Oresteia Star Lia Williams on How Klytemnestra Is Like Wallis Simpson & More

first_imgLia Williams was nominated for a 1997 Tony for her performance in the original Broadway production of Skylight, since which time the gifted actress’s stage appearances have included the 2011 Broadway revival of Arcadia and Pinter’s Old Times in the West End opposite Kristin Scott Thomas and Rufus Sewell. Williams is back on the London boards playing the grief-stricken, impassioned Klytemnestra in Robert Icke’s hugely acclaimed Almeida production of Aeschylus’ tragic yet thrilling Oresteia. Broadway.com spoke to the -expert actress about making ancient texts live for today and why, in theater terms, she can’t go home again.A three-hour Greek epic is pretty unusual for the West End. Has the audience appeal of this production been a surprise?It has! What we’re finding is there is obviously a very real appetite for this sort of thing—as long as you can make it accessible. We’re all delighted and amazed and hugely encouraged that theater can be this. It sort of defies the idea that to have a show in the West End you have to have a big star or some dated version of something, neither of which is true if you get the ingredients right and you’re rigorous in what you believe the theater to be.Is it cathartic rather than draining?Absolutely. What happens is you don’t carry the grief of it, but you do carry the release of it, which is phenomenal to play. And at night, I find that I’m sleeping very well: I don’t even need sleeping pills.How do you account for the sudden upsurge of interest in the Greek classics that has this year included Ben Whishaw and Bertie Carvel in Bakkhai and Kate Fleetwood opening shortly as Medea?Well, I’m not an academic or a classicist, but what strikes me is that the Greeks were very much a people that had a great philosophical debate at the very center of their civic society about who they were and why they were on the planet. That was part of their everyday conversation.They didn’t shy away from the big topics.That’s right. They were interested in why do we kill? Why do we have these big emotions in us? What are they and do we need to control them—and if so, why should we? My own instinct on this is that at times of great stability in the world, we reach back into history to try and anchor ourselves in something.Klytemnestra is certainly a seismic role: tell us your thoughts on her.I see her as a doting mother and a loving and passionate wife who is deeply in love with her husband. This is the complexity of it: she has to kill [Agamemnon] because she can’t have him living on the planet with her. It really is an incredible role for a woman.Rather surprisingly, a second production of this same play opened at Shakespeare’s Globe within a week of yours transferring to the West End.Yes, and I won’t be rushing to see it. That would be too difficult anyway, I think, given that I am so close to the story. I could never see Skylight again, for instance, or any of the shows I’ve been in. They leave a little imprint on your heart and become like a treasure box.You weren’t tempted to check out Carey Mulligan and Bill Nighy in the recent revival of Skylight?I really wasn’t. I’m a great friend of Bill ’s and a huge fan of Carey, but I needed to keep my memory of [David Hare’s play] intact. I didn’t want that to be disturbed.What are your memories of the celebrated scene in Skylight where your character has to cook pasta on stage in real time?I used to get so many letters from members of the audience saying, “I’m really sorry but you don’t put the oil in the pot first” or “adding fresh herbs would be so much nicer.” Since that show, I think I’ve been resolutely turned off pasta.What are your memories of being nominated for a Tony Award?I have such hugely romantic memories of that time. I took my son [Joshua James] with me, who was six turning seven, and we used to rollerblade around New York together. I refused to send him to school because I wanted him to experience New York; he learned more in the six months he was there from all the museums and galleries and the amazing architecture than he could have in any classroom.Now that Josh has become a successful young actor in his own right, have the two of you thought about doing plays together?We spent about five minutes thinking about Oresteia for both of us but because of the nature of it and also the violence, we thought it might cause anxieties for our first outing together that we don’t need.Have you been able to do any filming during all of this?In fact I’ve been played [American socialite] Wallis Simpson in this huge series for Netflix called The Crown. I’ve shot this year’s lot and there are another six episodes next year. She works really well with Klytemnestra because she’s another one-off character who very much follows her own path and is very much her own person—complicated and interesting.All of which sounds as if this is a banner time for you.It’s funny. When I was doing Wallis and getting up at 4AM, I was thinking how am I going to do this and Klytemnestra at the same time?! In fact, one fed the other amazingly well. It’s amazing what you can do when you love [the work] so much. View Commentslast_img read more

Husky Injection to sell

first_imgHusky Injection to sellHusky Injection Molding Systems has announced it is putting itself up for sale. They have opened an auction for a Canadian global leader that ranks consistently among the country’s best places to work and the most environmentally conscious corporations.Husky has a factory in Milton, Vermont, which employs 350 people on a 700-acre campus. This facility is one of four plants in the world that makes equipment which is used in the plastic industry for Husky, stated Dirk Schlimm, Husky’s vice president of corporate affairs. The other facilities are located in Luxembourg, China and Ontario.Husky is the world’s largest brand-name supplier of factory machinery to make plastic products ranging anywhere from soda bottles to car bumpers. Husky has considered selling part or all of the company’s shares or coming up with a combination with another business. Founder and major shareholder Robert Schad, who owns 44 percent of the company, is considering selling his shares. The second-largest shareholder is AIM Funds, with 13 percent.Citigroup Global Markets has been hired by Husky as their financial adviser, but there is no certainty that the company will actually be sold.Schad believes that the current market valuation does not reflect their strong competitive position, which Husky has worked to improve over the past decade. Schad stated that over the past decade, Husky has worked to develop their leading technology platform, expand their markets and distribution network, improve their operations and build a strong management team.The company had a net loss of $7.7 million in its first quarter, which ended October 31. A year earlier the loss was recorded at $9.3 million, as sales increased to $191.5 million from $175.9 million.The Husky campus was founded in 1953 as a small machine shop by Schad after he immigrated from Germany. The production campuses are surrounded by pesticide-free landscaping and include perks such as exercise rooms and healthy-choices cafeterias.His first product, a snowmobile called the Huskymobile failed, before he found the company niche in specialized mold making. High-speed injection molding machines were added in the 1960’s.In the 1970’s, Husky began making systems to produce forms for polyethylene terphthalate. Husky now claims 70 percent of the global market for soda-bottle machinery. It has also spread into automotive, packaging and telecommunications applications.last_img read more

Horoscopes by PsychicDeb for September 2014

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Aries – You know what you want to say, but it doesn’t come out right. You get your tongue untwisted although your mate or partner may find it hard to forgive something you said during the first half of the month. Spend quiet time alone with your loved one to iron things out.Taurus – A dawning need to express your independence may lead to rash actions. Make sure spectacular opportunities aren’t too good to be true.Gemini – Reconciliations are possible late in the month if you are willing to listen and compromise. A renewed sense of romance may permeate a long-term relationship that has been under stress lately.Cancer – If you are unattached, romantic and social opportunities may present themselves in an educational or cultural setting. Be willing to listen to another’s ideas and philosophies.Leo – Think twice before you file for divorce, quit your job, or make other drastic changes in your life. Personal freedom has always been important to you, but you may find that it’s worth less then you thought it was if you find yourself alone or broke.Virgo – Take your time when deciding what changes you want to make in your life, or before taking a flyer on an investment. Most things that are worthwhile can wait for a bit.Libra – Take time off to enjoy a weekend drive early in the month to recharge your battery. Get those contracts and settlements signed and completed before the end of the month.Scorpio – You could meet the right one for you at someone else’s wedding. Or, if already attached, find that your vows take on a renewed meaning. You are emotional and sentimental, perhaps overly so.Sagittarius – When you feel good, it shows. Improve your appearances by improving your health. Avoid overindulgence in rich foods. Make improvements in your working environment. Women co-workers are helpful to you.Capricorn – You can experience much satisfaction in romantic relationships if you remember to handle them with sensitivity and consideration. Don’t get so carried away with having a good time that you neglect your responsibilities. An expensive vacation is no fun if it leaves your checking account so empty you can’t pay your bills.Aquarius – Your workplace situation may cause you stress. Resist the temptation to use your professional position for personal advantage, particularly with women. Around mid-month you could meet a powerful new friend through mutual interests.Pisces – Invite friends and family over for a little get together. Treat yourself to a new hair style. You’re attractive and feel good after mid-month. This marks the beginning of exciting events for you for the next few months if you exercise caution and common sense.IF YOU KNOW YOUR RISING SIGN, CONSULT THE HOROSCOPE FOR THAT SIGN AS WELL.Psychicdeb has been a professional astrologer for over 25 yrs. Self-taught, she began her studies in astrology when she was 8 yrs. old learning what she could from her mother’s astrology magazines. As she got older and learned geometry, she searched for books on Astrology and taught herself how to construct a chart. She teaches Astrology for a nominal fee. Psychicdeb also uses the tarot to do psychic readings channeling her spirit guide Helen. Reiki is one of her obsessions. She is a Reiki Master and loves to teach others the benefits of Reiki. Namaste. You can find her at the Original Psychic Fairs on Sundays. A listing of the Fair dates can be found on her website at: www.astro-mate.orglast_img read more

Does your strategic plan aim to fail?

first_imgAfter years of training and completing several marathons, it is safe to say I love running. Pushing my body to its limits, the daily training regimen and the thrill of race day are amongst the top passions of my life. That’s why I get up early every morning and pound that pavement — to succeed and achieve. (Plus the free t-shirt at the finish line)Now, imagine a world in which we aimed not for success but failure (maybe that’s why the sport of race walking or power walking has always driven me a little bit crazy — it’s like you’re telling your body “go as fast as you can, just not really” or as sportscaster Bob Costas put it, like a competition to see who can whisper the loudest).Unfortunately, too many credit unions take this approach with their strategic plan. They go into it with the best of intentions (and we all know the destination of the road with which that is paved). After investing considerable time, talent and money on strategic planning, credit unions straddle it with a variety of unrealistic expectations and hobble it with insufficient resources.If your credit union would rather empower its strategic plan, consider the following missteps that can debilitate it from the start.Resisting change. Your credit union is embarking upon a strategic planning session for a reason – to plot a new course. It is therefore necessary that you learn to let go of the things and processes you’ve done previously. This doesn’t mean you abandon all past success — rather, it means you use your strategic plan to build upon them. If you invest all that time in a strategic planning session and then jump right back into the old rut, you’ve completely wasted everyone’s time.The solution? Embrace the change of your strategic plan. Breaking with old plans, traditions and processes is painful, but pain is often a necessary part of evolution and change. Something wasn’t working in the way your credit union was doing things, which at least in part prompted the strategic planning session. Once you have new direction from your session, let the past go and run with the future.Lacking balanced data. For a strategic planning session to have a chance of success, people must come to the table with the right amount of the right data. It is this data (about yourself, your budget, your competitors in the broader financial services marketplace) that will, in many ways, help you chart your course during your strategic planning session.The solution? Think ahead and bring the right data to the table. You must also be careful to avoid “death by data.” By this I mean — data is terrific, but only in the right amounts. Anybody can pull statistical data and fill page after page of reports with numbers that really only serve to divert and confuse. Tremendous amounts of data are not the key — rather, it must be the right type of data. Before strategic planning sessions, this might include things such as a summary of your membership, MCIF figures, the CUNA Environmental Scan, pre-session survey results, etc. Data in and of itself is not enough. You must strive for balance. Ignoring shelf life. Milk has a shelf life. Eggs have a shelf life. Contrary to popular belief, even Twinkies have a shelf life (a somewhat creepy 45 days). Guess what? Your strategic plan has a shelf life, too. It’s only good for a certain amount of time. All too often, credit unions take their carefully-crafted strategic plan, slap themselves on the back and stick it on a shelf somewhere. Then what do they do with it? Nothing. Which begs the question — what was the point and purpose of the entire strategic planning process!?The solution? Actually put your strategic plan in place. If you’re not going to use your plan, you should just save the money and not have a planning session at all. For it to be of any use at all, your strategic plan must be seen as a living document, viewed, reviewed and revised continually. Put follow-up measures and people in place before you leave the session.Considering how much emphasis credit unions place on strategic plans, it’s a little bit painful to see just how many put a ball-and-chain on them. This shackle can take many forms, from resisting change, to lacking balanced data, to ignoring shelf life. However, by considering ways to avoid these hindrances to strategic plans, credit unions take a more proactive role in ensuring their success.Remember: your strategic plan is far more like running a marathon than participating in race walking. And I’m sorry — I just can’t keep from saying this: race walking is goofy. 3SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Mark Arnold Mark Arnold is an acclaimed speaker, brand expert and strategic planner helping businesses such as credit unions and banks achieve their goals with strategic marketing insights and energized training. Mark … Web: www.markarnold.com Detailslast_img read more

Arsenal consider swapping Alexandre Lacazette for Atletico Madrid midfielder Thomas Lemar

first_imgThomas Lemar has struggled to make an impact at Atletico Madrid (Getty Images)AS claim that Arsenal would be open to a swap deal involving Lacazette and Lemar, whose value has signififcantly dropped after struggling to make an impact at Atletico.Arsenal have also been heavily linked with a move for Atletico’s defensive midfielder Thomas Partey.Speaking last month, Partey’s father claimed that the midfielder has held talks with the Gunners.Follow Metro Sport across our social channels, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For more stories like this, check our sport page. Advertisement Alexandre Lacazette has been heavily linked with a move away from Arsenal (AFP via Getty Images)Meanwhile, Arsenal remain interested in Lemar after Arsene Wenger missed out on signing the France international in 2017.The 24-year-old has started just 11 games for Atletico this season, while Diego Simeone has even admitted that the midfielder ‘hasn’t been able to live up to expectations’ since his £52.7 million move from Monaco in 2018. Metro Sport ReporterWednesday 20 May 2020 12:06 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link891Shares Commentcenter_img Arsenal consider swapping Alexandre Lacazette for Atletico Madrid midfielder Thomas Lemar Advertisement Thomas Lemar could be on his way to Arsenal while Alexandre Lacazette moves to Atletico Madrid (Getty Images)Arsenal are considering a swap deal involving Alexandre Lacazette and Atletico Madrid midfielder Thomas Lemar, according to reports in Spain.Lacazette joined the Gunners in £46.5 million deal from Lyon in 2017, and has scored 44 goals in 112 appearances for the club.Reports have claimed that Lacazette has an agreement with Arsenal that he will be allowed to leave in the next transfer window if the team fail to secure a place in next season’s Champions League.According to AS, Arsenal have already indicated that they would listen to offers for Lacazette and the 28-year-old is at the top of Atletico’s shortlist.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENTThe report claims that Lacazette is ‘very liked’ by Atletico’s coaching staff and the club are closely monitoring the French forward’s situation at Arsenal.last_img read more

First Rentel Nacelles Arrive at Ostend

first_imgFirst nacelles for the offshore wind turbines that will spin at the Rentel wind farm have arrived at the REBO site in Ostend, Belgium, after being shipped from the Siemens Gamesa factory in Cuxhaven.The first batch of the total of 42 nacelles has been transported by the roll on/roll off (Ro-Ro) vessel Rotra Vente, making Siemens Gamesa’s Ro-Ro logistics concept fully functional.Image source: Rentel NVThe D7 nacelles are 22 meters long, 6.5 meters tall, and weigh around 400 tonnes including the transportation frame.The load-out from the installation vessel, as well as tower assembly activities are now underway at the REBO site.Offshore installation of the wind turbines is scheduled to start in early May. The first turbines are expected to deliver power to the grid by mid-2018, with full commissioning scheduled by the end of 2018.last_img read more

Primary School principals and teachers to receive training in creating child friendly schools

first_img Sharing is caring! 36 Views   no discussions EducationLocalNewsPrimary Primary School principals and teachers to receive training in creating child friendly schools by: – October 14, 2011 Image via: kekiprimary.wordpress.comRoseau, Dominica – October 14, 2011…The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development will on Monday October 17 conduct training for principals and teachers of primary schools to provide them with the strategies and processes for implementing child friendly practices.The Child Friendly School (CFS) training session will take place at the Public Service Training Centre from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.The CFS programme is intended to have students grow and acquire knowledge in safe environments which are conducive to learning.During the training teachers will be instructed in ways to create a safe environment for their students by providing inclusive, learning-ready classrooms and promoting positive behavioural change. Participants will be provided with the skills and strategies needed to gain a deeper understanding of student behaviour, learn how to conduct behaviour assessment and develop a plan to manage behaviour.The workshop aims to ensure that students emerge as kind, cooperative, respectful and peaceful.The Ministry of Education, in collaboration with UNICEF, in 2009 piloted the CFS practices in ten Dominican primary schools in an effort to engender the development of students in a calmer school setting. The scale of the programme was increased to 24 schools in September 2011.The CFS initiative promotes a child centered approach to learning and is aimed at high quality education for all. It focuses on behavioural management practices in classrooms, the creation of classrooms that are learning ready, healthy lifestyles and systems that encourage the participation of all children. The programme is also aimed at promoting parental and community involvement in children’s learning.By: Dionne Durand Tweetcenter_img Share Share Sharelast_img read more

Moonshine and still seized in Dillsboro

first_imgDillsboro, Ind. — Indiana State Excise Police Officers seized moonshine and the still it was manufactured in at a Dillsboro residence late last week.According to excise police, information was given to them by the Dearborn County Special Crimes Unit, and they executed a search warrant at 1310 Park Street.Officers found a functional copper still, several bottles filled with alcohol, and materials used to make liquor and wine.No arrests were made at the time of the search warrant.The investigation is still ongoing and will be forwarded to the Dearborn County Prosecutor’s Office for review once complete.last_img

Ospreys brush aside Connacht

first_img Press Association The home side overcame the loss of 18 players through injury and international call-ups to defeat an Irish side, which made too many basic errors in a disappointing performance. Ospreys controlled a dreadful first half but could not make it pay as the scores were level at the interval but once Jeff Hassler had scored the opening try, the hosts ensured that there was only going to be one winner. Early in the second half, Ronaldson had a chance to put Connacht in front for the first time but his kick from halfway was off target – but minutes later he was successful with an easier kick. Ospreys were struggling in the scrums so replaced Aaron Jarvis with Dmitri Arhip and almost immediately it paid dividends as Dan Evans produced a fine break to send Hassler on a 35-metre run to the line. Davies converted and soon added two further penalties to put Ospreys back in control. Ronaldson missed a penalty before Roberts made the game safe when he collected a scoring pass from replacement, Ashley Beck for a try, which Davies converted before kicking another penalty. Connacht had the final say when with three minutes remaining, McKeon finished off a line-out drive for a consolation try. Ospreys maintained their unbeaten record in the Guinness PRO12 with a comfortable victory over Connacht at the Liberty Stadium. Scrum-half Martin Roberts, scored Ospreys other try with Sam Davies kicking four penalties and two conversions with Connacht replying with two penalties from Craig Ronaldson and a late try by Eoin McKeon. Ospreys included debutant Ieuan Jones at number eight, following his short-term loan move from Cardiff Blues. Connacht were able to select Rodney Ah-You and Kieran Marmion in their starting line-up as both had been temporarily released from Ireland’s training camp. Ospreys started strongly and had two early chances for points. Davies missed his first penalty attempt but made no mistake with his second to put the home side ahead after four minutes. The hosts continued to dominate, helped by their opponents regularly losing line-outs on their throw, and they came close to scoring the first try of the match but Tom Grabham was narrowly denied as he attempted to finish off a flowing move from the hosts. Connacht suffered an early injury blow when wing Niyi Adeolokun limped off to be replaced by Darragh Leader, who had also been released from the national training squad. Ospreys were penalised at set scrum to give the visitors their first opportunity but Ronaldson was unable to take advantage as his kick was wide of the mark, leaving the Welsh side 3-0 ahead at the end of an uneventful first quarter. Davies should then have put his side further ahead but he could not succeed with a straightforward penalty attempt and it was left to Ronaldson to tie up the scores by firing over a penalty for a 3-3 half-time scoreline. last_img read more

No-look pass sets USC up for a last-minute victory

first_imgWith mere seconds remaining on the clock, it was a conversation held hours before the match that was the key.Redshirt junior driver Kyle Sterling scored the game-winning goal as the No. 1 USC men’s water polo team captured a last minute 7-6 victory over UCLA on Saturday.Katelynn Whitaker | Daily Trojan Good timing · Driver Kyle Sterling was out of rhythm early on, but tuned in just in time to score the game-winning goal to defeat UCLA. – Katelynn Whitaker|Daily TrojanPlanning their attack during the trip to UCLA’s Speiker Acquatics Center earlier in the day, Sterling and sophomore driver Peter Kurzeka discussed a no-look pass to one-timer combination that the two had worked on in practice.With the Trojans (20-1, 6-0) struggling to find the back of the net against No. 4 UCLA’s strong defense and both Kurzeka and Sterling in the pool for the final minute, USC’s final play of the night turned out to be scripted drama — the two drivers running the play to perfection and putting in the game-winning goal with just 39 seconds left.“I had had a pretty poor game up to that point, but I kept telling myself that I was going to get the last goal,” Sterling said. “It was just two players being on the same page. We look for that pass all the time. [Kurzeka] just gave me a great pass.”The fourth quarter had been a defensive struggle, the only offense coming from sophomore two-meter Matt Burton’s second goal of the night, which came from nearly five meters out, equalizing the score at 6-6.Now it was time for the Trojans to turn that defense back on for one final stop.After USC senior driver Matt Sagehorn was called for exclusion with 25 seconds left, the Trojans had to stop the Bruins down a player. All night, both teams had capitalized on six-on-five possessions — in fact, during the first half, neither team scored during full six-on-six action.With just four seconds left on the clock and UCLA senior Scott Davidson — who already had four goals of his own — lining up a shot, USC senior driver Anthony Artokovich made a game-saving field block.“There’s nothing you can really do to prepare for that situation, just show your hands,” USC coach Jovan Vavic said of the last second situation.The man-up advantages were key all night.In the first quarter both Burton and Davidson scored almost immediately after exceptions were called on the other team.It was not until early in the second quarter that an advantage was completed without a team scoring a goal, when the Trojans forced an outside shot from the Bruins, handled well by sophomore goalie Joel Dennerley, who finished with 10 saves.“Both teams played very good half-court team defense,” Vavic said. “You really don’t want to give up a goal [on an advantage]. The goal is to try to avoid giving up that extra shot.”Vavic got his wish a few more times during that second quarter, as the Bruins were unable to capitalize on two more advantages, including one right before the end of the half.The third quarter turned into an offensive affair, as six goals were scored, more than double the offensive output of the first half of play. Davidson recorded his third and fourth goals, while the Trojans added scores from Burton, senior two-meter Shea Buckner and Sagehorn, who scored on the game’s only fast-break conversion.The Trojans can now turn their attention to No. 3 Stanford, who travel to McDonald’s Swim Stadium Saturday for both teams’ penultimate MPSF game before the postseason begins.last_img read more