Free Screencast Software & Apps for Video Pros

first_imgScreenr tops the list of FREE programs, getting bonus points for it’s ease of use and web based interface (no need to download software). You can quickly publish your screencast to YouTube or embed on your own site. However, the free version only allows for recordings up to 5 minutes. Jing is a straightforward free screen capture software, from TechSmith, the makers of popular paid screencasting apps Camtasia and SnagIt. Jing gives the option to ‘mark up’ your screencasts with text, arrows and highlights. Supported on both Mac & PC. CamStudio is an open source free screencasting application that create AVI or SWF video files. The software is currently only supported on Windows. Screencastomatic is another web based free screencasting app that allows instant publish to YouTube HD. Alternately, you can create standalone MP4, AVI and FLV movie files. The free version allows you to record 15 minutes of video, but does include a watermark when publishing.center_img If you’re looking to create simple screencasts, check out these 5 FREE screencasting software and apps!While usually low-tech, screencasts are quickly becoming one tool that video professionals have to include in their arsenal. Whether you’re recording a video tutorial, demoing a website or product, or saving a complex post production workflow, screencasting can be useful for many different applications. If you’re just needing the bare bones, the following free screencasting software can get the job done.Do you know more free screencasting software options that didn’t make our list? Feel free to share in the comments below! EZVid is a software based free screencasting software that runs on PC (they recently discountinued development of a Mac version). Features include the ability to draw on the video image and add text.last_img read more

Dissecting a Hollywood Editor’s Avid Workspace

first_imgLearn from Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation editor Eddie Hamilton as the ins and outs of his Avid workspace are revealed.Eddie Hamilton is swiftly becoming one of the go-to editors for summer blockbuster tent-pole action epics. Having cut both Kick-Ass films, X-Men: First Class, Kingsman: The Secret Service (and likely the sequel too), and the fifth Mission Impossible outing, Rogue Nation.Although he must be stupendously busy, he’s also very generous in opening up his edit suite to those looking to learn from his extensive experience, which is a real blessing for the rest of us!He recently tweeted a 5K screen grab of his Avid workspace, which is actually two HP Z30i 2560 x 1600 resolution displays stitched together. In this post, I’ve pulled that image apart to reveal a few things you can learn about the way Hamilton organizes his workspace and polishes his edit. All of the comments I’m making about what Hamilton’s doing are my best guesses, and not solid fact!You can also download high resolution tifs of all seven reels of Kingsman: The Secret Service in the dropbox link in the tweet above.Breaking Down a Pro Editor’s Avid WorkspaceTo help us get started, I’ve split the image back into the two screens. In this first screen, Hamilton has three bins of footage open with the thumbnails displayed, a bin for each of his reels open in the top right hand corner, four bins for some useful editing elements in the bottom left, and his selects bin in text display mode in the bottom right. Let’s look a little closer at a couple of these.In this close up of the main footage bin that’s open, you can see all of the dailies for scene “84.2 Eggsy and Roxy hit the landing zone.” The footage has been organised by slate number and grouped accordingly, so all the E setups are together, all the F set ups etc. Where there are two cameras, both are laid out at the beginning of the grouping, so it’s clear what the shots are of. I’m assuming that the A+B means that both cameras are in that thumbnail for the rest of the takes, to save on screen space.Organizing the footage in thumbnail view makes it much faster to find the shot you are looking for, as an image really is worth a thousand words. Furthermore, using the thumbnail view allows you to create ‘storyboard edits’ right in your footage bin. You can read about how to do that in Premiere Pro in this previous PremiumBeat post.I’m guessing that the x9 or x5 symbol stands for nine attempts at a line or set of dialogue where the camera has rolled without stopping. In the very bottom right hand corner there is a clip “SC 84.2 DAilies” which presumably contains all of the dailies for that entire scene in one go, which makes it much easier to scrub or shuttle through everything in one go, rather than opening each sub-clip.At this stage in the film, where the cut is looking pretty complete — work has already begun on the Digital Intermediate (DI), after all — it’s important to be able to jump around quickly to different scenes in the film to make changes, update VFX shots as they come in, or rework problem scenes based on audience feedback.Whatever the reason, it’s a great idea to have all of these timelines readily accessible so that when the director is sitting behind you, they are instantly accessible, rather than having to rummage through deep folder stacks.This close up of Hamilton’s workspace also gives us an opportunity to check out his naming convention. Normally the * or an empty space would mean that the following named clip or timeline would sort to the top of the bin, when arranged in alphabetical order. Presumably this is why these bins are named in this way. Also adding the date into the name of the timeline quickly lets you see which sequence has been worked on most recently. In this case, Reel 6 has had the most recent DI work performed on it.In Reel 4 you can see that it’s tracking as v10.1 of the cut, but that the DI is still in version 9. Also having the duration column be the very first thing that you see allows you to quickly add up the running time of the film, and see if any one section is much longer than the rest.In this section of Hamilton’s workspace, you can see that he has four bins of ready-made titles, sound effect presets, visual effect presets, and timewarp speed remapping settings. Having everything pre-prepared and laid out in an organized way must save Hamilton countless hours when applying these effects through the film. Creating your own tool kit of preferred settings is an easy thing to do, but I’ve not often seen many editors take the time to do it.How a Hollywood Editor Organizes Their WorkspaceIn this screengrab from Hamilton’s second monitor, we get a really good look at the layout of his main windows — including his master bin in the top left, his timeline, source and preview monitors, and a few other essential items too.It’s possible that Hamilton was going a little deeper into his sound work (something he prides himself on), given that there’s a huge list of sound effects open on the right side of the screen, and that the audio mixer is taking up quite a bit of space that could otherwise be given to the timeline itself. Again, lets take a closer look at some of these elements.The speed with which you can readily understand the layout of Hamilton’s master bin is a result of the clear and simple organizational structure. Within only minutes, you could probably find what someone was asking you for, without even really knowing much more about the film.The numbered folder structure essentially follows the process of the film’s post-production, with turn overs, conform, and marketing coming at the end of the list. It’s interesting to note a few other details from this image.Firstly, ’99 The Basement’ seems to be the place where Hamilton keeps the work of his assistants (Riccardo Bacigalupo, Tom Coope, Rachel Durance and Simon Chubbock) while working in a shared space. There is also a collection of ‘Goofs,’ potentially for DVD extras, that must have been collected as the dailies came in, otherwise it would be a nightmare to try to weed these out at a later date.Simple file naming conventions make everything immediately comprehensible, and the use of the + symbol brings key folders to the top of the list. Looking at this screengrab from the first Kingsman film, it’s also curious to note ‘Kingsman 2 sequences’ at the top of the bin. Perhaps something to do with the sequel?Another thing that’s telling about the editor’s workload is that they are the central hub through which all other departments work comes and goes. The editorial team has to deliver the turnovers, create temp composites and manage the VFX plates and finished shots (via Ben Mills the VFX Editor), and provide material to marketing and, during production, the studio with dailies. I’m sure competent assistants are the key to keeping all of this as stress-free as possible.For a better look at all of Hamilton’s timelines, be sure to hit the dropbox download in the tweet at the top of this post. But in this condensed view, you can still see how detailed Hamilton is in naming his tracks, which must be the key to keeping everything organized while editing. Although you’d probably have to ‘tidy as you go,’ rather than trying to do it all at the end.It’s also interesting to note that Hamilton has four tracks of ‘Drama + Avid FX’ going on in the timeline. I can only assume these involve temporary composites and visual effects shots created by Hamilton to be able to present as finished a cut as possible to the director.I’m guessing that ‘Video Track 5’ has the finished VFX shots in it, replacing the VFX plates that are disabled and stored in V8. The V6 VFX Subcaps are text titles containing relevant details that are exported for the VFX houses. Evan Schiff has created a free online EDL to SubCap converter here, if that’s any use to editors or assistants reading this. V9 contains the finished graded image from the colorist.On the sound side, everything from A1 to A14 will have been meticulously created by Hamilton, with A15-A17 containing the final Dialogue, Music and Effects (DME) stems from the sound department.Again Hamilton’s extensive use of color coding helps keep everything clear. In this previous post, Hamilton mentioned that he color codes odd numbered scenes in green and even numbered scenes in blue so that he can see how long they are, relative to each other.In this close up of Hamilton’s source monitors, you can see his extensive use of locators, as well as the key metadata that he has on display— including the source file path, Scene and Take, source timecode, and creation date.Lastly, this section of Hamilton’s Avid Media Composer workspace has another way to access the same preset tool kit that was available in Screen 1, here FX+EQs, and importantly a bin displaying the source timecode on each track. Again creating a bin like this and bringing it with you is a huge time saver.Share Your ObservationsSo this is what I’ve been able to pick up from a quick look at Eddie Hamilton’s workspace, but I’m sure with some careful inspection there are plenty of other tips and tricks hidden here too. If you spot one, share it in the comments below!last_img read more

Now, GJM seeks peace talks with West Bengal govt., Centre

first_imgThe Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) leadership on Monday urged both the Centre and the West Bengal government to initiate dialogue to restore peace in the Darjeeling hills as well as the Terai and Dooar regions.GJM joint secretary Binay Tamang in statement said that the “responsibility of ensuring peace” in Darjeeling, Terai and Dooars was not only of the residents of these areas but also of the Centre and the state government.“We therefore request the governments to initiate talks at the earliest so that peace can be restored in our region at the earliest,” said Mr. Tamang. He has not attached any condition for talks.He also refuted reports in the vernacular press which claimed that the GJM was in touch with insurgent groups from northeast India and Maoists in Nepal, and accused the concerned media houses of “rumour mongering.” The development comes a day after several GJM leaderswere booked under the UAPA in two cases in Darjeeling and Kalimpong.last_img read more

Gov’t nixes 2019 SEA Games hosting

first_imgTechnically it was the Philippine Olympic Committee which has the authority to withdraw the hosting, but government support is an integral part of the endeavor specifically in the financial and logistical aspects.“Due to the current situation in Mindanao and the problem of terrorism and atrocities, we regret to inform you that we will no longer push through with the hosting of the biennial event,” said Ramirez in a presser Friday.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSSEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completionSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSWin or don’t eat: the Philippines’ poverty-driven, world-beating pool stars“It has been resolved that government resources to be focused in the rehabilitation and rebuilding of Mindanao specially Marawi,” he added.The country reportedly spent P500 million to stage the 2005 SEA Games in Manila and other key cities like Bacolod and Cebu. Most of the expenses were shouldered by the government through the PSC. The Philippines took over the 2019 hosting of the Games during the 2015 Singapore SEAG after original host Brunei begged off.POC president Jose “Peping” Cojuangco Jr., did not return calls for his comment.But sources inside the POC said it would be “not just an uphill climb but an up-Everest climb” for the Olympic body to stage the SEA Games without government support.ADVERTISEMENT View comments FEU Auditorium’s 70th year celebrated with FEU Theater Guild’s ‘The Dreamweavers’ The Philippines’ hosting of the 2019 Southeast Asian Games will most likely be cancelled after the government withdrew its support and opted to just channel funds for rehabilitation of war-torn Marawi.Philippine Sports Commission chair Butch Ramirez said Malacanang has approved of the decision to turn down the hosting in the light of conflict currently gripping the Mindanao city.ADVERTISEMENT National Coffee Research Development and Extension Center brews the 2nd National Coffee Education Congress Ethel Booba on hotel’s clarification that ‘kikiam’ is ‘chicken sausage’: ‘Kung di pa pansinin, baka isipin nila ok lang’ Church, environmentalists ask DENR to revoke ECC of Quezon province coal plant San Beda turns back EAC for 2nd straight win Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. center_img Hotel says PH coach apologized for ‘kikiam for breakfast’ claim MOST READ Trump strips away truth with hunky topless photo tweet LATEST STORIES Robredo should’ve resigned as drug czar after lack of trust issue – Panelo Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next PH billiards team upbeat about gold medal chances in SEA Games PLAY LIST 03:07PH billiards team upbeat about gold medal chances in SEA Games02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games05:25PH boxing team determined to deliver gold medals for PH00:50Trending Articles03:04Filipino athletes share their expectations for 2019 SEA Games00:45Onyok Velasco see bright future for PH boxing in Olympics02:25PH women’s volleyball team motivated to deliver in front of hometown crowd01:27Filipino athletes get grand send-off ahead of SEA Games00:36Manny Pacquiao part of 2019 SEA Games opening ceremony Lacson: SEA Games fund put in foundation like ‘Napoles case’last_img read more

The Philippines in the Southeast Asian Games

first_imgLacson: SEA Games fund put in foundation like ‘Napoles case’ Trump signs bills in support of Hong Kong protesters PH billiards team upbeat about gold medal chances in SEA Games PLAY LIST 03:07PH billiards team upbeat about gold medal chances in SEA Games02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games01:27Filipino athletes get grand send-off ahead of SEA Games00:50Trending Articles05:25PH boxing team determined to deliver gold medals for PH03:04Filipino athletes share their expectations for 2019 SEA Games00:45Onyok Velasco see bright future for PH boxing in Olympics02:25PH women’s volleyball team motivated to deliver in front of hometown crowd00:36Manny Pacquiao part of 2019 SEA Games opening ceremony MOST READ Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. READ: Athletes hurt most by SEA Games debacleBut the Philippines hasn’t always been in the bottom half of the 11-nation competition, where medals for at least 30 different team and individual sports are being disputed.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSSEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completionSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSWin or don’t eat: the Philippines’ poverty-driven, world-beating pool starsWhen the country started sending athletes to the SEA Games in 1977, when this multi-sport event had just changed its name from Southeast Asian Peninsular Games, it immediately finished third in the medal race in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia behind Indonesia and Thailand.It was a golden age for sports for the Filipinos. From that year until 2003, the Philippines only failed to crack the top three in the medal race five out of the next 13 editions of the biggest sporting event in the region. NATO’s aging eye in the sky to get a last overhaul LATEST STORIES This year’s Philippine team to Malaysia is hoping to finally change that.There will be 493 Filipino athletes who will be giving it all in the hopes of giving the country an improved standing in Kuala Lumpur, which is hosting the event for the sixth time.A representative for each sport for the 2017 Southeast Asian Games in Kuala Lumpur. Photo by Marc Reyes/INQUIRERThe Philippines has committed athletes to 37 sports with a target of at least 50 gold medals—which hasn’t been done since 2005. The country’s best medal haul in the last 10 years is at 41 in 2007.READ: PH ‘tired of being at the bottom’ in SEA GamesIt may remain a tall order to find a place at the top, but the Filipinos are fed up of being on the outside looking in in the competition they once dominated and that may be enough motivation to finally end the slump in the SEA Games.Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Flag bearers from the 11 ASEAN countries march during the opening ceremony of the biennial Southeast Asian Games in Singapore’s National Stadium on June 5, 2015. AFP PHOTO / ROSLAN RAHMANFor the last decade, the Philippines has been on a steady decline in the Southeast Asian Games.Once a frontrunner in the region’s biennial sporting meet, the Philippines has never finished higher than fifth place since topping the SEA Games in 2001 in Manila.ADVERTISEMENT Celebrity chef Gary Rhodes dies at 59 with wife by his side Robredo should’ve resigned as drug czar after lack of trust issue – Panelo Robredo should’ve resigned as drug czar after lack of trust issue – Panelo LIST: Philippine delegation in 2017 Southeast Asian Games Since then, the size of the Philippine delegation has fluctuated from as low as 148 to as big as 512 athletes but the results remained disappointing.Athletes from the Philippines parade waving their national flag during the opening ceremony of the 25th Southeast Asian Games at the national stadium in Vientiane on December 9, 2009.  AFP PHOTO/Bay ISMOYOIt didn’t get any better for the country in 2009 in Vientiane, Laos. With just 153 Filipino athletes competing in 25 sports, they only garnered 38 gold, 35 silver and 51 bronze medals to wind up fifth overall.READ: Filipinos bungle SEA Games missionIn contrast, the Filipino delegation ballooned to 512 two years after in Jakarta, Indonesia but botched the goal to fare better and instead settled for sixth place with only 36 golds, 56 silvers and 77 bronzes.Philippines athletes parade during the opening ceremony of the 26th Southeast Asian Games in Palembang, Sumatra province on November 11, 2011. AFP PHOTO / ROSLAN RAHMANAnother lean PH delegation was sent to Naypyitaw, Myanmar in 2013 after Philippine sports officials  were irked by the host country’s cherry-picking of sports to be played–dropping main stream events and including obscure sports.READ: Philippines competes in Myanmar games despite rowUnsurprisingly, the Philippines wound up sixth among 11 nations with 29 gold, 36 silver and 66 bronze medals.The country’s place in the medal standings remained unchanged in the 2015 Singapore SEA Games despite packing a relatively-large group composed of 472 Filipino athletes.The Philippine delegation led by flag bearer Alyssa Valdez parade during the Opening Ceremony of the 28th SEA Games held at the Singapore National Stadium. INQUIRER PHOTO/RAFFY LERMAIt was a frustrating showing for the Filipinos, who only managed 29 gold, 36 silver, 66 bronze medals to fall far behind fifth placer Indonesia (47-61-74 G-S-B) in the medal count.READ: 28th SEA Games Singapore 2015 final Medal Tally NGCP on security risk: Chinese just technical advisers Firework explose over the Quirino Grand Stand during the closing ceremony of the 23rd South East Asian Games in Manila, 05 December 2005. The Philippines won the overall title of the 23rd South East Asian Games with 113 gold medals. AFP PHOTO/PORNCHAI KITTIWONGSAKULWhen Manila hosted the SEA Games in 2005—a first since 1991—the Philippines got the chance to field in the biggest delegation yet with over 700 athletes and that yielded the country’s best finish ever at no. 1 with a 113-84-94 gold-silver-bronze medal haul.That, though, turned out to be the last the sport-loving Filipinos would taste the podium in the medal standings.READ: No stopping PH sports’ decline in SEA GamesWhat followed was a disheartening stretch in the history of Philippine Sports.Despite sending 620 athletes to Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand in the 2007 edition of the regional games, the Philippines shockingly dropped from first to sixth in a dismal showing with a 41-91-96 medal tally.ADVERTISEMENT DILG, PNP back suspension of classes during SEA Games View commentslast_img read more

BCCI appoints Johri as its first CEO

first_imgMumbai, Apr 20 (PTI) Acting on the recommendation of the Supreme Court-appointed Justice Lodha Committee, the BCCI today appointed media professional Rahul Johri as its first ever Chief Executive Officer. Johri, who was last serving as Discovery Networks Asia Pacifics Executive Vice-President and General Manager for South Asia, will take on his new role starting June 1 and will be reporting to BCCI Secretary Anurag Thakur, a statement from the Board said. The appointment of a CEO to oversee non-cricketing management was one of the suggestions made by the Justice Lodha panel set up by the Supreme Court to identify structural changes and bring in accountability in the way the cricket body is run following the IPL spot-fixing scandal. While the committee had recommended a five-year contract for the CEO, the BCCI did not give details on Johris tenure, but said he would report to the honorary secretary. He will be based at the Mumbai office. In the past, Ratnakar Shetty had served as Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of BCCI and is currently the CEO of IPL. He had also served as General Manager, Game Development. Johri brings with him immense experience and knowledge on Board and will be responsible for the smooth functioning of operations, stakeholder management and building robust strategies for further promoting the sport. Commenting on the appointment, BCCI President Shashank Manohar, said, “We are pleased to have Rahul with us and are sure his vast experience and knowledge will benefit the Board. His vision, guidance and support will contribute towards the successful working of the BCCI.” BCCI Secretary Anurag Thakur said, “We welcome Rahul aboard and wish him luck for his new role at BCCI. In the past one year, BCCI has undertaken various initiatives aimed towards transforming the working of BCCI in order to make the functioning more robust. This endeavor is another initiative of the Board aimed in the same direction and will mark as one more milestone towards strengthening the professional working of the BCCI.” On his appointment, Johri said, “I am honoured at the opportunity to serve millions of Indian cricket fans. It will be my utmost endeavor to contribute to the Indian cricket. I am thankful to the President and Honorary Secretary of the BCCI for bestowing such faith in me. I look forward to everyones support to fulfill this tremendous responsibility.” With over 20 plus years of experience in the media industry, Johri was last associated with Discovery Networks for 15 years and was leading South Asia operations for the past eight years. PTI SCC AH MRM MRMadvertisementlast_img read more

Saina Nehwal’s romance with winning

first_imgRomance has a new meaning for Saina Nehwal these days. And it has got to do not just with her stock once again rising as a badminton player but also how her relationship with Parupalli Kashyap is helping on court.In what can be termed as Saina’s resurgence, the 28-year-old has crafted huge wins enroute to the Denmark Open final. On Sunday, she faces the indefatigable Tai Tzu-ying. Maybe, there can be change in the script as one has seen the Saina of the old – jumping, bouncing and full of verve on court.This has not been a fantastic year for Saina but last week can be termed as one of resurgence, or rediscovering her touch. Rewind to the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast this April, when Saina defeated PV Sindhu for the gold medal, it was a big deal.There are any number of riveting rivalries in global sport but when two Indians happen to be going hammer and tong at each other in practice sessions and also in big tournaments, it makes for great viewing.From the fans’ point of view, to watch a match between the two Deccan queens may be tough but they bring out the best.At the Asian Games in Jakarta, Saina was not in peak form and her bronze medal was not huge compared to Sindhu’s silver medal. Having been on the tour for long, Saina has shown the hunger is intact as she found the will and skill to beat twoadvertisementJapanese players in a row at the Denmark Open.It’s not as if she has made too many changes in her game or has come back fresh after a good break. Almost everything is the same, but to thump World No.2 Akane Yamaguchi in straight games and outslug Nozomi Okuhara 17-21, 2-16, 21-12 in the quarter-final was significant.On Saturday, Saina faced little difficulty in defeating Indonesian junior world champion and World No. 19 Gregoria Tunjung in straight games. There have been many Indonesian tough nuts before in badminton thoughGregoria is still work in progress.Back to how Saina has handled her up-and-down results this year needs to be seen in the right perspective. When you happen to be an icon of her stature, the demand is she wins non-stop. Since the time Sindhu burst onto the big stage at the Rio Olympics with her silver medal in 2016, comparisons between the two have become ceaseless.Just to jog the readers’ memory, in 2014 when Saina walked out of the SAI academy headed by P. Gopichand in Gachibowli and started training with Vimal Kumar in Bengaluru, it was seen as a bizarre decision. She faced flak for it as people said she did not want to be sharing space with Sindhu.Saina returned to Gopi and has trained hard again. Very recently, Saina talked about her romance with Kashyap and how Indian sport’s big wedding would take place in Hyderabad in December. Their relationship was kept under wraps for years but since the time the duo have made it public, there has been no secrecy.Kashyap has been plagued by injuries and his return to big-time badminton has not been easy. With his ranking dropping, he could not make the cut for the Denmark Open. However, he was training with the Indian team in Odense, Denmark, and also giving attention to Saina.Gopi is still very much Saina’s coach but the addition of Kashyap seems to have given a new dimension. Kashyap has made it clear he wants to see how his own comeback shape up but his willingness to help Saina with anything she needs is a sign of how this couple could be seen in public more often in a different context.One thing good about the modern day Indian professional lady athlete is that their career does not end after marriage. We have seen Anju Bobby George use her husband as coach in the past.Saina and Kashyap seem to have planned for the future. Kashyap has recently said that whatever he has learnt from badminton is thanks to Gopichand and he is looking at coaching as a next assignment. Glimpses of it have come from Denmark and certainly Saina seems more relaxed these days.One thing is to talk about Saina’s court craft, movement, strokes and speed. Maybe, the hidden efforts are those of Kashyap who has helped Saina rediscover herself so beautifully on the court. Whichever way one looks at it, the return of Saina is big for Indian badminton. And if she beats Tai in the final, it will be Saina’s second wind.advertisementlast_img read more

Indefensible! Same old story for humiliated Wenger

first_imgLeague Cup No defence, no fight, no leaders – the same old story for Wenger in Wembley humiliation Chris Wheatley Arsenal correspondent Last updated 1 year ago 02:43 2/26/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(15) Jack Wilshere Arsenal Julian Finney League Cup Arsenal Arsenal v Manchester City Manchester City Opinion Arsenal’s defence was dismantled once again in a dismal second half showing against Manchester City in the Carabao Cup final It started so well and ended with young supporters in tears. Arsenal’s Carabao Cup final against Manchester City presented an opportunity of winning silverware midway through the season, a trophy that Arsene Wenger has yet to get his hands on throughout his two decades at the club.Quite simply, Arsenal weren’t at the races for much of Sunday’s showpiece Wembley match and the second-half performance bordered on embarrassing. Despite the Gunners starting impressively and looking composed on the ball, it took Sergio Aguero just 18 minutes to score the opening goal, latching on to a goal kick from Claudio Bravo which Shkodran Mustafi couldn’t deal with.Mustafi’s decision to appeal what looked like a shove in the back from Aguero was one that cost him extra seconds in recovering from the mistake and drew criticism from his former Valencia coach Gary Neville, who labelled the German’s defending as “pathetic”.Aguero has scored in each of his past five games in all competitions against Arsenal and he terrorises the Gunners defenders every time he comes up against them. Mustafi wasn’t the only culprit for the goal, though, with captain Laurent Koscielny ball watching and slow to react to Aguero’s run.The aged old quip of ‘Arsenal lacking leaders’ could not have rung more true at Wembley. They looked lost for ideas as Vincent Kompany struck City’s second from the edge of the box, once again exposing Arsenal’s defensive deficiencies and inability to assert themselves in games against elite opposition.Koscielny may have been captain but there was certainly no visible leadership on the pitch from him. Only the fired up Jack Wilshere, who won four fouls in the match, looked like he wanted to take the game to City along with the returning Aaron Ramsey, who was impressive before City’s dismantling of the defence.Arsenal’s team imbalance can be tracked back to the summer of 2015 when Petr Cech was the only player signed by Wenger despite the team clearly needing reinforcements across the pitch. The January arrival of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Borussia Dortmund was an excellent piece of business but clearly not a priority for a team who leak goals on a week by week basis.Per Mertesacker is set to retire at the end of the season, Koscielny is injury and error prone, Calum Chambers proved again that he is not good enough to play for a top Premier League side, and 20-year-old Konstantinos Mavropanos and Rob Holding undoubtedly need some time out on loan. Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player Arsene Wenger ArsenalA solid spine is the cornerstone of any successful football team and that is something Arsenal don’t have right now. City managed to overcome the Gunners through simple route one football on Sunday and that is damning on Wenger’s management nous more than anything.The Europa League remains Arsenal’s only realistic chance of winning a trophy this season and with a trip to the San Siro against AC Milan awaiting them, Wenger’s chances of salvaging a final year at the club are beginning to look slimmer with every match.last_img read more

Virat Kohli betters MS Dhoni record with 30 wins in 50 Tests as captain

first_img graphs Next No data available! commentary scorecard Saurabh Kumar PuneOctober 13, 2019UPDATED: October 13, 2019 16:17 IST Virat Kohli lead Team India to another win with a majestic double hundred. (AP Photo)HIGHLIGHTSVirat Kohli now ranks 3rd on the list of captains with most wins till their 50th Test with 30 victoriesMS Dhoni had registered 26 wins in his first 50 Test as captain and is ranked joint 5thVirat Kohli also became the 1st Indian Test captain to force South Africa to follow-onIndian captain Virat Kohli added yet another feather to his already bulky cap but this time after leading his team to an innings and 137 runs win over the South Africa in the second Test in Pune. This was India’s biggest margin of victory against South Africa in the longest format of the game.Kohli now ranks 3rd on the list of captains with most wins till their 50th Test with 30 victories. Steve Waugh leads the list with a record 37 wins with Ricky Ponting following second with 35 victories in 50 Test matches. Kohli’s predecessor MS Dhoni had registered 26 wins in his first 50 Test as captain and is ranked joint 5th along with Michael Vaughan and Mark Taylor.Kohli also joined the likes of Stephen Fleming, Alastair Cook and Steve Waugh as only the 4th ever captain to score a century in his 50th game at the helm.What a Test match for this man and his team #INDvSA (@ICC) October 13, 2019During the course of his innings, Kohli also went past Bradman to become the player with most 150+ scores as Test captain. While Bradman had achieved the feat eight times in his career, Kohli has now done it nine times so far.Michael Clarke, Mahela Jayawardene, Brian Lara, and Graeme Smith are all tied at the third spot as they all achieved the milestone seven times.Virat Kohli also became the 1st Indian Test captain to force South Africa to follow-on, after sitting on a hefty overnight lead of 326. Kohli, who didn’t have any ton to his name this year, has now become the Indian batsman with most number of double tons to his name.advertisementVirat Kohli is also the only Indian to smash 40 hundreds in international cricket as captain and is now just two tons away from surpassing Ponting’s tally of 41.India outclassed South Africa by an innings and 137 runs in the second Test of the three-match rubber to clinch the Freedom Trophy with a contest to go.After winning the toss, India rode skipper Virat Kohli’s double century, opener Mayank Agarwal’s 108 and all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja’s 91 to amass a mammoth 601/5d on the board and later the host bowlers wrapped up both innings of South Africa in less than two days.It was also India’s 11th consecutive series win at home, which is another world record. India’s current streak started in February 2013 when they blanked the visiting Australians 4-0.Also Read | Pune Test: Virat Kohli, Mayank Agarwal and bowlers star in India’s biggest win over South AfricaAlso Read | 25 wins, 1 loss: India complete record-breaking 11th consecutive home Test series winAlso Read | Wriddhiman ‘Superman’ Saha: Fans hail wicketkeeper as best in the world after stunning catch in Pune TestAlso Read | Pune Test: Virat Kohli 1st Indian captain to enforce follow-on vs South AfricaAlso See:For sports news, updates, live scores and cricket fixtures, log on to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for Sports news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted bySaurabh Kumar Tags :Follow Virat KohliFollow MS DhoniFollow Test captain advertisement Virat Kohli betters MS Dhoni record with 30 wins in 50 Tests as captainVirat Kohli registered his 30th win till 50th Test as India outclassed South Africa by innings and 137 runs in Pune Test to take 2-0 unbeatable lead in the 3-match series. view more view lesslast_img read more

Premier Appoints Tim ONeill to Help Strengthen Nova Scotias University System

first_img FOR BROADCAST: Economist and former Bank of Montreal executive vice- president Tim O’Neill will provide advice and recommendations to government on how to further strengthen Nova Scotia’s world- class university system. Premier Darrell Dexter says Nova Scotia’s universities are critical to the economic and social development of the province and it is important to strengthen the delivery of education at the university level in a time where demands of the workforce and the economy are changing so rapidly. Mr. O’Neill says the aim of his work is to identify policy options to ensure the long-term viability of the university sector. His report is expected in early summer. -30- Economist and former Bank of Montreal executive vice-president Tim O’Neill will provide advice and recommendations to government on how to further strengthen Nova Scotia’s world-class university system. “Nova Scotia’s universities are critical to the economic and social development of the province and it is important to strengthen how we deliver education at the university level, particularly in a time where demands of the workforce and the economy are changing so rapidly,” said Premier Darrell Dexter. Mr. O’Neill will examine the demographic trends and financial situation facing post-secondary education and assess the impact on the long-term viability of the university system. He will develop policy options for the province to ensure Nova Scotians have a sustainable and responsive education system. “Nova Scotia benefits from a strong university system that delivers quality teaching to its students along with research that enhances the environment for innovation,” said Mr. O’Neill. “Universities also improve the economic, social and cultural life of the communities in which they operate. The aim of my work is to identify policy options which ensure the long-term viability of the university sector.” Mr. O’Neill’s findings and advice will help develop arrangements between the province and universities, including financial support. Mr. O’Neill will also examine links between universities and economic and social development activities, including research and development, labour force and community economic development. He will consult with university and college leaders, students and other people with expertise in the university sector. “Our university leaders welcome the opportunity to work closely with Mr. O’Neill and the government on developing policy options which ensure the sustainability of the province’s university system,” said John Harker, president and vice-chancellor of Cape Breton University and chair of Council of Nova Scotia University Presidents. “Mr. O’Neill’s recognition of the important role our universities play in economic growth and social and cultural development across the province is appreciated. Our universities are enthusiastic about the consultation process and look forward to being active participants.” The report is expected in early summer. To view the terms of reference, visit .last_img read more

Amendments Clarify Halifax Water Commission Authority

first_img updating the act to reflect the Halifax Charter as the legislation overseeing HRM identifying that this legislation supercedes if there is a conflict with the Halifax Charter relating to the specific operation of the commission clarifying the appointment of commissioners amending provisions relating to financial reporting as a result of the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board decisions. Updated legislation will allow the Halifax Water Commission to streamline its operations. Amendments to the Halifax Water Commission Act were introduced today, Nov. 29, by Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations Minister John MacDonell. “We want to make sure the Halifax Water Commission has legislation that is up to date and all the processes and approvals in place to be able to operate efficiently,” said Mr. MacDonell. “These legislative changes also provide the commission with the same permissions that other municipalities have related to the use and sale of alternative energy sources.” The Halifax Regional Municipality council brought the request for amendments to government in June. Every other municipality has the ability to sell excess energy from waste byproducts, subject to provincial regulatory approvals, and the Halifax Water Commission was looking for the same permission. The commission also requested the option to lease lands for wind energy. Halifax Water general manager Carl Yates said he is pleased that the provincial government is making changes to the legislation. “The province’s support and vision for renewable energy projects is an excellent fit for Halifax Water’s goal to reduce its environmental footprint and apply leading edge technologies,” said Mr. Yates. “Our path is set to gradually move away from traditional energy sources to energy sources that are more local, clean, secure and sustainable.” Other amendments includelast_img read more

Private hospital manager killed in Lucknow

first_imgLucknow: A private hospital employee was allegedly killed outside his home in posh Gomti Nagar area here on Wednesday, police said. Vishwajeet Pundir, 31, was apparently attacked when he was returning from his duty, they said. The victim, who was bleeding, somehow managed to reach his home from where his mother took him to the hospital where he worked as a manager. But he succumbed to the injuries. During investigation, police found cans of beer in the victim’s room.last_img

Southern Sabaragamuwa PCs defeat Special Provisions draft Bill

Last week the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) and the North Central Provincial (NCP) Council also opposed the Development (Special Provisions) draft Bill. (Colombo Gazette) The Southern Provincial Council and the Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council today defeated the Development (Special Provisions) draft Bill.The Southern Provincial Council defeated the Bill with a majority of 19 votes while the  Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council defeated the Bill with a majority of 7 votes.

UN in a worldwide day of focus calls for end to ugly

“We must all work to erase this ugly stain on humanity’s conscience,” UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan said in a message marking the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, which is observed 26 June, along with the 25th anniversary of the UN Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture, one of the largest humanitarian funds of the international system.Mr. Annan welcomed the recent entry into force of an optional protocol to the international convention against torture, which facilitates international monitoring of places of detention, and he called on States that have not done so to ratify it.Despite such legal progress, however, the total ban on torture “is under unprecedented attack,” according to joint statement released in Geneva by the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Committee against Torture, the Special Rapporteur on torture and the Board of Trustees of the torture victim’s fund.“In many States, including democratic ones, adherence to human rights standards as well as the principles and procedures underpinning the rule of law are being questioned or bypassed on the grounds that established rules do not apply in our current geo-political climate,” they said.“Imminent or clear danger permits limitations on certain human rights,” they allowed, adding however, that: “The right to be free from torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment is not one of these.” They urged that further measures be taken to monitor and safeguard the treatment of prisoners worldwide.Also in Geneva, marking the anniversary of the torture victim’s fund, High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour launched Rebuilding Lives, a book presenting the experiences of torture survivors and those who work to rehabilitate them. They included the efforts to heal Mustafa, who survived beatings and sexual abuse during confinement during the ethnic strife of the early 1990’s in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Marie, who still hears the drone of transistor radios calling for the death of Tutsis in Rwanda as she was threatened with death and raped over the course of months in Rwanda.“Assisting victims rebuilding lives is an enormous task, and unfortunately continues to be needed on a great scale,” Ms. Arbour told reporters. read more

Students camp out brave the elements to support Ohio States showdown with

While the Ohio State men’s basketball team’s game against No. 2 Michigan didn’t tip off until Sunday, some students started camping out as early as Friday morning. After all, it was the surest way to get the best seats possible, they said. “We got here at 1:30 in the morning to make sure we were here first,” said Marcus Otte, a first-year in exercise science. Their efforts didn’t go unnoticed. Members of the men’s team paid a visit to the students gathered outside the arena Saturday afternoon, and were given a box of Buckeye Donuts by freshman guard Amedeo Della Valle. The gathered students, who dubbed their tent city with a sign that read, “MATTARITAVILLE,” even took a photo with the men’s team. The team wasn’t the only group of people to take notice of the students, either. “A cop showed up around 10 a.m. (Friday) and asked us what we were here for too,” Otte said. The officer nor the rain showers that passed through campus Friday morning, were not enough cause for the students to pack up and head home, though. “The wind was blowing pretty hard this morning and all the water was going to my side of the tent,” said Benjamin Kleppel, a second-year in business. “I took my second tent out around 5 or 6 a.m. just so I wouldn’t get wet.” In fact, camping out is something that some of the students hope will become a regular occurrence. “My uncle works at Duke so I see those students camping out for every game and want to do it too,” said Jake Johnson, a second-year in business education. “I plan on pretty much doing it the second half of the season and for most of the weekend games.” Otte said employees of the Schottenstein Center were shocked to see students camping out two days prior to the game. “Some guy came out here because he didn’t believe it,” Otte said. “It’s my first game doing this, so I’m staying here the whole time and they better get used to it.” A security guard at the venue opened the building every two hours to let the students in so they could use the bathroom. Otte brought food with him. “I grabbed like five of these subs from campus before I came here today to stock up,” he said. “I know I’ll need it.” The group also set up a series of extension cords to the power outlets on the side of the building in order to charge their electronics and pump up air mattresses inside their tents. “It’s always fun to show support,” Kleppel said. “Even though we are not undefeated this year, we are still good, and it is a big game.” read more

Why its SO hard to ignore a crying baby

first_imgEVEN IF YOU are not a parent, the sound of a baby crying is difficult to ignore.Researchers at Oxford University have confirmed why: our brains are hard-wired to respond strongly to an infant in distress, forcing us to become more attentive and ready to help – even if the baby isn’t our own.The study’s leader Katie Young examined the processes that occur in the human brain when a baby cries, scanning the brains of 28 people as they listened to different sounds. The sounds included dogs whining, cats meowing, human adults crying, and human babies crying, the Guardian reports.Using a rapid-scanning technique called magnetoencephalography, which records magnetic fields produced by electrical currents that occur in the brain, researchers observed a burst in brain activity followed by an intense reaction about 100 milliseconds later in response to an infant’s cry.None of the participants were parents or had particular experience in caring for children.The rapid response to the sound of a baby’s cries suggests that humans are hard-wired to respond to an infant in distress before the person has even fully processed the sound, which researchers think could be a result of an activation of the sub-cortical areas of the brain.“This might be a fundamental response present in all of us, regardless of parental status,” said Christine Parsons, another researcher involved in the study.She said it could explain why it is so hard to ignore a crying baby when on a train or plane, even when the child isn’t our own, reports the Telegraph. “When you hear a baby on a plane, you’re immediately alert, even if you don’t want to hear it,” said Parsons. “It’s a sound that’s very difficult to ignore.”The findings were presented at this year’s annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in New OrleansVideo: This baby will only eat while Gangnam Style is being playedlast_img read more

Geek deal Quadcore 17inch Acer Aspire laptop for 449

first_imgIt isn’t often that we come across a deal this hot, especially when we’re still weeks away from Black Friday, so get ready. Staples is selling the awkwardly named Acer Aspire AS7560-Sb819 for $450, after a 25% price drop. And you can save and additional $100 if you trade in your old laptop, reducing the price to just $350.17-inch laptops generally command the higher part of the laptop price range and those closer to the bottom generally come with lower spec processors to keep cost down. This model from Acer has a fat discount on it from Staples, destroying all notions of value we usually see in budget laptops.This AS7560-Sb819 model from Acer is indeed a 17.3-inch beast, stuffed with an AMD quad-core processor and lots of goodies. The LCD runs at HD+ (1600×900) resolution, a nice step up from the low res panels we see in most budget laptops. You even get an impressive 6GB of DDR3 RAM, a 640GB hard drive, and 802.11n WiFi. The Radeon HD 6520G graphics are built into the processor and are supported by 256MB of dedicated system RAM.For a very limited time, Staples is offering a total of $150 instant savings on this well spec’d machine. Our deal sleuths also dug up another potential money saver for this deal: you are eligible to trade-in an old laptop and get a $100 Visa gift card in return. There are some conditions to the trade-in, but if you have a less than 5 year old working laptop, you could drop another $100 off this already hot deal.Visit LogicBuy for the Acer Aspire AS7560-Sb819 17.3-in AMD quad-core laptoplast_img read more

Ornithorynque son venin ressemble à celui des serpents et des araignées

Ornithorynque : son venin ressemble à celui des serpents et des araignées États-Unis – Publiée dans le journal Genome Biology, l’étude du venin de l’ornithorynque faite par un généticien américain révèle que plus de 80 toxines entrent dans sa composition, dont plusieurs communes à nombre d’animaux venimeux tels que reptiles ou araignées.C’est par l’étude des gènes codant les différentes toxines du venin de l’ornithorynque que Wesley Warren, de l’université Washington de St Louis (Missouri), a pu identifier une partie de celles-ci. En séquençant l’ARN messager extrait de la glande à venin, à la recherche de gènes absents des autres tissus de l’animal et ressemblant à ceux intervenant chez d’autres espèces venimeuses, son équipe a identifié 83 gènes codant 13 familles différentes de toxines, notamment des neurotoxines présentes aussi dans le venin de certains serpents et araignées. À lire aussiTop 5 : quels sont les poisons naturels les plus mortels au monde ?Ces résultats vont dans le sens de l’hypothèse d’autres biologistes, selon laquelle les toxines des venins dériveraient, chez tous les animaux, d’un “détournement” de protéines initialement utilisées pour d’autres tâches dans l’organisme. Un bel exemple de convergence évolutive.Chez l’ornithorynque, mammifère monotrème d’Australie pondant des œufs, seul le mâle développe, à la saison du rut, une glande à venin reliée à des ergots situés sur ses pattes arrière. Un homme de 57 ans, griffé par l’animal amphibie lors d’une partie de pêche, a eu un doigt enflé durant quatre mois, et décrit la douleur comme pire que celle infligée par les éclats d’obus qu’il avait reçus jadis.   Le 17 octobre 2010 à 19:03 • Emmanuel Perrin read more

Alligators Seen ‘Dragging Body’ Into Lake in Florida

first_img Watch: Here’s How Florida’s Gatorland Is Preparing for Hurri…Alligators Spotted ‘Swimming’ in Road, Climbing Fences in Florida Stay on target Just weeks after a man’s hand and foot were discovered inside an alligator’s stomach, witnesses describe seeing alligators drag a”badly decomposed” body into a Florida lake.The body was found in the mangroves of Lake Maggiore on Thursday morning, St. Petersburg police told the Tampa Bay Times.“It is badly decomposed,” police department spokeswoman Yolanda Fernandez said. “We’re unable to tell anything about it — gender or race or anything.”center_img Witnesses described the horrific sight of alligators dragging the body through the water, but police said it’s too soon to know the cause of death.“I saw an alligator take a chunk out of [the body], throw it up in the air and catch it and eat it,” said one of the witnesses, Patricia Kays, who was at the lake with her partner. “I had to go back to the car after that. I couldn’t watch anymore.”Kays and her partner told a nearby city worker what they saw, then called police.In a statement posted to Facebook, police confirmed that a death investigation was underway Thursday after the gruesome find in the southeast corner of the 380-acre lake.“Due to the condition of the body, the Medical Examiner will determine the cause of death,” St. Petersburg police said. “If you have any information please call St. Petersburg Police 893–7780.”At this time, police did not want to characterize the incident as an “alligator attack.”“At this time, we cannot call it an alligator attack, simply that there were alligators around the body when we found it and that made it a little more difficult in getting to it,” Fernandez told WFTS. “In cases like this, we definitely want to check the shoreline, so we’ve asked fire rescue to go around in the boat to see if maybe there are any personal effects — a backpack, information, a wallet.”Summertime is mating season for alligators, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)’s website.Alligators are known to be more aggressive during mating season. During the mating season last June, a 12 and a-half-foot gator pulled a woman into a Florida pond and killed her.According to FWC, the state has averaged five unprovoked alligator bites yearly since 1948. Twenty-two bites have resulted in death, the agency said. Alligators can be found in all 67 counties.More on Alligator ‘Breaks Into Home’ at 3 A.M. in Florida10-Foot Alligator Takes Late-Night Stroll Across Florida HighwayAlligator Blocks Runway at Air Force Base in Floridalast_img read more

Javi Gracia pleased with important Watford win

first_imgJavi Gracia was pleased with what he described as an important Watford win despite a late scare from Cardiff City in their 3-2 triumph.Gracia felt the Hornets were good value for the three points and that the result did not reflect the control his side had of the game.The Golden Boys rattled in three goals thanks to Gerard Deulofeu, José Holebas and an exquisite third from Domingos Quina.What to expect from Watford V Arsenal? Taimoor Khan – September 8, 2019 Arsenal are set to take on Watford this weekend and the game is definitely going to be quite a peculiar contest between two sides…“We were very pleased with the result because we have played many games recently and we didn’t get the reward we maybe deserved then,” the Head Coach disclosed to the club’s website.“It was a very important victory and we can analyse the game after knowing we have played well. We have played well for 70 minutes, scored three goals and in that period their keeper was amazing. We have suffered a bit in the last part of the game, but we have had control of the game and we deserved the victory.”“I am happy with the way we have attacked today,” said Gracia. “Everyone knows it is difficult to attack Cardiff as they are tight and are strong in all the challenges. They win a lot of second balls and it’s not easy to create and find spaces to attack. Today we have done that well during that period.”last_img read more