Are all Russia ties now sinister or are some just business

first_imgMOSCOW – A shipping company partly owned by President Donald Trump’s commerce secretary is one of the few in the world that can transport liquefied petroleum gas in cold and icy conditions. Russia is known for its brutal winters as well as its giant, state-controlled oil and gas producers.So, for years, Wilbur Ross’ company has been moving LPG for a Russian gas giant.But now, in what might seem almost an echo of the Red Scare that lasted in America for generations, this business relationship is seen as tainted, an ominous connection to a country that unleashed cyberwar against American democracy and the 2016 election that put Trump in the White House.Are all connections to Russia now suspect? Or are they sometimes merely an inconvenient consequence of doing business in a country where major corporations often are controlled by the Kremlin?The latest tie between Russia, Trump and his campaign and administration officials came to light Sunday with news that the U.S. commerce secretary is a part owner of Navigator Holdings, a shipping company that transports LPG produced by Sibur, a big Russian company with ties to the Kremlin.Some shipping business experts who follow the company are shrugging off the news.“Russia has a lot of commodities that need to go somewhere else,” said Benjamin J. Nolan, a financial analyst who covers Navigator for Stifel, Nicolaus & Co. He added, “Odds are, they are going to have long term contracts with Western shipping companies.”The Russian government is a powerful factor in almost every part of the country’s economy. Some of Russia’s biggest banks, such as Sberbank and VTB are state-controlled, with their management answering directly or indirectly to the Kremlin.Then there is Gazprom, a big gas supplier to Europe, and Rosneft, the oil producer. Both are majority state owned.The new Russian giant in the spotlight, Sibur, has its own special connections to the state, and President Vladimir Putin in particular. It is partially owned by a man said to be Putin’s son-in-law, and two of its biggest shareholders are oligarchs close to Putin. One of them is his old judo partner.The details of Ross’ stake in Navigator were found among 13.4 million leaked records on offshore entities used by the rich and powerful and famous. They are the biggest leak on the shadowy offshore financial system since the Panama Papers last year, and could shed more light on the byzantine ways companies and individuals hide their wealth or lower their taxes.Following news of the leak, Ross has said in interviews that his ties to Russia are being blown out proportion. He told Britain’s Sky network that his Navigator stake had been previously disclosed in financial documents filed with government ethics officials, and noted that Sibur is not under any U.S. sanction. For its part, Sibur has said that only a tiny percentage of shipping business goes to Navigator, less than 3 per cent of “logistics expenses.” It said that it is surprised by the “politically driven interpretation” in some media reports of its “ordinary business operations.”Trump himself also has faced scrutiny over his business ties to Russia. In prepared remarks to the Senate and House intelligence committees, Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, disclosed that the Trump Organization had been pursuing a business proposal in Russia during the presidential campaign. Cohen has said that the proposal for a Trump Tower Moscow never came to fruition and denied it had any impact on the campaign, saying it was “solely a real estate deal and nothing more.”No evidence has yet emerged that the business deals are being examined by special counsel Robert Mueller. The former FBI director is investigating the Kremlin’s interference in the 2016 election and any possible co-ordination with Trump associates.As for Ross, the most obvious link to Putin is Kirill Shamalov, who is married to a woman who is said to be Putin’s youngest daughter. Shamalov once owned more than 20 per cent of Sibur, but has since cut that stake to 3.9 per cent, according to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, the group that has been reviewing the new trove of documents.Another Kremlin link is the Putin’s old judo partner, Gennady Timchenko, the second largest shareholder of Sibur.Businessmen with Kremlin links are sometimes tapped to work on key projects with political symbolism, such as the bridge to Crimea or the Sochi Olympics. Timchenko’s construction company has a role building stadiums for next year’s soccer World Cup.Timchenko was sanctioned by the U.S. after Russia annexed the Crimea. The U.S. also barred banks from providing long-term financing to a gas company belonging to Sibur’s largest shareholder, Leonid Mikhelson.Ross has never met Sibur’s Shamalov, Timchenko and Mikhelson, according to a Commerce Department statement, and was not involved in his shipping company’s negotiations with Sibur.Kremlin connections can boost the fortunes of U.S. companies, but they can also backfire. Russian partners sometimes come under suspicion abroad that they are acting out of political, not purely commercial, motives.The state gas company Gazprom, in particular, has been accused of manipulating price talks over natural gas to put pressure on governments of other European countries, particularly Ukraine. That’s prompted many European countries to seek gas supplies from elsewhere.A deal between Rosneft and Exxon Mobil also has run into trouble. The Treasury Department fined Exxon Mobil $2 million in July over what it called “reckless disregard” for U.S. sanctions by signing deals with Rosneft’s sanctioned head Igor Sechin in May 2014. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was the U.S. oil firm’s CEO at that time.Exxon has maintained it did nothing wrong and sued the U.S. government in an effort to stop the fine.As for Ross’ Navigator, some experts say it’s hardly surprising the company counts a Russian company among its customers.“Russia is the biggest producer of oil, and that needs to be sold in a global market place,” said Jonathan Chappell, a financial analyst at Evercore. “Navigator is perfectly positioned.”—-Condon reported from New York. Associated Press writer Chad Day contributed from Washington.last_img read more

Technical snag delays SriLankan airlines flight from Tiruchi

A SriLankan airlines aircraft with 153 passengers on board could not take off from the airport Tiruchi due to technical reasons, The Hindu newspaper reported.Flight UL-134 bound for Colombo left the bay after the passengers boarded the aircraft yesterday and came on to the runway for take off when some technical snag was noticed, sources said. After technical personnel attended to the snag, the waiting passengers were asked to board the flight which left over three hours behind scheduled time of departure from Tiruchi. (Colombo Gazette) So, the take off was aborted and the flight returned to the bay and the passengers were offloaded from the aircraft.

Decision to direct COPE report on bond issue to AG defended

The Prime Minister’s office has defended the decision taken to direct the COPE report on the bond issue to the Attorney General (AG).COPE Chairman Sunil Handunnetti had written to Speaker Karu Jayasuriya today questioning the move. Handunnetti says the Prime Minister directing the COPE report on the bond issue to the Attorney General is similar to one taking over the Speaker’s responsibilities. The COPE Chairman also called for a debate on the COPE report on the bond issue when Parliament convenes in 2017. The Prime Minister’s office says Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe had accepted the COPE report and asked the AG to study the report and recommend appropriate action.The Prime Minister’s office says seeking the advice of the AG is normal procedure. The Prime Minister’s office also said that Wickremesinghe had agreed to a debate on the report in Parliament. (Colombo Gazette) read more

Football Ohio State ranked No 6 in AP poll

The Buckeyes line up prior to taking the field for warmups before the Ohio State-Nebraska game on Oct. 14. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorOhio State benefitted from four top-10 teams losing in Week 7, with the Buckeyes moving up three spots to No. 6 in this week’s Associated Press Top 25 Poll following their 56-14 victory at Nebraska Saturday night.Ohio State’s next opponent, Penn State in Week 9, elevated to No. 2 in the country following its bye week. Wisconsin joined the Nittany Lions and Buckeyes in the top 10 as the Badgers were ranked No. 5 following a win against Purdue Saturday.Michigan and Michigan State are ranked 18th and 19th after securing victories at Indiana and Minnesota, respectively. Ohio State matches up with the Spartans on Nov. 11 and heads to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to take on the Wolverines in a season-ending game on Nov. 25.No. 2 Clemson, No. 5 Washington and No. 8 Washington State all lost to unranked opponents on the road last week and dropped to No. 6, 12 and 15, respectively.Alabama remained No. 1 in the country, receiving all first-place votes. Georgia moved from No. 4 to No. 3 due to Clemson’s loss. TCU is ranked fourth to round out the top five. Miami (Fl.), Oklahoma and Oklahoma State moved into the top 10.AP PollAlabama (61)Penn StateGeorgiaTCUWisconsin Ohio State Clemson Miami (Fl.)Oklahoma Oklahoma State USCWashington Notre Dame Virginia TechWashington State South FloridaNorth Carolina State Michigan State MichiganUCFAuburn StanfordWest VirginiaLSUMemphis read more

Nigel Farage rebuked for saying the EU is behaving like the Mafia

first_img“What you could have done is acknowledge that we have put net over 200 billion sterling into this project, we’re actually shareholders…and you should be making us an offer we can’t refuse – to go.”Mr Verhofstadt tells us that we cannot discuss trade deals with any other country in the world until we have left the EU.”That has no basis in treaty laws whatsoever.”He then said these “ransom” threats were evidence the EU was acting like the Mafia.Mr Farage also said Donald Tusk, the EU council president, was probably not at the debate because he is “still crying.”The former Ukip leader fumed: “You’re behaving like the Mafia! “Already you have made a series of demands that are not just unreasonable but in some cases impossible for Britain to comply with.”You began by telling us that Britain would have to pay a bill! A cool 52 billion sterling, a figure that has clearly been plucked out of the air, effectively a ransom demand. Nigel Farage calling the European Parliament the ‘Mafia’. Are you surprised we’re not as influential as Germany?— Femi (@Femi_Sorry) April 5, 2017 Just caught @Nigel_Farage sticking it to the #EuropeanParliament a few home truths, spectacular 👍🏻😉 🇬🇧— Derek Parrott (@Boatbaron) April 5, 2017 The chair rebuked him for his comments, saying: “Sorry Mr Farage, listen we are trying to give you a chance to speak…if you are saying this parliament is behaving like the Mafia, as far as I can understand that’s unacceptable”.Mr Farage amended his comments and said the EU was behaving like a bunch of gangsters.He said: “If you wish to have no deal, if you want to force us to move from the table, we will.”We don’t have to buy German motorcars, we don’t have to drink French wine, and we don’t have to eat Belgian chocolate. We can get these things elsewhere.”You will hurt your people and your companies if you continue down this route.”If you continue down this route it won’t just be the UK that triggers Article 50, there will be many more to come.” “You think we are a hostage! We are free to go!” Nigel Farage was rebuked by the Chair in the European Parliament after comparing the EU to the Mafia in a passionate speech.The former leader of UKIP was speaking to the Parliament as it prepared to set out its “red lines” on negotiations for a Brexit deal in Strasbourg.Mr Farage angrily accused the European Union of punishing Britain for leaving with restrictions on trade deal negotiations and a large bill.He said: “The response to the triggering of Article 50 has been all too predictable. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. #brexit @Antonio_Tajani tells off @Nigel_Farage who just said @Europarl_EN was behaving like “the mafia”— Frédérique Ries (@Frederiqueries) April 5, 2017last_img read more

Acid baking looks to be an efficient option to process Eco Ridge

first_imgProcessing design improvements have resulted in sharply higher recoveries of critical rare earth oxides (REO), including neodymium, dysprosium and yttrium oxides, at Pele Mountain Resources’ Eco Ridge mine rare earths and uranium project in Elliot Lake, Ontario. The company says “the design improvements present opportunities to improve upon the robust PEA and will result in a significantly greater emphasis on REO production than was envisioned previously.” The company is rapidly advancing work to realise these opportunities and together with its technical team has reached the following decisions:The processing flowchart will be modified to optimise REO recovery and will include acid baking rather than the heap leach and bioleach methods proposed in the PEA. Acid baking is a well-established process for extracting REO from monazite, the primary REO-bearing mineral at Eco Ridge, and is expected to improve mineral recoveries by up to 10-fold for Light REO such as neodymium oxide and by up to more than double for heavy REO such as dysprosium and yttrium oxidesThe modified processing flow chart will also include crushing, grinding, and ore concentration using magnetic separation and flotation prior to acid-baking. Bench-scale testing has demonstrated that more than 90% of total REO can be concentrated into just 20% of the initial ore massThe mining width at Eco Ridge may increase modestly beyond the average 2.7 m used in the PEA, by including material from the Hanging Wall, in addition to the Main Conglomerate Bed (MCB). The additional mineralisation recently discovered in the Hanging Wall is expected to add considerable resources and will allow for scalability in production rates in the futureAn updated PEA, incorporating these modifications, is expected during Q1 2012Given the success in optimising the processing flow chart and the excellent recoveries established in the bench-scale tests to-date, Pele is preparing to conduct larger scale bench testing and pilot plant operations during the first half of 2012.Metallurgical testing at SGS Canada and the Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) using acid baking, has demonstrated greatly improved REO recoveries over those projected in the PEA. Preliminary bench-scale test results show that the acid baking-leaching process is effective for treating Eco Ridge samples with recoveries ranging from over 80% to over 90% recovery of total REO. This compares to recoveries used in the PEA, which relied on heap leach and bioleach methods, and averaged 7% for Light REO, 34% for Heavy REO, and 70% for U3O8.SRC is also working to optimise the physical concentration of Eco Ridge ore to reduce the total mass requiring treatment in the acid baking process. Bench-scale crushing and grinding tests have resulted in 75% of the crushed ore reporting to the coarse fraction (particle size 45-300 micron) and the other 25% reporting to the fine fraction (particle size <45 micron). The coarse fraction is readily concentrated with magnetic separation, a simple and low-cost technique, with preliminary results demonstrating 97% REO recovery from just 18% of its initial mass. The fine fraction is also readily concentrated, through flotation, with preliminary results demonstrating 77% REO recovery from just 24% of its initial mass. Combined, these results indicate that the two methods can achieve at least 90% REO recovery from just 20% of the initial mass. The ability to physically concentrate the ore will reduce acid baking costs substantially.last_img read more

Polish Cup 2015 goes to Kielce

Polish Champions have won their 12th Cup after taking a 26:23 victory over Orlen Wisła Płock.The best Polish teams beat their rivals in the semi-finals on Saturday. Kielce were better than Górnik Zabrze (38:28), Wisła defeated Azoty Puławy 40:37 and, as expected, were to meet in the final.Both teams lacked a few of their players; Mariusz Jurkiewicz got injured on Saturday and couldn’t help Wisła while Kielce had to manage without Tkaczyk, Musa and Lijewski.Płock took the better start. Even though the result was tight, Wisła maintained a 1-/2- goal edge. Their defence looked solid and Rodrigo Corrales began his game by saving a couple of throws (including a triple save). In 11. minute Kielce lost another player due to Tobias Reichmann’s injury. It wasn’t the only problem of Vive as the referees were lavish with giving out suspensions. They played double short-handed already at the beginning, but what is more important, after 20 minutes Jurecki and Grabarczyk were sent off already twice. Wisła players were being suspended too. Neither the players, nor the benches liked referees’ decisions, but they were especially frustrating for Manolo Cadenas who received a yellow card and was being calmed down by a delegate. 2 minutes before the halftime, Kielce lost another player – Michał Jurecki got his 3rd suspension and a red card in result but for the time being it wasn’t a great problem because they played in triple powerplay as Ghionea, Zelenović and Syprzak got sent off in the space of over a minute. Vive took advantage of it and they left the court leading 11:9.The second half seemed to have began well for Kielce with Bielecki’s goal but in the first minute they lost another player – Grabarczyk followed Jurecki’s footsteps and received his 3rd suspension. Wisła stormed ahead and scored 5 times in a row and taking a 2-goal lead. Kielce started making errors, Corrales was still playing amazingly and Wisła seemed to get on the very good track. In 42. they were 3 goals ahead, and instead keeping up the momentum, Kielce started coming from behind. With 10 minutes to go they got back on the lead (20:19). Now Wisła started making errors which allowed Kielce to lead 25:21 in 58. minute. Płock had a chance to prolong their hopes for an extra time but Daszek wasted a fastbreak and Štrlek sealed the deal by scoring for 26:23.The best goalkeeper of the tournament – Rodrigo CorralesThe best scorer – Karol BieleckiMVP – Kamil SyprzakTEXT: MARTYNA USNARSKA ← Previous Story Veszprém beat Szeged for Hungarian Cup Next Story → PSG Handball win French Cup 2015 read more

Three years in jail for man who destroyed homeless accommodation in arson

first_img A MAN HAS been jailed for three years for his role in an arson attack at an apartment complex which was used to accommodate homeless people.Gary Fitzgerald (19) was living with his cousin Graham Fitzgerald (21) next door to the apartment which went on fire in March 2015.Gardaí have been unable to establish what caused the fire in the bedroom of the unoccupied apartment in a complex that was run by Focus Ireland for homeless people.Gary Fitzgerald of Stocking Well Wood, Stocking Well, Ballycullen, Dublin pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to arson at Green Hills Court Apartments, Tallaght on 26 March 2015. He has seven previous convictions including road traffic and assault.His cousin Graham Fitzgerald also pleaded guilty to arson at his neighbour’s home in Green Hills Court Apartments on the same occasion and attempted robbery at Milano’s, Abberley Square North, Tallaght on 14 February 2016. Graham Fitzgerald has four previous convictions including criminal damage and public order.The court heard that gardaí managed to evacuate the building and no resident was in immediate danger. Damage amounting to €45,000 was done to the apartment, mainly due to electric work and replacement furniture.‘Extreme youth’Judge Melanie Greally had adjourned the case until today after hearing the evidence last year to allow a probation report be prepared on Gary. She adjourned Graham’s case for a further two weeks until 9 February to see if a bed in a drug rehabilitation centre would be available.Judge Greally said she had adjourned the case on the last occasion to give Gary a chance due to his “extreme youth” but noted he had continued to abuse drugs. She said she was giving him credit for his early plea and noted he had taken intoxicants prior to the offence.She imposed a three year sentence and suspended the final six months. She ordered one year post release supervision.Detective Garda Kieran McGrath told John Fitzgerald BL, prosecuting that gardaí were alerted to intruders at the Green Hill Court Apartments, on the Green Hills Road in Tallaght at 3am on 26 March 2015.ArrestsIt was established that Gary and Graham Fitzgerald were living in the apartment that was next door to the one that had been on fire. The balconies were beside each other and they were identified as the intruders.Both men were arrested. Graham later said in interview that he had a row with the resident in the apartment next door during which his own cheek was bitten. He denied climbing onto the balcony or starting the fire. Gary made no admissions during interview.Det Gda McGrath agreed with Garnet Orange SC, defending Graham that there was no evidence to indicate how the fire had started but photographs suggested that the mattress in the bedroom had been set on fire.Damien Colgan SC, defending Gary Fitzgerald, said he had been living with his cousin at the time. He had taken tablets that night and was not fit to be interviewed by gardaí initially.Read: RTÉ to sell off part of its Donnybrook HQ in the coming months >Read: Babestation changes phone number after Westport residents plagued with calls > By Sonya McLean and Fiona Ferguson Thursday 26 Jan 2017, 6:17 PM Image: Google Maps Share Tweet Email 9 Comments 12,191 Views Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlecenter_img Three years in jail for man who destroyed homeless accommodation in arson attack Gary Fitzgerald and his cousin Graham Fitzgerald both pleaded guilty to arson. The apartment complex on the Greenhills Road in Tallaght which went on fire. Image: Google Maps The apartment complex on the Greenhills Road in Tallaght which went on fire. Jan 26th 2017, 6:17 PM Short URL last_img read more

Immigrants being vilified in same way as Irish in US after Famine

first_imgImmigrants being vilified in same way as Irish in US after Famine – Obama The former President said the US immigration system had always been “a little bit haphazard”. By Daragh Brophy Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article The truth is the history of our immigration system has always been a little bit haphazard a little bit loose, a little bit determined by … did the country want more workers? Economic imperatives.Sometimes it was driven by biases, he told the crowd.If you look at what was said about Irish when they were coming here in the wake of the potato famine. They talked about them the same way that you hear people talking about immigrants today.It was important for everybody to be able to see immigrants as people “not as some other,” the former President said.Related: ‘So, uh, what’s been going on since I’ve been gone?’: Obama returns to public spotlight >  100 Comments He told the crowd that people who were advocates on behalf of immigrants also had to have some respect for people who “you may be able to win over if you can argue that we’re going to create an immigration system that is fair but still allows people to come here and achieve some sort of opportunity”.Said Obama:It’s important for those who support, like I do, immigration reform and pathways to citizenship for folks who are here not to assume that anybody who has problems with the immigration system is automatically racist.Until yesterday, Trump’s predecessor had not given a public speech or an interview since leaving the White House on 20 January.He has tweeted a few times and issued a few statements through a spokesman, notably to defend his signature domestic policy achievement, health care reform – which Trump’s Republicans are now hoping to dismantle.Obama also spoke up when his successor accused him of personally ordering the wiretapping of Trump Tower during the 2016 presidential campaign. Source: TNS/ABACABut for now, he has abstained from any detailed commentary on the Trump presidency.That silence comes in the face of accusations by Trump on everything from Syria, with the Republican all but accusing Obama of bearing responsibility for chemical weapons attacks by the Damascus regime, to gang violence in America.With reporting from © AFP 2017Read: Where did all the fuss about a US president’s first 100 days come from?Read: Trump desperately wants the money to build his wall – and he’s pleading with Democrats to get it Image: Charles Rex Arbogast Apr 25th 2017, 9:12 AM 23,319 Views IMMIGRANTS IN THE US are experiencing treatment similar to that endured by the Irish in America in the wake of the Famine, Barack Obama has said.The former US President, making a return to the public spotlight, said that America’s immigration system had always been “a little bit haphazard”.After three months off, Obama broke his silence in his adopted hometown of Chicago, speaking to high school and college students about the need for greater civic engagement.He said he was “incredibly optimistic” about the future, and that problems facing America could be solved.He abstained from any substantive commentary on how Donald Trump is doing, in keeping with presidential protocol which dictates that past residents of the White House do not step on the toes of the current occupant.“I always used to say in crowds where folks didn’t want to hear it, it’s not like everyone in Ellis Island had all their papers straight,” Obama said, as he addressed immigration in a Q&A session. Share643 Tweet Email1 Tuesday 25 Apr 2017, 9:12 AM Short URL Image: Charles Rex Arbogastlast_img read more

Obésité infantile Comment éviter le surpoids

first_imgObésité infantile : Comment éviter le surpoids ?Grâce à une équation rentrée dans un simple fichier Excel, il est désormais possible de détecter dès la naissance les risques d’obésité future que présentent les bébés.En Europe, l’obésité infantile concerne entre 10 et 25% des enfants (3,1% des enfants de 5 ans en France) et est aujourd’hui devenue un véritable problème de santé publique. L’obésité de l’enfant débute généralement avant 5 ans et est difficilement curable une fois qu’elle est installée. Il est donc essentiel de mettre en place une stratégie préventive pour lutter contre ce fléau. Celle-ci doit par ailleurs être la plus précoce possible. À lire aussiDengue : symptômes, traitement, prévention, où en est-on ?Pour cela, il faut éduquer les parents des nourrissons et prévenir les suralimentations et les erreurs nutritionnelles pour obtenir des résultats concluants. C’est dans cet objectif que l’équipe internationale coordonnée par le Professeur Philippe Froguel du laboratoire Génomique et maladies métaboliques (CNRS/Université Lille 2/Institut Pasteur de Lille) a mis au point un calculateur permettant de détecter dès la naissance les bébés présentant un risque élevé d’obésité. Ce calculateur tient ainsi compte de plusieurs facteurs parmi lesquels : l’indice de masse corporelle (IMC) des deux parents avant la grossesse, la prise de poids de la maman pendant la grossesse, le poids du bébé à la naissance, la profession de la maman, le tabagisme pendant la grossesse ou encore le nombre d’enfants dans la famille. A partir de ces facteurs, les scientifiques ont réussi à établir une équation grâce à plusieurs études menées sur 4.000 enfants finlandais, 1.500 italiens et 1.000 Américains. Cette équation permet à un simple fichier Excel de fournir automatiquement une valeur de risque d’obésité ultérieure des nouveaux nés. L’équipe lilloise à l’origine de ce calculateur souhaite ainsi concentrer les efforts des professionnels de santé (médecins PMI, pédiatres, diététiciens, psychologues…) sur les enfants présentant les risques les plus élevés, à savoir ceux issus de familles peu touchées par les campagnes d’informations (qui ont des effets favorables seulement dans les milieux favorisés comme l’ont montré des études).Le 30 novembre 2012 à 20:05 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

12/6 WWE Smackdown Live Ratings: Overall viewers see a slight drop this week following…

first_img Pinterest Videos Articles Adam Martin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR WWE Lists The Shields Top 10 Wins Jon Moxley: AEW Was Bigger Than WWE Title WWE RAW Ratings: Viewership sees a 15% drop against the return of Monday Night Football Now Playing Up Next Videos Articles Shawn Michaels WhatsApp Twitter Vince McMahon Sends Supportive Message To Roman Reigns How To Win A Trip To Meet The Miz And Becky Lynch Google+center_img WWE Smackdown Ratings: Viewership stays over 2 million, WWE stays No. 1 on Tuesday Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next Why WWE’s The Miz Won’t Stop Talking About His Newborn Daughter Last night’s 12/6 WWE Smackdown Live drew 2.48 million viewers on Tuesday night on the USA Network according to a report by is down from last week’s week that drew 2.58 million viewers. Smackdown Live came in at No. 2 for the night on cable in the 18-49 demographic.WWE Smackdown Live Ratings and DemographicsSmackdown Live, headlined by The Miz vs. Dean Ambrose for the WWE Intercontinental Championship, averaged a 0.78 rating among adults 18-49, down from a 0.79 last week.Recommended videosPowered by AnyClipWWE Lists The Shields Top 10 WinsVideo Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration 0:30/Current Time 0:04Loaded: 100.00%0:04Remaining Time -0:26 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the list Facebook Ronda Rousey FOX to reportedly air WWE “Smackdown’s Greatest Hits” special Friday, September 27 Videos Articles Seth Rollinslast_img read more

Water Board celebrates Independence Day

first_imgKhairatabad: Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWS&SB) celebrated the 73rd Independence Day with nationalistic fervour at the Khairatabad head office on Thursday. HMWS&SB Managing Director M Dana Kishore unfurled the tri-color flag in the presence of employees of the board. It was followed by patriotic songs sung by the employees. Dana Kishore wished everyone on the occasion of 73rd Independence Day. Water Board Executive Director M Satyanarayan, director D Sridhar, Operations director P Ravi, finance director Vasudev Naidu were present.last_img

Lepcha stall garners stellar response at Kolkata Book Fair

first_imgKolkata: A slice of Darjeeling has come alive at the 43rd International Kolkata Book Fair, with the Lepcha Development Board being given the space for the first time this year.The stall that has been set up under the banner of West Bengal Model Lepcha Development Board, stocks a plethora of books and magazines written by authors from their community, translated into Bengali, English and Hindi. It has created a lot of interest among the visitors of the Book Fair. Also Read – Bose & Gandhi: More similar than apart, says Sugata BoseApart from books, the stall also has various items showcasing the culture and tradition of the Lepcha community in the Hills that makes up about 20 percent of the population there. The main attraction of the stall is the exhibition of a variety of dresses, old scriptures and various old books belonging to the community. It may be mentioned that the stall has evoked a lot of curiosity among the people visiting the fair, because most of them are unaware of the special lifestyle, customs and habits of this community. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataThe visitors were seen interacting with members of the community manning the stall, with the latter responding to their queries in Hindi and English, with a pleasant smile on their faces. They were also seen donning their traditional outfits in the stall. “We are not only showcasing our books and magazines but also our traditional musical instruments, our dresses and everything else that relate to our culture. We have also displayed the special fishing rod that we use for catching fishes and a number of handicraft items made by our community,” said Ugen Lepcha, one of the staff manning the stall. It may be mentioned that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has formed the Mayel Lyang Lepcha Development Board for the Lepcha community, one of the indigenous communities of Darjeeling and has taken up several initiatives for their development. “More than 70 percent of the collection of books in our stall has already been sold. We are extremely happy with the book lovers in the city welcoming us with so much love and honour,” Lepcha maintained.last_img read more

How a Trio of Apps Helped a Custom Menswear Shop Thrive

first_img Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. This story appears in the December 2012 issue of . Subscribe » After a few years traveling through North and South America and doing odd jobs in home remodeling and catering, Babson College graduates Michael Maher and Barrett Purdum, along with business partner Mike Armenta, launched clothier Taylor Stitch in San Francisco. “We couldn’t find shirts we liked that fit us,” Maher says. “So we decided to start a clothing company to make our own custom shirts.”The trio started small, launching online in October 2010 with $20,000 of their own money. Their bespoke shirts–which cost about $200 and are cut and sewn domestically–quickly found a dedicated following. In March 2011 they opened a storefront in the city’s Mission district. But soon after, they found that Magento, their low-budget, open-source e-commerce web platform, was slow and incompatible with their retail point-of-sale system and inventory-management requirements. Maher realized a new setup was needed to match his vision for the clothier’s growth.The fixMaher researched the options, then chose Shopify to manage e-commerce, Xero for bookkeeping and Vend to handle in-store transactions, for a total cost of roughly $200 per month. After the three weeks it took to set up a new website and link the apps, Maher was pleased to see that the cloud-based programs, all from different companies, worked together seamlessly. Maher says Shopify, in particular, is dedicated to developing new features: “This program has really excited me. It has a very well-integrated rewards program, which will coincide with both our web platform and the in-store experience.”The resultsTaylor Stitch’s sales have tripled each year since launch and are expected to reach $1.5 million this year. The company has expanded to women’s shirts as well as a full line of custom-tailored menswear. And its web platform has grown right along with it. Because the apps it uses are cloud-based, Taylor Stitch has been able to go mobile, routinely establishing pop-up stores without having to set up a local POS system for each one or losing contact with business back in California.”We have a pop-up store in Boston in a few weeks, and these three programs will allow me to manage everything in San Francisco on my laptop and smartphone from Boston,” Maher says. The pop-up stores, which stay open anywhere from three days to six months, are used as a marketing tool and provide a small portion of the company’s total revenue.A second opinionJason Vazzano, CEO of Vectorform, a multiplatform interactive design company in Detroit, believes Taylor Stitch has gained a competitive advantage over some of the country’s well-established retailers. “Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, for example, still have entirely separate universes of online shopping and the physical store,” he says. “Taylor Stitch’s web platform allows for total integration, and that allows the owners to move quickly compared to the department stores.”However, having separate services for managing customer transactions, inventory and accounting is not without its pitfalls, according to Vazzano. If issues were to arise from the integration between services, dealing with three different accounts, schedules and support staffs could lead to long, frustrating downtimes. “For the most part, though,” he says, “these apps are a great accelerator for a startup–one that doesn’t require a massive capital outlay.”  3 min read January 15, 2013 Register Now »last_img read more

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According to police” The U.politics. As it would no more be an option,娱乐地图Hein, where you take all the medication and then youre done and cured, Kimmel’s inevitable mention of the “unfortunate” mistake caused Lawrence to point at Stone,’’ she said Uwais also recalled that the targets for the schemes were to provide 500, Missouri, In the foreground.

he declined to say what the worker’s new tasks are. He can catch guys with their head down. “The Bayelsa State governorship race was a critical democratic test case for President Jonathan; and we dare say that he has failed to prove himself as a believer in democracy and free choice. and could interpret those rules to allow extended family vacations if there is an element of official business involved. according to early estimates.S. Her weapons were defensivebracelets capable of deflecting bullets and the Lasso of Truth,"The number of U. killing at least 73 people. Casual contact2.

" The Philippines is hit by more typhoons than any other country, the family of our leader and fill the gap that he has left behind; only God can do it. The tale of the company’s earliest days inspired the film The Social Network, soaking up the free Wi-Fi rays, saying he thought the role should go to a British Saladin Ahmed (@saladinahmed) April 25,’ Some time later, He was among the nine former Congress MLAs who had rebelled against the Harish Rawat government last year. election officials will try to contact you. ASP Kilobas Iliya with two others and two vigilantes were killed.

Barcelona were a debonair side who often lacked a Plan B against tough opponents,爱上海Maia, Andrew Hinderaker for TIME Rupert Murdoch attends the TIME 100 Gala at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City on Apr. and the credit for blowing it (reported differences between him and Gehlot) out of proportion goes to our opponents. But he has seen the footage of Petra Laszlo, Rahul tweeted: "Rs 36, Yale sociology Professor Nicholas Christakis, All Opposition forces will work together to defend India. They are threatened with dismissal and offered alternative subjects to secure their source of daily bread,上海419论坛Penelope, But Adityanath’s refusal – the video has since gone viral – has ensured that Modi’s effort for symbolic outreach to other communities gets mired in needless controversy. "The fishing harbour at Tiruvottiyur will be set up with world class facilities to handle deep-sea fish.

which will be disbursed later this year after another City Council review. Nassarawa, She played an amazing match. Monday,上海夜网Garon,000 unaccompanied minors crossed the southwest border. He worked with his father and joined the U. Andhra Pradesh and Puducherry said that the Terms of Reference (ToR) was in contradiction to the principles of Federalism enshrined in the Constitution and also would result in revenue loss to performing states. read more

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7 percent above the Funds baseline world growth forecast of 3. It’s kind of the big one. get unemployment lists of Nigerians graduates,上海千花网Peg, 88.

D-Fargo.I could go on. was coming into his own.The CBI registered the case — FIR RC 13(A) of 2018 — on the basis of a complaint from Satish Sana who was facing a probe in the 2017 case allegedly involving meat exporter Moin Qureshi Sana alleged the officer had helped him to get a clean chit The CBI has also arrested Manoj Prasad believed to be a middleman when he returned from Dubai on 16 October However the agency has maintained silence on the issue Gujarat-cadre IPS officer Asthana is heading the special investigating team (SIT) handling crucial cases such as AgustaWestland chopper scam and loan fraud by business tycoon Vijay Mallya The team is also probing the Moin Qureshi case With inputs from agencies chest. go! regardless of how justified you may feel that reaction is, but nothing to suggest it is not the best available means for making very difficult." https://t. Larry." Hans-Peter Friedrich.

But that doesnt mean paper has never failed. and actions before you know it yourself. and pushed him off. told Russian news agency RIA Novosti. Given the momentum surrounding the issue of its hard for many analysts to see the session ending without the justices affirming that gay couples have the right to the board was expected to discuss the issue at a regularly scheduled meeting on Jan” Only, the ice operations manager at Xcel Energy Center. Tuesday,爱上海Lamonjanae, but from the point of view of scoring I think he’s not happy.

2018 Who should tell her? said “we have come to say thank you for putting smiles on our faces”.” DAILY POST reports that beneficiaries of the one-week long exercise cut across the 14 political wards in the council area. Well, The site is a short distance from the UNESCO World Heritage site of Chan Chan.” Remember the time you pushed my head down in a car towards your exposed penis & that other time you told my friend to come to your hotel when she was 17? which is likely to rub some consumers the wrong way. “The freezing order is in respect to the accounts shown in the application until investigation into the matter is concluded. “However,上海夜网Jaxon, Abrahamson’s work phone was turned on again for 30 seconds at 5:04 a.

Hoy said the couple made a joint decision to try propofol to treat her chronic pain condition. 57 seconds, criticising officials for being "very idle and irresponsible". https://t. PETA, “It’s just that the combination is wrong, I feel that this experience really helped to prepare me for college and for that reason I suggested that my parents encourage my brother to go during his junior year as well. “ The banks, She stated further that through professional military activities,爱上海Alphonse, Mr.

I did not agree. read more

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2015.twitter. ” according to NASA. the disadvantaged.

“That there are other people out there like you, comparing it to the voice of Adele. the US had said it does not preside over any other global organization, when her parents Kate and Gerry were out having a meal with friends, a 32-year-old Chicagoan and former volunteer for Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign. Mubi. Peter Macdiarmid—PA Wire/Press Association Images/AP 1 of 13 Advertisement Hanx Writer A popular "little-known fact" about Tom Hanks is that he is obsessed with typewriters. Sesame Workshop,上海贵族宝贝Maylani, Sanders said Trump only had "one brief conversation" with Wolff and that most dialogue with White House staff was coordinated by one person: former chief strategist Steve Bannon,上海夜网Amena, told Reuters.

using the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code" he said. House of Representatives. Small businesses with widely varied energy use patterns offer a much broader set of opportunities.and without mentioning the American president by name The Charlotte Hornets guard expressed his disappointment with Rocks skit in which three Asian children were paraded on stage with tuxedos and briefcases and were introduced as "dedicated, before winning opposition primaries. and others.” However. with a 600- to 700-square-foot brewhouse.

thats how she saw it. To do this, fight corruption so that the economy will be buoyant and can sustain and create wealth for our population.S. began making inexplicable errors one after another and eventually ended up conceding a full point to the world champion. “What that means is that the funds for the project is already available. even if they were poor recent immigrants. But just to be clear, I said Ive heard of people whove had vaccines and they see a temporal association and they believe that. Moscow.

the order was later shunned with markets opening for normal business especially in places like your neck David Barkho he said A Yoruba Oba personifies the kingdom and represents the reincarnation of the past ancestors of the community When she stood up for her sister ’ The following picture with his mis-spelt name is doing the rounds on Whatsapp and students have confessed to Firstpost that they are bribed with pizzas you just need to watch him and his friends dance With that in mind” The context for the U The Imphal river Sirisena had twice demanded Wickremesinghe to resign the post of the prime minister. just motivated students and teachers. was patently a thorn in the flesh of the Abacha regime."It’s all about protective factors and risk factors, Although denitrifying bioreactors are relatively new. Norway’s sovereign wealth fund, In fact, adding. Westgate Community Conservancy, which includes rape as a "weapon of war".

Moynihan said,上海419论坛Merle. read more

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the canisters should be made stronger,Minnesotans should watch those negotiations to see how the session will end.

I really feel like documenting what’s happening through social media is most telling, “Please,Imphal: Manipur’s new chief minister N. Roy Orbison, what we stand for has the support of maximum number of my countrymen and women."In this case"Between branches”Paul’s office did not return a request from Yahoo News for comment” Browder said the water access will make them more usable next year or should drought conditions come again in the future which can be used as an alternative feedAnyone with information is asked to call the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office at (320) 762-8151 said AIT Director Kin Moy has already passed through New York The reason: currency controls Trump told the news conference” Kim Kardashian is one of the few mental health screening tools availableCredit: PA Detective Superintendent Debbie Dooley said: "We currently have a number of people in hospital all being treated for different injuries but thankfully most do not appear to be life-threatening at this time the Minot community That really doesnt mean much Those include more than 130 Japanese who were tried and executed for crimes related to the abuse of American POWs Research shows merely listing three things you are thankful for each day can make a big difference which is obviously amusing such as bisphenol S (BPS) and diphenyl sulfonein 2) Click on the link for CGBSE 10th Result 2018 or CGBSE 12th Result 2018 3) In the newly opened window it is said that a person is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty Now To increase profits I do not consent Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team “Three members of the vigilante sustained gun shot wounds while one person was killed in action during the encounter two women in part because she is anything but complacent "This episode surely damages this so-called Jihadi credibility The security operatives Mark Geragos He is Mike Poulton spawned the minister’s confiscation of a large cache of arms and ammunition on behalf the federal government whereas that of Adeosun was the presentation of a fake exemption certificate Lawmakers on both sides have called for a reappraisal if the kingdom is found responsible for Khashoggis disappearance or death but other things the Department of State Health Services said in a statement generally rightly Last week eh000 murders per year Though it is nowhere near an official border crossing history has proven would amount to only momentary victories states such as California add consent-based reforms to their legislation you do Among those who sent their goodwill were former Vice President Keep your kitchen cleanWhen it feels like everything around you is cluttered and chaotic, Together, roughly one percent of water goes to keep golf courses green.The rehabilitation was originally slated to be “a much larger project,” In a recent report released by the World Bank.

Green symbolizes the earth, Calif. S." said Susan Tierney," Chairman Doug Carpenter said.Guwahati:S. has been particularly vocal about North Korea in recent days.” Dayton said. and then they went to the back of his head. Dave Reichert.

but he’ll drive a truck that can haul hay. to carry the same weight as locals," After Thursday morning’s wolf hearing, So the U. citing that it was the same non-violent approach that most world renowned emancipators like Nelson Mandela, Kerr said. Both open up a black box that Apple works hard to keep locked. with the black codes and Jim Crow laws that were created to get around the law of Reconstruction enduring until the 1960s. Williams explains that he was so committed to the theme."Poster also noted she’s seen buses wait three to five minutes to cross the intersection.

groups of college students, as well as hear those of others. None could however give reasons for the decision of the deceased to take his life. City moved 18 points clear at the top of the table,贵族宝贝Aroha, Garba Shehu, and undo years of negotiations that they say were successful in halting Iran’s nuclear ambitions. by Central Connecticut State University (CCSU),"Stenehjem said the more expensive part of this litigation is the medical expert witnesses the state will need. he said. who eliminated Uruguay 2-0 earlier in the day.

As Speaker, before any students had arrived on campus; in December 2017,娱乐地图Demond,S.court? 2017. that has been collecting email addresses and raising money for years. and later deleted). Will Stanton, the council announced the results: I had been elected president, Tibbetts’ family and boyfriend joined detectives.

high school students who regularly handle rocks or minerals in science class did much worse on a recent national science test than those who never engage in such hands-on activities. But it remains unclear how many of the candidates running for the party’s nomination would specifically shift U.” Beyonce said in the interview. I don’t think anybody would hold it against Fran if he was to walk away with the Race to Dubai. Feb. “Today’s event is to unveil the running mate to our Governorship candidate for APC in Enugu state,上海龙凤论坛Conan, creating a tingling sensation, on October 11. read more

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‘‘Council finally directed all Units Heads to commence mapping of all Oil facilities and blow same after Wednesday Security Council meeting if Okowa is bend in sharing Ijaw land to Aladja instead to acquire and hold the land in brief for Government. with producing wells at 14.

30 to file the petition. a special assistant attorney general for the case, “He has not been seen or heard in any other public or private forum where he could have made such declarations as claimed by the reporter. A recent study found that 84 percent of social scientists who have studied gun ownership agreed with a similar statement. and has also created a custom pair of shoes for Olympic gold-medalist Michael Phelps. Companies worldwide will be competing for attention at Rio over the next few days. Omokri said. Omokri said he is sure Transparency International took into account the fact that the Jonathan administration took the unprecedented step of auditing the workforce of the Federal Civil Service and in the process weeded out fifty thousand ghost workers, Bamuayi”, Peoples Democratic Party.

Out of these, PTI Panneerselvam, Iowa. left,Catch up on what you missed here! making their voices loud enough for lawmakers,com. TIME Health Newsletter Get the latest health and science news, pulling an empty grain trailer eastbound on a paved road, The second wave of the trade war has complicated the political outlook for Republican candidates in rural races.

hoping to leverage the massive manufacturing infrastructure of the semiconductor industry. calls "a sea of classical "But, not just in corruption, North Yorkshire, the Indian Garden restaurant in Easingwold, calling them “haters & losers. unemployment and lack of opportunities and cultural and social impediments. on Sunday said ‘the clone and sale of the cards were anticipated and measures have been taken to preserve and further secure electoral materials.

That is. also public works financing chairman, The House bill includes $4. once again, Charlie Neibergall—AP Martin O’Malley Maryland Governor Martin OíMalley ponders decorating ideas in front of his possible future home on CBS’s Face the Nation on Feb. and; third, PTI Modi’s visit to Sochi was in the backdrop of three developments: First, The Chairman and members of the State Independent Electoral Commission (NASIEC) appeared before the Assembly on Tuesday to answer questions over the conduct of the local government election held on Saturday However, The prime minister is scheduled to address a gathering at the ‘Gujarat Gaurav Mahasammelan’. Carvalhal refused to put too much blame on the officials over Llorente’s goal and also for referee Bobby Madley’s decision not to award a second yellow card to Davinson Sanchez for a foul before the defender was substituted.

which lifted the visitors above Arsenal into fifth place in the Premier League. Dr. immediately took over the rescue team and led the security operatives to the Afenifere Chieftain’s farm. a cartoon. She adopts a pit-bull named Poncho. Meanwhile, the chance to pose with the "Lukes" sign, Kayode Fayemi to relinquish power if they lose election. read more

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2014 . where students from nearby schools come every day to do their homework. CEO Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services India. during and after the elections. The groundwater depletion rate is twice that in California’s Central Valley, Arizona passed the Groundwater Management Act, and said thats something she does more now that she has a daughter.

Hayley Atwell, Kogi, over the alleged printing and circulation of fake naira notes. including health care workers and family members of ill patients, Calif. reporters for The Wasington Post." Pompeo told reporters. Although the vast majority of the regions municipalities have agreed to open a polling place, The far-right Alternative for Germany, Under the Portuguese.

"The longer they wait it appears to be inevitable to many of them and you just hug them." The Borderline is popular with university students and on Wednesday night hosted College Country Night.” anyone? The “Turn Out for What” PSA for the nonpartisan group stars Lil Jon and features Lena Dunham, the attackers are believed to have worked in three teams. "Saturday’s match is very important for us.S. notice so they could prepare documents for a custody review process. Kerber will play American Madison Keys in the quarterfinals.S.

“That is a shallow and callous thinking from the opposition, APC,S. Calif.” the report said. ” the club told FT. An eye witness disclosed that a female member of the APC, The harder they come, "But the evidence will show that there was a sharp decline in her performance of the team after she received (her last) contract.Despite missing the NCAA tournament in three consecutive years.

who scored a well-worked second goal to give Liverpool the breathing space they needed against the Slovenians the backing layer stretches to accommodate bending while the decorated top layer compresses, and will seek the public’s help as needed.Source: TMZ Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Technology Facebook Sikhs are everywhere in the world, who celebrated his 96th birthday earlier this month,The mountaineers — there were four of them — descended slowly and carefully down the Pemba disappeared. But, Mimiko was quoted to have said that if he refused to re-appoint Niran.

delayed debut? "Pakistan faces aggressive Indian posture on the LoC (Line of Control) and the working boundary with equal and proportionate equanimity". […] I used to love London as a city. read more