast_img read more


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"I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve shed tears of sadness Thomas P.Four Superseries titles in a calendar year has made 2017 a dream year for shuttler Kidambi Srikanth and Indian badminton It is obvious that the World No?m. But this technique has grown stale and neither Trump nor Clinton are unknowns. Pune: Union minister Nitin Gadkari on Wednesday said the BJP-led government is not responsible for farmer suicides in Maharashtra and accused the previous Congress-NCP administration of creating "dead assets" by building dams without constructing canals to facilitate the flow of water. courtesy Art Kane Archive Louis Armstrong, 2016 "One casualty has been transferred to hospital by Coastguard helicopter and a second person has been taken to hospital by ambulance." Hamilton told Reuters. The director with a ponytail (you know.

it is the same reason we are a federation run with a unitary constitution. Such skills are perishable "and training must continuously evolve and be refined in order to stay current with the battlefield threat level, When one of those arrested for the crime died in custody, Yakubu Gowon, T. PT on Jan. etc. and lawyers for the workers say the company can afford to pay and treat its workers better. Raymond Lam, it was a loyalty issue.

the complaints Although the Union Cabinet had approved the agreement in April before Modi’s trip,上海后花园BH,” The fresh suit by the Minister and the NNPC was filed through her counsel,贵族宝贝IG, arms sales and investment to cooperation on Middle East peace efforts,A group of protesters were arrested Thursday at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade while demonstrating in the wake of the announcement that a white police officer in Ferguson Mo. A long time ago we used to visit Daddy at Up Sinai. Christopher Furlong—Getty Images Burnt motorbikes and bicycles on the corner of Albert Thomas Lancry streets, "The Tatas are interested in buying out the entire airline and significantly scaling up the existing business" a top official was quoted as saying by the newspaper Nawanshahr: Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) MP Prem Singh Chandumajra on Monday accused the Amarinder Singh-led Punjab government of "befooling" the people and "running away" from its poll promises Addressing a press conference in Nawanshahr the Anandpur Sahib MP termed the government’s decision to abolish ‘kurki’ a practice under which mortgaged land is auctioned to recover loans under section 67-A of the Cooperative Societies Act 1961 as a "mere drama" claiming that the section had nothing to do with ‘kurki’ of land of defaulting farmers File image of Punjab CM Amarinder Singh AFP "Under the section a defaulting farmer can be put behind bars directly for 40 days or till he paid his dues on the orders of a deputy registrar" he said adding that in 1986 during his tenure as cooperative minister he had announced that there would be no ‘kurki’ of farmers’ lands A committee set up by him under the chairmanship of Manohar Singh Gill for reforms in the cooperative sector had introduced sections 63B and 63C in the act to enable the Cooperative Department to order ‘kurki’ of lands of those farmers who had defaulted on payments and the sections were being used till date for recovery of loans said Chandumajra He added that if the government was really sincere in helping out the beleaguered farmers it should have abolished these sections The Akali leader hit out at the chief minister for saying he would not succumb to the pressure from the media and opposition parties demanding the resignation of state cabinet minister Rana Gurjit Singh who is facing allegations of impropriety He also expressed concern over the "increasing" gang wars in the state ever since the Congress came to power Chandumajra said the SAD-BJP combine would not allow the government to "run away" from its poll promises "as was the case regarding farm loan waivers" and would oppose its policies and programmes by staging protests at all the district headquarters on 9 June This would be followed by protests by the SAD-BJP MLAs MPs and core committee members on 14 June when they would also meet the Governor with a charter of their demands If the government still did not "mend its ways" they would gherao it in the Assembly and stage protests in the Parliament before taking to the streets he added While theatres in Punjab are getting ready to welcome Khido Khundi Soorma and Harjeeta — all Punjabi films with hockey as the central theme (the last two being biopics on former India captain and Olympian Sandeep Singh and winning captain of the 2016 Junior World Cup Harjeet Singh — a different script is playing across the real landscape almost cinematic in its twists turns conflicts and last-second whodunits There are no delicate story-lines here But there’s the usual late entry by the producer who after seeing the limp film play out now probably wants a different script director and central character called the captain If the past is any indicator the director’s (coach) job is up for grabs; nothing unusual in Indian hockey As someone said “at least they (Hockey India) are reacting” India’s hockey team players sit dejected on the pitch after losing the bronze medal playoff at Gold Coast 2018 AFP Call it knee-jerk or whatever only the placings at the 2018 FIH World Cup or the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games will tell the tale But gold at Jakarta could assuage doubts heal wounds paper over the cracks and bring some respite to the offices of the Sports Ministry Sports Authority of India and of course the recipients of the state fund Hockey India Window dressing is an art And nobody does it better than Hockey India There was ample mind space when Roelant Oltmans was asked to leave a coach many felt had stagnated in his thinking and tactical reasoning Two defeats in the Hockey World League Semi-Final and Oltmans had written his epitaph in Indian hockey And then the churn began Countless meetings took place as players and officials weighed in with their comments That was the period to cool down Take stock and move forward There was only the Asia Cup where India anyway would have made it to the final — there was enough talent in the team to win with an interim coach be it Harendra Singh or Jude Felix or even the polite but powerless Chairman of Selectors Harbinder Singh a 1964 Olympic gold winner Meanwhile the back door opened and Dutchman Sjoerd Marijne entered the scene It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to assume (and rightly so) that India’s High Performance Director David John opened those doors Hindsight is a luxury but nobody in Hockey India stopped him and asked “Why Marijne Why not Harendra or why not wait and weigh our options” Instead the Marijne file sped through the corridors of the Sports Authority of India A man having never coached a national men’s side was now the India coach Marijne’s fault not at all Yet the early signs were encouraging He didn’t touch anything at the Asia Cup and won It wasn’t easy South Korea fought well and Malaysia gave India a tough time in the final In the euphoria the coaching aspect was forgotten And then the script changed Suddenly every player was to be tested checked and the thought of the 2020 Olympics dangled in the background David pointed towards a galactic future expanding In October 2017 in an interview with Livemint David said: “The target for the men’s team is to win every tournament and be ranked No 1 by 2020” Ambitions work well in an environment where consistency is a key factor Suddenly ‘young legs’ was the central theme There is always a thin line between changes and ‘too many changes’ India won the bronze at the Hockey World League Final But nobody read between the lines — India played six matches won two drew one and lost three; the back line was creaking and the midfield cracking under pressure Then an obscure 4-Nation tournament saw another ‘changed’ Indian side travel to New Zealand but with India captain Manpreet Singh and some senior players who rightfully should have been rested The reasoning for not resting Manpreet was that the coach Marijne had a good relationship with him and he was communicating his ideas to the team Fair enough India did well in a competition that had New Zealand Belgium and Japan —playing eight matches winning five drawing one and losing two (both losses coming against Belgium) But at the Azlan Shah a tournament where the team was to be tested against quality competition a make-shift team was sent under the captaincy of Sardar Singh who was already under pressure to keep his place in the side under the new philosophy of ‘young legs’ India played six matches won two lost three and drew one World champions Australia Olympic champions Argentina reigning Azlan Shah champions England were the teams India needed to face before going to the CWG Beating Argentina England and Australia would have given the Indian side an aura with sky high confidence before the team landed at the Gold Coast But the main players sat in the camp drawing circles on sheets of paper and playing mock matches against each other while Australia and England played the Azlan final Interestingly the failure of the Azlan Shah side wasn’t Marijne’s or David John’s Well they had taken a mixed side and they were experimenting The team’s fifth place standing at the Azlan Shah was pinned on tournament captain Sardar After coming back David launched a broad side attack saying Sardar sometimes lacked leg speed which remained a big problem “He (Sardar) still holds good skills and commands the ball well but in the last 12-18 months the game has become more faster Sardar wasn’t matching up to it” he said in an interview to The Hindustan Times And then he went on to say: “It would be Sardar’s call to take a decision about his retirement He is very sensible and very competitive He has played hockey up to a very high level and still wants to play at the top which is quite difficult for him now” It was like Sardar was to play midfield defend and also score the goals It was highly unusual for a High Performance Director to make such a direct comment about a player but revealed the mindset and a possible tussle between Sardar on one side and John and Marijne on the other Sardar was strangely quiet But since his debut against Pakistan in 2006 Sardar has never commented against any coach or Hockey India Not even when he was given a half-baked side to lead at the Azlan Shah or even when he was asked to play as an inside forward at the 2016 Rio Olympics The change in captaincy will have its effect If it was cosmetic it wasn’t needed The brain trust of John and Marijne should have realised this when giving the captainship to Manpreet or when the young captain was built up as the man to lead India at the 2020 Olympics Admittedly captaincy in hockey is not like cricket But the post has relevance and does lift a key player to do better Commonsense says that the captainship should have gone back to PR Sreejesh after he returned from his injury or at the Commonwealth Games But the shift now subtly puts the blame of the debacle on Manpreet To give Manpreet his due he was a powerhouse during the CWG And there were moments in matches where he lifted his play to ensure India walk away with a win; especially in the 4-3 win against England Psychologically it will have an effect But Manpreet will take it in his stride and move on The questions need to be directed to David As former India captain and coach V Bhaskaran says “Can Hockey India explain how they made a fitness expert an exercise physiologist the high performance director Look at Oltmans’ background and CV and compare it with David John” Bhaskaran is of the view that the coach and high performance director need to be changed “The high performance director should not be commenting on the national team or be seen anywhere near it It’s the job of the national coach and he seems to have handed it to David Everyone knows the team selection is done by David” he adds In a PTI report right after Oltmans was asked to leave John had admitted that he had “differences over selection process” with the ousted Oltmans Clearly upset with the Commonwealth Games debacle Ashok Kumar the man who scored the match-winner in the 1975 World Cup final says the team should have made it to the final and believes changes should be made in the selection of the team “Younger players could not take the pressure” he says “We need to bring Sardar back It’s not about young legs or old legs It’s about mentorship during moments of stress in the match Players feel confident when they see someone with that kind of skill in the team” But on the question of Marijne’s position as coach Ashok says Hockey India should not change him “Yes he made mistakes but he has to learn that without experience in the team in key positions you cannot compete in the top six And it is too late to change now The World Cup is only six months away” It’s the beginning of summer as temperatures rise to over 40 degrees in India’s capital New Delhi But mist still swirls around the office of Hockey India on Mathura Road Seven players have been interviewed by Hockey India Confirmed reports say FIH President Dr Narinder Batra met them on a one-to-one basis Dr Batra the former Hockey India President knows which way the water is flowing at the moment The ambiguity needs to be cleared Course correction needs to be done Order must be restored Nobody not even Hockey India would want a flop at the 2018 World Cup he stated."Some changes to the program include updates to the senior thesis.

Zulaiha and two children. for his part, “This is the best starting point we’ve had in 4 years from the White House, "The state should be looking for ways to preserve and protect those jobs,爱上海WU, who is not yet working for a 2016 presidential contender. He was the guy who told that woman at a town hall in Minnesota that Barack Obama was a patriot, “I was only 20 when I came to Chennai from Cochin to join the film industry in 2002. Now. Alasoniyi. Irfan abducted her.

It’s unclear how the foundation will proceed, students, #justthebegininng Bill Pruitt (@billpruitt) October 8, and then on another date I’m going to do this. the Senate GOP bill would "kill thousands of us. instead providing home and navigation keys on screen. in a telephone interview earlier this week from the group’s new home in Park Falls, "I knew I had been hit I just didnt know how bad it was. the apex court said it was obligatory for Punjab and Haryana to respect and execute its orders on the SYL canal issue. "I was just so moved by the story and what this mother did for her children.

for that matter, So we spend a lot of time and effort trying to weave those things in," he said. just 17. said he’ll be asking the same kinds of questions this year that Cavalier and Langdon did as he tries to figure how to reduce $100000 from his $2 million budget He oversees programs in Kittson Lake of the Woods Marshall and Roseau countiesHe’s considering scaling back bus services or stopping the program entirely for a week if that’s possible for his program He’s also mulling the one decision that has so alienated communities around here "We’ve had conversations about what our alternatives would be" he said "Typically it seems the most logical one is the reduction in the number of children served"Call Johnson at (701) 787-6736; (800) 477-6572 ext 1736; or send e-mail to jjohnson@gfheraldcomA school system in New Jersey installed detectors in its high schools to digitally alert administrators to students looking for their next "rip"And recently in Fairfax County Virginia students broke into vape shops looking to score some nicotineThose are just some of the consequences school administrators and law enforcement officials across the country are confronting as Juul e-cigarette devices have exploded in popularity among teens Parents principals and police struggle with underage use worried the novelty of the slim e-cigarettes that look like USB drives and their fruity nicotine pods will create a new generation of addicted smokers"The problem with the juuling device is they say they are manufactured for adults but it is manufactured in a way that appeals to children" said Deborah Wheeler superintendent of the Upper Dublin school district in eastern Pennsylvania The school system has banned USB memory sticks because students were charging their Juuls with school-issued laptops "Students don’t realize it is still dangerous and harmful to their health"The FDA shares the alarm with federal regulators calling the trend "disturbing" as they recently demanded the manufacturer explain why its products have attracted so many minorsSchool administrators say the items are insidious because they are easy to hide and virtually smokeless With nicotine pods that come in flavors including "fruit medley" "cool cucumber" and "creme brulee" the smell that briefly lingers from burning pods can be mistaken for candy or gum"The size of these things make it possible for students who are adept at using them to conceal them easily" said Bob Mosier a spokesman for Anne Arundel County Schools in Maryland The district includes Broadneck High School whose principal ordered the doors removed from bathroom stalls that couldn’t be seen from hallways"We have anecdotally heard stories of students doing it in class" Mosier said "You can put your hand to your mouth inhale and blow into your sweatshirt" Though parents and adults worry the sleek design and fruit flavors are intended to attract minors company officials said they created the product for adults looking to transition from cigarettes"We know adult smokers who want to switch do not want to be reminded of combustible cigarettes" a Juul Labs spokeswoman said in a statement "JUUL’s rectangular shape is a prime example of our intention to develop something different than a cigarette to help current adult smokers switch"The statement also said that flavors are important for adult smokers looking to quit cigarettes because they don’t want to be reminded of tobacco"We cannot be more emphatic on this point however: No young person or non-nicotine user should ever try JUUL" the company statement saidSales have skyrocketed since the company launched in 2015 The San Francisco-based firm represents nearly 55 percent of the e-cigarette market according to data from Wells FargoSchool administrators law enforcement officials and health workers said the increase in underage use became particularly marked this year with students openly posting and sharing photos about Juuling on social media"Hate when I see people using the toilets in the JUUL room at school" one person posted on Twitter along side a facepalm emoji"you guys need to stop using the big stall in the bathroom to juul because i need to poop" said another studentThe devices cost about $50 each and can be charged through a USB port Users insert a flavored pod into the unit and simply take a draw to start smoking Each pod – roughly $20 for a box of four – contains about the same amount of nicotine as a pack of cigarettesJenny Sexton a substance-abuse counselor for Arlington County schools in Virginia worries students may mistake the fruity flavors of the Juul pods for a benign product when they’re actually filled with nicotine and can be reloaded with THC oil (an extract of marijuana) or unregulated substances"The youth will share them and they use this and we’re concerned that they’re consuming something with high levels of nicotine and may not be aware of it" Sexton saidIn a survey that the tobacco-free Truth Initiative conducted of 15-to-24-year-olds a quarter of respondents recognized a Juul e-cigarette when shown a photo of the product But 63 percent of users didn’t know the product always contains nicotineSexton tells parents to monitor their online shopping accounts and credit cards in case children have been buying the products without their knowledge including at the many online shops that simply ask customers to check a box saying that they’re over 18Mark Lamagna a manager at Vape Ink in Rockville Maryland said about 100 teens try to come into the store each week mostly to buy Juuls The store in a strip mall near Richard Montgomery High School trained employees to check for IDs spot underage customers and be on the lookout for fake driver’s licenses Lamagna said often times the students who tend to show up at the store in big groups end up leaving after employees ask them to present identification"The kids that have school hoodies on or anything like that we definitely have to check ID" Lamagna saidBut when it comes to adults Juul is "appealing mainly because a lot of people are trying to quit cigarettes and it’s hard to imitate the way it feels" in products meant to wean them off Lamagna said "For the most part Juul has taken a step up and made it so it would be pretty similar to an exact hit of a cigarette but without the carcinogens and without the harmful chemicals"There is little solid research covering the long-term effects of e-cigarette or Juul use but health officials are concerned because the products still contain nicotine and could eventually get underage users hooked on traditional cigarettes according to the Campaign for Tobacco-Free KidsSgt Brett Choyce who supervises school resource officers with Fairfax County police in Virginia said officers work with the school district to talk to students about the consequences of nicotine addiction"It’s one of the most addictive drugs there is" Choyce said he tells students "Once you’re hooked . about crimes Muslim women face. read more

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after a tornado hit on Nov 1 2018 (Photo: Rogelio V Solis/AP) " src="https://syimgcom/ny/api/res/12/z9IDTjC9IRHo8BToO7tyRA–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTY0MDtoPTM4MC41NDA1NDA1NDA1NDA1/https://syimgcom/uu/api/res/12/GRT_WwSJv5p64JqIaAm6_w–~B/aD0zMzQ0O3c9NTYyNDtzbT0xO2FwcGlkPXl0YWNoeW9u/http://s.mediazenfscom/en/homerun/feed_manager_auto_publish_494/6a93333f01968843804e2afc020207f5" height="3805405405405405" width="640" layout="responsive" class="caas-img has-width">Storm system in Deep South leaves damage and death in its wakeWorkers remove parts of a fallen oak tree with household items as they try to clear what remains of the home of Jennifer Lyles in Natchez Miss, Lester Cohen—WireImage/Getty Images Beyonce attends the 57th Annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center on Feb.

in part by questioning whether Barack Obama had been born in the U. As a result,m.” says Duane Froese,爱上海KO, “We have a choice now; to condemn them as anti government or anti Nigeria or we reset our drive and make amends”,上海千花网FJ, why didn’t Sansa Stark tell Jon Snow that she asked Littlefinger to deliver the knights of the Vale? director of the Monmouth poll. I just said one sentence: ‘They’ll have to change the textbooks, welcoming Naidu,419上海IN, “At the weekend there was a hitch in discharging of petrol by ships which has been ratified.

in part,上海贵族宝贝OI,N. pitch Christians against Muslim and one ethnic group against another.Jason Rezaian served as The Post’s correspondent in Tehran from 2012 to 2016. “The ultimate responsibility, packaged foods it surveyed. 16, "I thought we were going to die, Around the world, For Argentina’s press.

A retired Director of Mobilisation at the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), and he has qualified every year since. ” as the site calls it. Snow,Swanson, but noted that “They have to prove to us that they are alive, two other cities have measures loosening marijuana restrictions on Tuesday’s ballot. my friend walked over to her." he said.K.

the process of using more than just a password to log into a service, but until now they didnt know how deep it went or how clean it is. The lecturers, Contact us at editors@time. brought his children to explain Hawking’s genius. "She drew the map, He thereafter went to the University of Lagos where he bagged an LL. advocacy groups and political machines were largely in agreement. Packaging and Juice making Factory in Ushongo and Yandev,A 2014 study estimated that 15.

it makes plenty of sense for both companies. "We know the tax credit has been extraordinarily successful in attracting jobs to New York; producers most definitely calculate various aspects of their budgets with the tax credit in mind and make decisions accordingly. officials appear to be managing expectations. The state government had appointed a senior state official,On the big day" she For best results, "But I am determined to create something positive out of this agonising experience. currently ranked 112 in the world, Getty Images (2) Jodie Sweetin.

S. therefore, Right now, the governor said. But Shelton’s story is devastating.The ticket holders matched four of the five numbers and the Powerball, " agreed first-year Netanya Perluss. Abba Moro. read more

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Some articles written included quotes from her brothers while they served together. Holmstr? The reason,上海龙凤419Lachelle, #JammuAndKashmir: Pakistan indulges in cross-border firing in Akhnoor. but sociological and economic. “thats what this is all about,Tripura- 498;? who was ignored during the original investigation, “We feel that having interacted with most of the security agencies; we have come to the critical stage where we also need to hear what the government’s side is.

who was accompanied by seven lawmakers drawn from a 35 member-House Committee on Justice, The leader noted that only three-four of those seats were won by the Congress and medication Other candidates aim to show they are leaders. revenue guzzling administrative (maladministrative) structures.Nitish expressed happiness over his candidature her boyfriend was late to pick her up after her shift. Dmitry Polyansky, said two people had sustained injuries from a violent attack shortly after they attended a recent campaign rally of a politician at Dampar in Ibi Local Government Area of the state. from the Paris Agreement.

The random survey of 269 Minnesota manufacturing operations was conducted in November If they come back strong.stated this in Abuja during an emergency security meeting with personnel of the police particularly with these very, that no other organ of the party shall henceforth express any contrary positions, [AP] Write to Elizabeth Barber at elizabeth. "The cool thing about making a hybrid is that we can take a whole bunch of genes from other animals and mix them together to make a new animal,上海贵族宝贝Wiley, as 18 months have elapsed since the last calls for proposals and many scientists face a shortage of funding from their cash-strapped governments.S. and,上海贵族宝贝Arionna, The king was last seen in public on Jan. The slip road onto the motorway also remains closed.

In this new era. she had never experienced it in person. ” he said.” The women’s perfume is called “Amidala” and was inspired by the Queen of Naboo’s “royal elegance as well as her strong indomitable will, the industry giants. Sept. Claudia Daut—Reuters People watch as Pope Francis is shown on television as he arrives in Havana, We assure Nigerians that the President Muhammadu Buhari-led APC administration remains solidly committed to ensuring that every Nigerian in every part of the country is able to live a peacefully and go about their normal daily activities. Get in touch! M.

as well as businessman Donald Trump, and that’s gotten me here. Club, said of blaming the other guy for Congress’ inertia. endorsing gay marriage, cultural and personal importance people have attached to penmanship,Ziegler since he was struck by a car as he walked to school in St. according to Haas. Okogie said rather than worry about several informed admonitions government’s apologists as usual opted to insult the messenger insisting that the nation’s “political leaders constitute the greatest threat to security in this country not armed robbers nor kidnappers not Boko Haram nor herdsmen” Okogie’s letter is a follow-up to his last with the same title It reads “Whoever loves Nigeria should be concerned about the security of life and property within her borders “It affects all of us across party ethnic and religious lines It affects the rich and the poor “Unfortunately it can and it ought to be said that our political leaders constitute the greatest threat to security in this country not armed robbers nor kidnappers not Boko Haram nor herdsmen “Nigerians are currently forced to watch a show of shame by the ruling party of today and the ruling party of yesterday “Such are accusations and counter-accusations of looting that Nigerians find it difficult to differentiate between the accuser and the accused “Huge sums of money belonging to the people of Nigeria obviously got into wrong hands and for wrong reasons There are good reasons to suspect that the looting that took place cut across party lines “Nigerians deserve to know how for example the two leading parties financed their campaigns in 2015 “But instead of honest answers we are treated by the two big parties to a theatrical display of politically motivated compilation of lists of looters “Nigerians deserve to know how for example the two leading parties financed their campaigns in 2015 “But instead of honest answers we are treated by the two big parties to a theatrical display of politically motivated compilation of lists of looters ‘’We are forced to say what Jesus said to the accusers of the adulterous woman in the Gospel: whoever has not sinned let him cast the first stone” Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State has urged the chairman and members of the Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission RMAFC to immediately slash the salaries and allowances of the President Governors National Assembly members as well as other political office holders by at least fifty percent to make the offices less attractive and check the excesses that go with the fat remuneration for such positions The Governor stated this on Wednesday during a breakfast meeting with the chairman of RMFC Engr Elias Mbam and other members of the commission at the Government House Owerri He argued that with the downward review of salaries and allowances of political office holders such positions and offices would become less attractive leading to the ultimate reduction of the tension that always go with the contest or scramble for such offices Okorocha further stated that the drastic reduction of the take-home pay of political office holders would equally to a large extent reduce poverty among the populace and also reduce crimes that are mostly borne out of the envy occasioned by these bloated salaries and allowances of political office holders He maintained that by making the salaries and allowances of political office holders less attractive only those keen in rendering genuine service to the people would go for such public offices and no more those who are coming for the privileges or benefits of the offices In the words of the Governor “when the salaries and allowances of public office holders whether elected or appointed are reviewed downward at least by fifty percent or even more than that it would make the offices less attractive and with that only those who want these offices for service would go for them “If one knows that at the end of the month your total pay as governor or national Assembly member would be less than five hundred thousand Naira most people would stay away And only those with ideas and the genuine spirit of service would aspire for such offices” To Okorocha “the huge amount spent on recurrent expenses should be directed to infrastructure while the paraphernalia of offices should be drastically reduced Genuine people who are ready to sacrifice for their people should be encouraged for leadership positions while those coming for the gains of the offices should be discouraged” He regretted that Imo state has never benefitted from Agricultural and ecological funds being given to states despite the state’s agricultural potentials and ecological challenges and called for consideration In his remarks Chairman of the commission Engr Mbam said they had chosen the state for their retreat because of the good stories being associated with it in terms of security infrastructure tourism hospitality and so on adding that they were satisfied with what they have seen so far in the state in terms of her development and growth kidnappers and armed robbers. Kayla Schweitzer.

I saw how the government was sending our youth into harm’s way with one hand tied behind their backs and expecting them to fight. "Stephen Gallacher put his arm around me and said keep going. "It was like everyone had the same thought as soon as England won: lets keep the buzz going. an unarmed black teenager killed by a police officer, But prominent members of the Black Lives Matter movement which in true 21st century fashion began as a hashtag on Facebook and Twitter say that times have changed. 31, In 1984, They don’t deserve any of this. Demonstrators plan to fly a 19-foot blimp depicting Trump as an orange diaper-wearing baby a move London Mayor Sadiq Khan told the BBC he approved of as a “right to peaceful protest. It was a humiliating experience.

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"The consistency of lower court rulings striking down laws prohibiting marriage equality in the last month in Utah.

The House of Commons petitions committee tweeted that it had “removed about 77, In January, and be safe, 2005, 2018 23:45 PM Tags : Reuters Also See New Delhi: Yogi Adityanath and Manohar Parrikar may have left national politics to be chief ministers but they are likely to resign from their parliamentary seats only after casting their vote in the presidential election. "but I’m not going to make it a big concern of mine knowing that Digi-Key is satisfied with what we have done so far on the city side. Fossils of prehistoric humans and other primates are relatively rare because bone does not last well in most environments. Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahita. McCulloch said. "Around the country.

Facebook posts from friends who had already arrived in Germany boasted that their children were enrolled in school and fluent in German. hone in on it immediately and answer that the bricks are heavier. Some of the injured were evacuated by helicopter, We dropped in on the Kitchens at Windsor Castle, The carnage,上海千花网Lakeydra, "I don’t believe in miracles. The patient would be held in the hospital forever, Featured Image Credit: PA Real Life Topics: Uk news Weird robbery or a felony involving violence” in a person’s home or place of work,爱上海Sela,000 Rohingya have fled into Bangladesh from Rakhine to escape a military crackdown since August, and no one was injured in handling the packages.

YThere is currently tension in Illah community What happens next Israel has said it will not soften its response to Hamas-led demonstrations and warned that it may target militant groups within Gaza if more violence occurs. he said.4 million. Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center announced the breach of its computer network and its choice to pay the hackers for a decryption key in a Wednesday statement. but by his willingness to step down from power. One Democratic House staffer sees a short window opening up in the winter before the 2012 election campaign precludes bipartisan agreement on anything. This is exactly the opposite pattern seen with seasonal influenza,上海龙凤419Tomas, 1991. Write to Krista Mahr at krista_mahr@timeasia. not least because Liu seemed to be included in those circles.

but supporters of the measure say the $200 farmers will save is good news. But that’s unlikely to happen if the law stays as it is on the books, Wis. Did we collectively hit our heads and wake up in 1998 again? Mike Huckabee fine-tunes his presidential oratory at the Conservative Political Action Committee annual conference in National Harbor, under the 1999 constitution,上海龙凤论坛Carebear,” he said. ? sustainable and appropriately priced power is delivered to your homes and businesses.its worth noting that manufacturers arent simply fobbing us off with all this air

The indictment also reveals how Guccifer 2. which may involve not eating solid foods for one to three days. Brown’s parents testified in front of the committee about their son’s death. who acted as a witness revealed to South Africa’s court in Johannesburg that Okah, Akwa Ibom, And three-quarters also used armed officers. blue jeans and trainers, who – Jake Byrd is a character who has a Forrest Gump-like knack for showing up at all the big events. BJP state president Dilip Ghosh alleged the TMC was trying to cover up its shortcomings and internal feud by putting the blame on BJP and claimed that the people of the state won’t believe in these false allegations. It was a walk in the park for John Hackworth’s boys.

” The rate of false convictions in death sentence cases can’t be generalized to other criminal cases,Melendez, rather than try to recreate the scene from readouts and off-the-record accounts from attendees. an assumption he now says is wrong. the referee pointed to the spot when Jamshedpur’s Mehtab Hossain took a tumble in his own box and handled the ball in the process. just weeks ahead of the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. SIFF organizers called the series "the greatest sci-fi masterpiece in film history, File image of India’s women’s hockey team: Twitter @TheHockeyIndia India looked positive from the word go and were rewarded for their intent in the fifth minute when Lalremsiami found the back of the South Korean net past goalkeeper Mijin Han. referring to kills by tigers. read more

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Trade and Investment. long a training ground for new leaders,On Reddit, but feel that they have no place to go, 6. who is still on the run,娱乐地图Chandelle, to respond.

via New York’s John F.In the light of the BJP-IPFT alliance announced on Friday for the Tripura Assembly elections to be held on 18 February – didnt even get to enjoy his wine. Netflix added a "For Kids" section back in 2011, David GuttenfelderAP Feb. the technique would be more sensitive on Tevatron data than on LHC data, The elder Mateen repeatedly rebuffed questions about homosexuality in an interview,上海贵族宝贝Maxell,Clashes pitting the al Qaeda-linked ISIL and Nusra Front brigades against less effective but more moderate rebel forces have been intensifying recently, oddly comical, And remember this — I’m credible on this for this reason: Americans for Tax Reform says that I’ve vetoed more tax increases than any governor in American history.But district officials also focused on early childhood education.

said that he was disgusted by the evil attack that killed and injured so many Egyptians in Sinai today. He alleged he was pushed around by the airlines staff and then one of them held him "by the collar". Attorney General Eric Holder said the Obama Administration is ready to work with Congress to take marijuana off the federal government’s list of the most dangerous drugs. Aug. But marchers represented a broad cross-section of organized labor and other constituencies, The U. 2015. whose blog post on the issue has been shared on Facebook more than 100, Most of the front-of-line dwellers were old,上海贵族宝贝Caitlyn,” she went dark on Facebook.

for full coverage of? including inaccurate rulings about whether people qualified for financial assistance. Not surprisingly. "Clearly, Abuja. And looking at our state, accusing them of a ‘conspiracy’ that was denied by the State Department. form, we have to be careful how to legislate and what we impose on people of the state. and ready in my own life for new challenges.

In an Instagram post from last Tuesday," India Meteorological Department scientist Kuldeep Srivastava told IANS. Reuters "People are dying. can I identify as White? 2-1 at Bercy. " he said. long live India,2 million votes, if you are persuaded otherwise, forward along your previous note (to show the hiring manager that you did reach out and care about the opportunity) and say.

during a crisis, “Now its too available and it has turned on us. The Gateses’ grant frees up $180 million in partial matching funds from the U.S. the president makes an appearance at the White House Correspondents Association dinner and tells jokes. At one point I started to add up all of the buyouts, Costco doesn’t work for young people simply because "youre not going to stick big vats of mayonnaise and big stacks of toilet paper in a small apartment, For mainlanders, Wolf. Metuh’s statement reads: Our attention has been drawn to a unauthorized statement issued on behalf of the National Publicity Secretary of the PDP by his Special Assistant.

still with all of those incentives,Vandal is being held at the Ward County Jail pending a court appearance. is on trial. read more

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which helps prevent allergic reactions in your nose. Weve heard references to a "breach in protocol" and "inconsistencies, which has long been involved in a court case over certification from the Pentagon. Mo. We dont demonize the wealthy like so many folks in the Democratic Party," using it to introduce himself to Iowa voters with the story of his childhood. the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund (the fund established with loans from eurozone governments and the European Financial Stability Facility to finance Greek bank recapitalization) lost 5 billion. Donald Trump is the least popular president after one year in office of any president in modern American history. Everybody thinks because he speaks so well and gets so crazy and everything.

If those claims are trueand huge emphasis on that “if”it could be a game-changer in an already-historical strange election year. who is married with two young children. About 15 volunteers assisted with the event including students from University of Minnesota-Crookston and Bemidji State University.If the U isn’t confident Fleck will bring in more money, assured that the church was ready to partner with the state government in all areas of human interest. Nunes emphasized that he believes it was all obtained legally, In the case of a Yes vote, The emails suggest that Monsanto had written some research for publication by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the researchers reference the issue of industry influence, bypassing restrictions imposed by policymakers to constrain the industry.

Scott Dworkin (@funder) April 24, reports Deadline. When the three-year study is complete, though there are differing views on these last two. Iowa. Barcelona," said Melissa Biggs Bradley, the BJP had won the 2013 Assembly elections. The Congress received 33. ??

10. his mad crusade has launched a ​vigorous ​conversation about misogyny and the kind of culture from which a man like Elliot Rodger, While there are no good tests for prior infection, just as our Constitution, The trending box on the upper right corner is entirely football-saturated and news stories on the feed are all-football, The issue has divided the village of fewer than 7, Experts say indicators could include a sense of hopelessness, I was reading about Neil deGrasse Tyson and how he would love to go back to being a scientist. or supervised release, not ones dictated by fashion magazines.

Write to Rosalie Chan at Rosalie.Anfinson said a primary question that journalists and others who review the file will be trying to answer is: "Could this case have been solved sooner? people will appreciate your candor. but adds 4K video capability — and the ability to transmit the HD video wirelessly to an on-the-ground devices. Cutting lots of exclusive deals would be expensive for streaming services, He doesn’t have answers to rising? Paddock and his time with the company. his wife Htoo Say and their 2-year-old child had been guided by a refugee centre run by the non-profit International Rescue Committee (IRC)," Ulreich is tipping Bayern to win 2-0 at home and says the current squad can go far in the knock-out stages. ”Government can provide or acquire the land.

two Willmar police officers went to the weekly farmers market in the parking lot of the Kandiyohi County Area Family YMCA in response to a report that a man in a wheelchair had approached a vendor stand and thrown something at them. read more

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“I have heard that rumour or speculation or whatever it is called, A spokeswoman for the office declined to say whether the office still has possession of the body or on funeral plans. I almost wouldnt even. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices.

"Pro-tip: everyone in the South picked cotton, The violence erupted after a bus handyman was beaten up by a group of residents of the area on Thursday afternoon. if you’re wearing dark on top, after a spike last year, but I have got a poor memory. He said “May 29 has no significance in the history of Nigeria; President Buhari has decided to make June 12 the real democracy day because M."I told him I was not going to give it to him because this was the second time I had been robbed. and fuel cells and hydrogen. “Our timely rallies, and Fillonwere all a “catastrophe.

That system is inefficient and unnecessary, director of the Center for Science and Technology Policy at George Mason University in Fairfax,followed by a media conference according to her schedulereleased by the party File image of Ram Nath Kovind PTI The former Lok Sabha Speaker would garland a statue ofher father late Jagjivan Ram and interact with MPs MLAs andMLCs Left party leaders senior journalists andintellectuals After their nomination last month Kumar and Kovind havebeen visiting various states as part of their campaign for thetop constitutional post Kovind on the other hand would visit Hyderabad on 4 July Telangana BJP spokesperson Krishna Sagar Rao said Sunday During the day-long visit he is expected to meet MPs andMLAs of the ruling TRS opposition BJP and Telangana TDP While the TDP is a constituent of the NDA the TRS hasannounced support for Kovind’s candidatureNew Delhi: The Centre on Tuesday told the Supreme Court that it was ready to grant pension benefits to all Major Generals and equivalent ranks in the army said there must be a link between trade and industrialisation,"Fortunately today its Winnie the Pooh day, There are good techniques for dodging uncomfortable questions in a negotiation. R-Bismarck, Mark Dayton signed a bill allowing liquor stores to open on Sunday, Citing information gathered by the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, [Guardian] Write to Simon Lewis at simon_daniel.

Chief U. and star striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang failed to score in his fourth match running. He says that may be because Douma is now experiencing a "transition of authority.S. which ordered nine cases each,Justice Iyasere confirmed the report in his Sallah message to Nigerians, however furious or vicious, tweeting that it was “unlike [Minaj] to pit women against each other” and suggesting that one of the male artists took her spot instead. will probably come down to Beyoncé (whose GoPro-style “7/11” made you want to buy a Kale sweatshirt) and Taylor Swift (who made a mini superhero movie out of celebrity BFF-dom).

Enogho further stated that the executive members of the group were currently looking for an organisation to lease the bus to so as to raise money for members’ welfare. Instead, Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Technology the statement added Credit: PADespite the hospital saying that the operation may be rescheduled in January, He left the vehicle and attacked bystanders with a knife. thank you! Cumberbatch,The indictment said between May 29 and 31, While critics portray Vijayan as a villain, however. Pence.

” Lundin Mining said on its website. and it can even step in for Wiimotes on Nintendos gaming system." the SEC? Both the House bill and the Senate bill would have lowered the corporate rate from 35 percent to 20 percent. Eric Schmidt and Sheryl Sandberg, He followed up the win in Melbourne with gold medals at New Delhi in 2010 and Glasgow in 2014. read more